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Quotes: Duke 83, Bradley 48
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 12/09/2010
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Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski
On Kyrie Irving’s injury:
“Kyrie’s injury is a serious one. It’s being evaluated by our medical team here at Duke and with medical people from different parts of the country who are experts in foot injuries. Some type of analysis should be done hopefully by a week to 10 days and a course of action will be taken based on that analysis. It’s a serious injury. I can’t say anything more because we are learning information but it is serious and whatever final decision is made will obviously be what’s in his best interest and his career. Not to save him for any period of time or whatever, but he could be out or a long time. He could possibly be out for the year.”

On how the team changes without Kyrie Irving:
“Everybody’s game changes, including mine. Your game changes, how you announce the game or talk about it. That’s what good players do. When a great player gets hurt, can’t play, it changes everything. It doesn’t mean a whole sale change on what you’re doing, it changes everything. Including the habits of having played with that great player for the entire preseason and eight games, and so there is just a period of adjustment that our team has to go through and hopefully we’ll get him back but we don’t know when. We have to go on and make these adjustments. We tried to make a few tonight. But again it was a limited practice time and it’s a really tough week for every student here because it’s the week before exams when so many things are due for these guys. I actually was very pleased with our team attention today. I mean Nolan, although he didn’t hit a bucket, he had 10 assists and two turnovers. The kid [Andrew] Warren for them [Bradley] is a really good player and they do a lot of things for him, really nice things. And he takes most of their shots and is by far their leading scorer. I thought Kyle [Singler] just really did a good job on him keeping his feet on his [Warren] fakes. The two seniors played really well, and Andre [Dawkins] has been shooting the ball well and has gotten a lot of shots and he hit more than half of them. But he has been shooting 50 percent from three point range.  I hope he can keep doing that. I thought his shots were good until the last one, I think he forced that but I mean he had a heck of a game.”

On the lack of touches down low in the first half:
“You know we were really unhappy with the fact that we became just a jump shooting team in the first half and I think some of it had to do with just adjusting for the first half. The very first thing is that Bradley is playing well, that’s always the first thing. If you aren’t doing things as well the very first thing is that they are doing something well. The second thing is there is a period of adjustment, Nolan is usually on the wing and Kyrie is on top, and now Nolan is on top, just things like that. We need to hit the post more and we did in the second half. There was more continuity in what we were doing and therefore our threes in the second half seemed a result of a bunch of guys playing together instead of one shooting. In the first half it just seemed like one guy was shooting, whoever it was, not bad shots. None of them were relocation shots except the one Ryan [Kelly] knocked back out and we hit that three, and when you get a relocation three, your feet are set and you get a better chance at hitting it, and we did that in the second half we got a number of those.”

On Andre’s game tonight:
“It’s great, I hope it’s not a passing fancy. Andre has been, and I said it last week, Andre has been as consistent as anybody we’ve had this season including Kyle and Nolan and Kyrie. Andre has been solid, just really solid and was hitting with a limited amount of shots. The thing he will have to adjust is if you get that many shots to take them strong, not to think that I’m just going to get that many shots, so to stay sharp in what you’re doing. Two kids who were inserted into the starting line-up tonight scored 42 points. I mean Miles was seven-for-seven. Now he benefited from a number of passes from Nolan but still he made the shots so those were two really good things for our team.”

On what passing Adolph Rupp on the all-time wins list means:
“It means we are 9-0, we are playing Saint Louis. I mean for me it’s obviously a heck of thing but I really don’t, I have never really dwelled on anything like that, number of national championships or number of wins. Just go out every game and I told my kids today at shoot around that you have to play like you have something to prove every game and I try to coach like it’s the first game that I’ve coached at Duke or at Army or whatever and whatever happens after that happens. My guys will tell you that I am not going to let up. Just because I am at a great school and have great players that are going to produce a number of wins and it has produced a lot of them.”

Senior Nolan Smith
“They did a great job defensively [in the first half], standing us up, and we were just passing the ball around the outside and shooting threes.  We fell in love with the threes, and they weren’t falling.  We really wanted to make it an emphasis to hit the post, and we started to do that in the second half and then the threes started falling as well.”

“Andre [Dawkins] was terrific tonight in his first start and [our] first game without Kyrie [Irving].  He showed that he’s ready to play.  He’s been playing great basketball all year long, and, in his first start, he really showed up and made shots but also just played a great basketball game.”

On how his role changes with Kyrie Irving out:
“I have to step up, run the show, lead these guys, even more than I’ve been trying to do.  I have to be more of a facilitator for these guys and get them involved and at the same time, stay effective.”

“It was kind of a slow first half the way they were playing defense.  I was just trying to make plays, trying to be aggressive, and their defense did a great job of just keeping me out of the paint and having us just shooting threes.”

