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Coaches 2019-20 Season

Track & Field

Mike Krzyzewski Head Coach (919) 613-7500 eMail Mike Krzyzewski
Nate James Associate Head Coach (919) 613-7500 eMail Nate James
Jon Scheyer Associate Head Coach (919) 613-7500 eMail Jon Scheyer
Chris Carrawell Assistant Coach (919) 613-7500 eMail Chris Carrawell
Nolan Smith Director of Basketball Operations (919) 684-8447 eMail Nolan Smith
Jon Jackson Deputy Director of Athletics/Menís Basketball, Blue Devil Network and Digital Media (919) 684-2624 eMail Jon Jackson
Debbie Savarino Assistant Director of Athletics/Special Events/Director of the Legacy Fund (919) 613-7531 eMail Debbie Savarino
Rachel Curtis Executive Director of Athletics Environmental Branding/Director of the Legacy Fund (919) 613-7576 eMail Rachel Curtis
David Bradley Creative Director (919) 613-7500 eMail David Bradley
Kevin Cullen Basketball Director of Information Technology (919) 613-7563 eMail Kevin Cullen
Kenny King Academic Coordinator (919) 613-7583 eMail Kenny King
Gerry Brown Executive Administrative Assistant to Head Coach (919) 613-7505 eMail Gerry Brown
Laura Ann Howard Staff Assistant (919) 613-7512 eMail Laura Ann Howard
Zach Marcus Menís Basketball Assistant (919) 613-7563 eMail Zach Marcus
Angela Cox Administrative Assistant Duke Basketball Legacy Fund (919) 613-7507 eMail Angela Cox
Joanne P. McCallie Head Coach (919) 613-7565 eMail Joanne P. McCallie
Sam Miller Assistant Coach (919) 613-7571 eMail Sam Miller
Jim Corrigan Assistant Coach (919) 613-7530 eMail Jim Corrigan
Wanisha Smith Assistant Coach
Kate Senger Director of Basketball Operations (919) 613-7572 eMail Kate Senger
Bobby Sorrell Executive Administrative Assistant to the Head Coach (919) 613-7565 eMail Bobby Sorrell
RJ Hunter Women's Basketball Director of Information Technology (919) 681-5898 eMail RJ Hunter
Selena Castillo Content Development Specialist (919) 613-7565 eMail Selena Castillo
Alex Beguinet Head Coach (919) 668-5752 eMail Alex Beguinet
Elizabeth Beguinet Director of Administration and Recruiting (919) 668-5752 eMail Elizabeth Beguinet
Christophe Duclos Assistant Coach
Jacek Huchwajda Assistant Coach (919) 613-7521 eMail Jacek Huchwajda
Darius Wei Assistant Coach (919) 613-0591 eMail Darius Wei
Leslie Marx Volunteer Assistant Coach
Pam Bustin Head Coach (919) 684-4116 eMail Pam Bustin
Ralph Boersma Assistant Coach (919) 433-7917 eMail Ralph Boersma
Wesley Drew Assistant Coach (919) 684-4142 eMail Wesley Drew
David Cutcliffe Head Coach (919) 684-2635 eMail David Cutcliffe
Zac Roper The Baxter Family Deputy Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks (919) 684-2635 eMail Zac Roper
Derek Jones Associate Head Coach/Defensive Backs (919) 684-2635 eMail Derek Jones
Trooper Taylor Assistant Head Coach/Wide Receivers (919) 668-5709 eMail Trooper Taylor
Ben Albert Co-Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Line (919) 668-6042 eMail Ben Albert
Matt Guerrieri Co-Defensive Coordinator/Recruiting Coordinator [Defense]/DS (919) 668-5712 eMail Matt Guerrieri
Jeff Faris Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator [Offense]/Tight Ends (919) 668-1382 eMail Jeff Faris
Re'quan Boyette Assistant Coach/Running Backs (919) 668-5714 eMail Re'quan Boyette
Jim Bridge Assistant Coach/Offensive Line (919) 668-5715 eMail Jim Bridge
