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Follow Waterfield's Summer in Ghana
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 05/23/2011
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Sophomore Nailah Waterfield will chronicle her trip in Ghana in a blog.
Photo Courtesy: Duke Photography
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ACCRA, Ghana – Duke volleyball player Nailah Waterfield is participating in the “Duke in Ghana” Global Education for Undergraduates program this summer, and she will keep a daily blog chronicling her time on the west coast of Africa.

To follow Waterfield’s experience, visit her “Duke in Ghana” blog at the following link:

An excerpt from Waterfield’s journal is below. Waterfield made the trip with several of her Duke classmates as well as students from N.C. Central University and the University of Georgia. Waterfield’s trip began on May 18, and she will stay in Ghana until June 29. During that time, she will attend the University of Ghana at Legon which is just outside of the capital city of Accra.

To learn more about Duke's "Duke in Ghana" program, click here:


Coach Howser aint got nothin on African Dance
Posted on May 21, 201 by Nailah Waterfield

Yesterday morning we had our first African dance class. 9 A.M. bright and early. After taking my six week warm up course in my Baldwin seminar I at least knew how to dress apropriately. Showed up barefoot, with my water bottle, nike running shirt, and T-shirt. It was all laughs and smiles as the danceres who had just performed for us the night before were now asking us about our hometowns and college. After everyone trickled in the lead dancer, a young lean man with beautiful dreads about as long as my brothers played the original exercise trick on us all. “Well, lets get warmed up”

The drummers got going and before we knew it we were running around the room doing all the “basic” African dance moves. The first 5 minutes was a great time. I was smiling, laughing, really getting into it. Minute 6 I was a little winded. Minute 7 I was dripping sweat. Minute 8 my legs were giving out. Minute 9 I was browning out. Minute 10 I was close to death. This went on for 20 minutes.

After our “warm up” was done, we began to learn a routine. This was gonna be the easy part right? Wrong. This was even tougher. I was front row center. Meaning there were 25 people behind me watching. I was trying really hard to pretend I wasn’t tired. But teammates, you know when Howser is getting real tough and he knows it’s getting tough. When he’s looking you in the eyes trying to figure out how much pain you are in and when it stops. Of course wanting to push you but the sweet heart of his never wants to hurt you. Well there I was, front and center, doing a level 7 Howser, while this ripped African man was standing right in front of me dripping sweat with the biggest smile in the world on his face. He was so blinded by his love for what he was doing to imagine we were dying. Crazy but refreshing.

To read the rest of this post, click the link below:

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