Sophomore Andre Dawkins
On almost breaking the record for most threes made in a game by a Duke player:
“I thought I could do it, but I don’t go out every game and say, ‘Hey, let me hit nine three-pointers tonight.’”  It was just how things went tonight.  I was able to get a lot of open looks.  Most of the time, if I get open looks, I’m going to knock it down.  It was a lot of fun to be out there, starting my first game in front of the Crazies.  It was a really great crowd tonight.  It was a lot of fun.”

On getting his first career start:
“That was amazing.  That’s something you always dream about, coming to Duke and being a starter.  It was almost surreal.”

“You definitely earn your playing time here.  I learned that last year.  Sitting on the bench for a year makes you really hungry to come out the next year and be able to get some more minutes.  I’ve worked really hard over the summer, and, in the preseason, I was busting my butt every day.  I think going up against Kyle [Singler] every day in practice helps me a lot.  I’ve just really been working hard, trying to get better.  A lot of people, coming into this year, didn’t think I was going to play.  I didn’t come here to sit on the bench.  I came here to play, so that’s just been my mindset the whole year – to go out there and prove that I need to be out there on the court.”

Junior Miles Plumlee
“Really it’s been an emphasis for the whole team to get it inside, not just for us to score but to get stuff going between the bigs and the perimeter – kick-outs, sometimes taking it in.  That’s something we’re working on to make our team better.”

“Andre [Dawkins] was unbelievable.  I know how much talent we’ve got on this team, and I’m excited for everybody to step up and show it when they get the opportunities.  It’s definitely different without Kyrie [Irving], but it’s a great challenge for our team to grow into something even better.”

On getting more time together on the court with brother Mason:
“I like playing with him, and, being out of the starting rotation for a little while, it’s just fun to be playing together again.  I look forward to doing that a lot more.”

Bradley Head Coach Jim Les
On Duke’s defense:
“Yeah, you know, they’re really good with their pressure and they’re athletic and they have a lot of like sizes and they can switch. You know, we talked about it coming in, just continuing to stay spaced and continuing to execute. And some of the looks, I give them credit. Some of the things we wanted to do they took away from us. We’ve got to graduate to where we’re getting to the secondary options and reading how the defense is playing. But I’ll take the blame for that because we have a whole new system in place, in light of some of our circumstances, that we haven’t had a lot of time to implement, work on, and perfect, and that’s what we’ve got to do here throughout finals and throughout the close of this year.”

On Bradley’s run in the first half:
“I think we got a little better at reading what they were doing to us defensively and we got some opening offensively. I think it helped us develop a little bit of confidence and energy on the defensive end. But I thought they closed out the half and started the second half. I think those were the two key stretches. And we talked about it at halftime that a team like Duke is going to try and throw the knockout punch in the first three or four minutes of the second half and we have to withstand. And they did, and we probably didn’t handle it as well as we would have liked. But they’re an awfully explosive team and that’s hard to handle some times.”

On Duke’s outside shooting:
“When you watch them on tape, you have to pick your poison. People were asking me, ‘Well, how are you going to exploit their weakness?’ Well, when somebody finds their weakness they can let me know because I certainly didn’t see one. And it was a choice of are we going to let them have an assault on the paint and assault the rim or hopefully give up contested jump shots? And I told our guys, that was the game plan and they can beat us shooting those jump shots. But that was the lesser of two evils. Some of them were uncontested, which I would probably like to have a little more of a contest. That’s a good shooting team, but they can also attack the rim pretty well. We tried to take one thing away and live with another. The first half it worked ok. They got hot in the second half.”

On Andre Dawkins:
“Well, he’s [Dawkins] awfully good. He’s a guy that shoots it, shoots it with range. I think he shoots it within the flow. He’s a space guy and you really have to know where he’s at, man or zone. He’s also kind of a sneaky, once he hits a couple shot fake, then he gets in the paint and makes good plays. I was very impressed with him watching him on tape. Give him credit, they’re one man down and he stepped up and filled that role, and that’s what good teams do.”

On the performance of his team:
“I thought they competed. And we talked about before. Compete every play. Compete 40 minutes. Don’t get caught up into anything else. And we had some really good signs of our guys competing. What I told them after the game is they’re close. They’ve had to deal with some issues and we’ve had to change some things. You know, some of the positives that I’m taking from this game are that this team is close to turning it around. And they’ve got two games heading into our conference season to do that. They’re going to take some time off and take care of their finals and their academics and we’re going to get back to work and turn this thing around. And as Will [Egolf] said, we’ve got to put 40 minutes together from everybody. And we need contributions from everybody and they’re certainly capable of doing that.”