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Quotes: Duke 64, Purdue 53
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 12/01/2011
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Duke Head Coach Joanne P. McCallie

Opening statement:
"I just really liked how we came out in the second half. Our tenacity, our physical play and how we dictated that for 20 minutes in the second half. I liked how we played. We played very aggressive. We pursued the ball and got ourselves second chance opportunities. I thought Haley Peters' game was really strong and consistent. She was very efficient in her game. That is something we have to get from a team's perspective, what Haley showed there tonight. Chloe Wells, just again, is always relentless with her leadership and attack how she always is ready to do something off the dribble or off the pass. It was a great team defensive effort. That team can put up some points, and I thought everybody did a pretty good job there. So again, in the second half, we are still a work in progress learning how to get better."

On bench players' impact, Allison Vernerey and Richa Jackson:
"They are always ready. I really love that about Allison. She's got energy. She is yelling on the bench all the time. It is right in my head. She does a great job staying in the game, staying focused and getting ready to attack. You're right. On the right side, they were double teaming Elizabeth, and Elizabeth popped it over to her. That was great to see. Richa is getting in shape to play the caliber of basketball that she can play, which is a very aggressive, attack mode kind of play. She had three offensive rebounds and that is very important to us. She can do a whole lot more too.

On aggressive play:
"Yeah, I thought the second half we came out. When Elizabeth gets 10 offensive rebounds in that 17 total, I haven't seen that since I have been at Duke. You would have to check the record books of rebounds. Ten offensive rebounds, I think that speaks to aggressiveness there. I was really happy with Tricia Liston getting six boards. She has got to get in the mix. It is a tough world out there and she has to get in the battle, and Tricia got involved as well. Chloe got four. I need Chloe to get six. If everybody did a little bit more in some of the ugly stuff, the stuff that is not pretty all the time, it is important.

On Shay Selby missing:
"We have multiple starters. We have always had more than five starters. It is not an elite club or anything. Tricia has been a starter in my book and so has Richa, so obviously, Trichia, Richa and others have an opportunity. We played Kathleen Scheer a little at the three position tonight. Haley can play the three and the four, so we are just not there yet. We are a work in a progress. We are trying to get different things going on. There's some versatility that we haven't really gotten to yet so we are excited about that.

Purdue Head Coach Sharon Versyp

Opening Statement:
"Duke's a great team. We knew it was going to be a great game today and great fan support for them. It was an opportunity for us to come in and make something happen. I thought probably about 30 minutes we played pretty well and then they just dominated on the boards and that pretty much turned the tide."

On Allison Vernerey's use of her right hand:
"I knew she could shoot either hand. She just got us really deep, too deep actually, when we were playing man-to-man there. That kind of turned the tide for them. We tried to, obviously, take care of [Elizabeth] Williams, number one, and [Haley] Peters, but when she came in she made a major impact and that's what you have to have when players come in off the bench you need them to do that and she did it very well."

On needing a third scorer to step up:
"Sam O. [Ostarello], Chelsea [Jones] and Alex [Guyton] didn't score for us and Sam O. has been the most consistent and she didn't have her best game, rebounding wise or scoring wise. It was hard. We need to get it down low at times. Our guards need to get it to the point where we can at least score down low, but they were pushing us out pretty far. I thought [Antoinette Howard], when we got her in the middle of the free throw line, she was at least able to create some things, so we have to have someone who can score at the mid-post or the low post and they did a good job taking that away."

On Chelsea Jones's defensive effort against Elizabeth Williams:
"I think Chelsea [Jones] plays great defense. I think there was frustration but then she's a smart player in the second half, probably the second 10 minutes, she found her way. She got offensive boards and was able to put it back up and her 10 offensive boards is really what turned the tide. She was 2-for-17 so I thought we did a good job, but it's those second shots and getting to the foul line."

Purdue guard Courtney Moses

On Duke's multiple defenses"
"We were prepared for any press they were going to throw at us and they went to a 1-2-2, getting back into a zone. We just settled for outside shots and we were only getting one shot, and that was the difference. We weren't getting any offensive boards."

Purdue guard Brittany Rayburn

On Duke's rebounding effort after Purdue took the lead:
"We failed box outs the whole game.  We know we've got to work on that. We've got to get back to it when we get back home. That's definitely what hurt us. It didn't matter what size lead we had. That's what hurt us this game."

On the reason for Duke's rebounding advantage:
"It was just purely effort on our part. I think we just have to get more effort. Everybody's got to box out at every position. I think we have to take that for a learning perspective from this game and do it the next couple games and get better at it."

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