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Football - 2018 More Coaches/Sports Staff
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Laws, Mickey Football Administrative Secretary (919) 668-5720
Nelson, Peggy Executive Assistant to Head Football Coach (919) 668-6041
Walker, Jeremiah Director of Football Campus Relations (919) 668-6578
Parham, Andrew Football Assistant Director of Information Technology (919) 668-5765
Barkley, Adam Football Director of Information Technology (919) 668-5765
Cole, Will Coordinator of Player Personnel (919) 684-0315
Harrell, James Assistant Director of Player Personnel (919) 684-0414
Mitchell, James Director of Football Development (919) 613-6844
McLeod, Kent Director of Player Personnel (919) 668-2722
Collins, Jim Director of Football Relations & Special Assistant to the Head Coach (919) 684-2635
Lehman, Kevin Executive Director of Football Administration and Football Chief of Staff (919) 684-7733
Manning, Justin Football Operations Assistant/Defense (919) 684-2635
Robinson, Cody Football Operations Assistant/Offense (919) 684-2635
Benedict, Kirk Assistant Coach/Special Teams & Defense (919) 407-0839
Boyette, Re'quan Assistant Coach/Running Backs (919) 668-5714
Goethie, Lanier Assistant Coach/Linebackers
McGrath, Sam Graduate Assistant Coach/Defense (919) 684-2635
Parker, Gerad Assistant Coach/Wide Receivers (919) 684-2635
Bridge, Jim Assistant Coach/Offensive Line (919) 668-5715
Buscemi, Mike Defensive Quality Control (919) 684-2635
Faris, Jeffrey Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator [Offense]/Tight Ends (919) 668-1382
Keimach, Eli Offensive Quality Control (919) 684-2635
Guerrieri, Matt Co-Defensive Coordinator/Recruiting Coordinator [Defense]/DS (919) 668-5712
Albert, Ben Co-Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Line (919) 668-6042
Jones, Derek Associate Head Coach/Defensive Backs (919) 684-2635
Roper, Zac The Baxter Family Deputy Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks (919) 684-2635
Baker, Zach Center/Offensive Guard
Birmingham, Mark Tight End
Blackwell, Josh Cornerback
Bracey, Scott Wide Receiver
Brown, Brittain Running Back
Bulleit, Clark Offensive Guard
Carter, Griffin Running Back
Carter II, Michael Safety
Cerenord, Edgar Defensive Tackle
Chambers, Rakavius Offensive Guard
Cutcliffe, David Head Coach (919) 684-2635
Deveaux, Elijah Running Back
Dimukeje, Victor Defensive End
Driggers, Jack Kicker
Ellis, Zamari Tight End
Feamster, Brandon Cornerback
Frye, Ben Defensive Tackle
Fuller, Keyston Wide Receiver
Gagnon, Xander Linebacker
Gehsmann, Kevin Linebacker
Gilbert, Mark Cornerback
Giles-Harris, Joe Linebacker
Gourley, Alex Center
Gray, Noah Tight End
Harmon, Zach Center/Offensive Guard
Harris, Christian Offensive Guard
Harris, Quentin Quarterback
Hayes, Jordan Safety
Helm, Daniel Tight End
Hill, Brandon Linebacker
Holman, Casey Offensive Line
Holmberg, Gunnar Quarterback
Hornbuckle, Tre Defensive End
Hubbard, Jackson Kicker/Punter
Hubbard III, Marvin Running Back
Hudzick, Myles Cornerback
Humphreys, Ben Linebacker
Jackson, Deon Running Back
Jackson, Javon Safety
Johnson, Leonard Safety
Jones, Daniel Quarterback
Jones, Scott Defensive Tackle
Jordan, Drew Defensive End
Karlin, Daniel Quarterback
Katrenick, Chris Quarterback
Koppenhaver, Davis Tight End
Kraeling, Robert Offensive Tackle
Lee, Trevon Wide Receiver
Leitten, Patrick Offensive Tackle
Lewis, Jeremiah Cornerback
Lloyd, Johnathan Wide Receiver
Lucas, Terrell Defensive End
Marwede, Jake Tight End
McDuffie, Jeremy Safety
McSwain, Trevon Defensive Tackle
Miller, Jaylen Center/Offensive Guard
Morgenstern, Jacob Linebacker
Mugala, Twazanga Defensive End
Neal, Damani Safety
Nyembwe, Axel Defensive Tackle
Okonya, Chidi Defensive End
Philyaw-Johnson, Damond Wide Receiver
Pierre, Nicodem Running Back
Quansah, Koby Linebacker
Rahming, T.J. Wide Receiver
Reed, AJ Kicker
Rimmer, Jacob Offensive Tackle
Rodio, Lee Long Snapper
Rumph II, Chris Defensive End
Sampson, Sayvon Wide Receiver
Santos, Julian Offensive Guard
Singleton, Dylan Safety
Skapek, Tim Kicker
Smith, Liam Offensive Tackle
Tangelo, Derrick Defensive Tackle
Taylor, Chris Wide Receiver
Taylor, John Long Snapper
Taylor, Will Center
Waddell, Noah Defensive Tackle
Wareham, Collin Kicker
Waters, Marquis Safety
Westover, Tristan Offensive Guard
Williams, Antone Cornerback
Williams, Mason Cornerback
Wohlabaugh, Jack Offensive Line
Wolitzer, Ryan Running Back
Wright, Aaron Tight End
Wyatt, Ben Long Snapper
Young, Aaron Wide Receiver
Young IV, Lummie Safety
Men's Tennis vs. Coastal Carolina Live
Sat, Feb 24 at 9:45 AM
Men's Tennis vs. Coastal Carolina Live
Sat, Feb 24 at 9:45 AM
Men's Tennis vs. Coastal Carolina Live
Sat, Feb 24 at 9:45 AM
Men's Tennis vs. Coastal Carolina Live
Sat, Feb 24 at 9:45 AM