Lanier Goethie Assistant Coach/Linebackers (919) 684-2635 eMail Lanier Goethie
Kirk Benedict Assistant Coach/Special Teams & Defense (919) 684-82083788 eMail Kirk Benedict
Eli Keimach Offensive Quality Control (919) 684-2635 eMail Eli Keimach
Sam McGrath Defensive Quality Control (919) 684-2635 eMail Sam McGrath
Austin Davis Graduate Assistant Coach/Offense (919) 684-2635 eMail Austin Davis
Joe Kasper Graduate Assistant Coach/Defense (919) 684-2635 eMail Joe Kasper
Frederick Walker Graduate Assistant Coach/Offense (919) 684-2635 eMail Frederick Walker
Eric Dickerson Football Operations Assistant/Special Teams (919) 684-2635 eMail Eric Dickerson
Justin Manning Football Operations Assistant/Defense (919) 684-2635 eMail Justin Manning
Mitch Singler Football Operations Assistant/Offense (919) 684-2635 eMail Mitch Singler
Kevin Lehman Executive Director of Football Administration and Football Chief of Staff (919) 684-7733 eMail Kevin Lehman
Zach Pidgeon Assistant Director of Football Operations (919) 684-8389 eMail Zach Pidgeon
Kent McLeod Director of Player Personnel (919) 668-2722 eMail Kent McLeod
Will Cole Director of Football Development (919) 684-0315 eMail Will Cole
James Harrell Assistant Director of Player Personnel (919) 684-0414 eMail James Harrell
Lucas Krier Player Personnel Coordinator (919) 613-6844 eMail Lucas Krier
Adam Barkley Football Director of Information Technology (919) 668-5765 eMail Adam Barkley
Andrew Parham Football Assistant Director of Information Technology (919) 668-5765 eMail Andrew Parham
Jeremiah Walker Director of Football Campus Relations (919) 668-6578 eMail Jeremiah Walker
Peggy Nelson Executive Assistant to Head Football Coach (919) 668-6041 eMail Peggy Nelson
Mickey Laws Football Administrative Secretary (919) 668-5720 eMail Mickey Laws
Dan Brooks Head Coach (919) 964-1416 eMail Dan Brooks
Jon Whithaus Assistant Coach (919) 964-1416 eMail Jon Whithaus
Kerstin Kimel Head Coach (919) 684-4166 eMail Kerstin Kimel
Brooke Griffin Assistant Coach (919) 668-5758 eMail Brooke Griffin
Nick Williams Assistant Coach
Morgan Heisman Volunteer Assistant Coach (919) 668-5791 eMail Morgan Heisman
Erin Stephenson Administrative Assistant (919) 668-5791 eMail Erin Stephenson
John Kerr Head Coach (919) 668-5734 eMail John Kerr
Michael Brady Associate Head Coach (919) 668-5733 eMail Michael Brady
Chris Rich Assistant Coach and Recruiting Coordinator (919) 684-5180 eMail Chris Rich
Robbie Church Head Coach (919) 668-5749 eMail Robbie Church
Kieran Hall Assistant Coach eMail Kieran Hall
Carla Overbeck Assistant Coach eMail Carla Overbeck
Lane Davis Assistant Coach (919) 668-5788 eMail Lane Davis
Erin Stephenson Administrative Assistant (919) 668-5791 eMail Erin Stephenson
Norm Ogilvie Director of Track & Field (919) 681-6355 eMail Norm Ogilvie
B.J. Linnenbrink Associate Head Coach (919) 225-8272 eMail B.J. Linnenbrink
Shawn Wilbourn Associate Head Coach (919) 681-6360 eMail Shawn Wilbourn
Mark Mueller Assistant Coach (919) 668-5737 eMail Mark Mueller
Jan Ogilvie Assistant Coach (919) 684-9232 eMail Jan Ogilvie
Rhonda Riley Assistant Coach (919) 681-6890 eMail Rhonda Riley
Curtis Beach Volunteer Assistant Coach
Daniel Goetz Volunteer Assistant Coach eMail Daniel Goetz
Daniel Golubovic Volunteer Assistant Coach
Sean McNulty Volunteer Assistant Coach
Maddy Price Volunteer Assistant Coach
Michael Terwilliger Volunteer Assistant Coach