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Student-Athlete Tutoring Program

For Tutors:
Application Procedure:
1. Submit application to or 228 Krzyzewski Center
2. We will contact you to set up an interview if we feel you are someone we can use you. Please remember you must be a junior or older and received at least an A- in the course you want to tutor.
3. You will attend both a large mandatory training session and a mid-semester training session each semester. You must attend the large training session at the start of the semester before you can begin tutoring.
4. Failure to attend the two mandatory training sessions will result in dismissal.

Students will contact you directly to make an appointment for tutoring. Ask a student how much time they will need with you and what class/material they need help with. Do not be afraid to tell them how much time you have available and what you are comfortable tutoring. Outlining expectations is an initial step that is crucial in this process. All tutoring appointments must take place in the Krzyzewski Center.

For each week that you work with a student, tutors must turn in a tutor timesheet, downloaded from this site or turned in electronically via email. The form must be submitted to Julie Vandiver in office 228 in the Krzyzewski Center by 5:00 pm EVERY WEDNESDAY. Tutors WILL NOT be paid for timesheets older than 30 days. Please indicate on your timesheet if a student fails to attend an appointment or cancels the appointment late.

The current hourly rate for tutors is $14.00 for graduate students and $12.00 for undergraduate students. Tutors will receive time-and-a-half pay rate for tutoring groups of three or more students. In order to be paid you must complete the proper paper work and tax forms.

Before tutoring sessions begin, tutors must make it clear to all student athletes that there should be an outline or agenda of what will be accomplished for each tutoring session. Effective sessions should take no more than two hours.

Maintenance of academic integrity is of paramount importance in any educational endeavor and is the fundamental principle that guides the tutoring program in the Duke Department of Athletics. It goes without saying that a tutor should not do work for student-athletes or provide any level of help that causes the tutor discomfort. In addition, the tutor should report to Julie Vandiver any student who asks for, or seems to expect, excessive or inappropriate assistance.

Click here for a tutor timesheet

Click here for a tutor application

Please contact Julie Vandiver at (919) 681-7355 or with any questions.

Tutor Resources:
Academic Tutoring/Mentoring Manual
Sample Time Sheet

Biweekly and Monthly Payroll Dates