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Quotes: Duke 107, UNCW 45
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 12/20/2011
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Duke Head Coach Joanne P. McCallie

Opening statement:
"I just liked the aggressive attack for two halves. I thought that was pretty good - everybody getting after it. I really appreciated Allison [Vernerey]'s focus and leadership, not only on the offensive side, but on the defensive side of the ball. I thought she was fantastic in things we were doing with our defense. And I thought Tricia [Liston] was just great as well off the bench - very focused and very attacking. I thought that was excellent. I loved the fact that we forced 40 turnovers, and that we gave number four [Alisha Andrews] some trouble because she's an excellent player. To hold her in single digits and also to have her turn the ball over 13 times. So many, many good things across the board. Great to see the assists by Chelsea [Gray] and Chloe [Wells] to lead us there. Elizabeth [Williams] getting five was sort of interesting there. She was finding Ally for those, and I thought that was fantastic to see the post-to-post assists. Thirty-six is a terrific number and maybe someday we can break that record."

On the team's focus with a long break in between games:
"This team, we've been doing a lot of different things on and off the court like conversation and talking. They're focused on finals, but that's no excuse. That's not any excuse, and they certainly didn't take it as one. I thought they were very focused. I liked our attack. I liked our practices. I thought we had some good practices leading into the game, and we're excited to give everyone a break a little bit and come back strong afterwards."

On the performance of Allison Vernerey and Elizabeth Williams at the post:
"They're two great players, and they're beginning to understand how to play together. It's still December. It takes a little time. But I thought that they both just [had] great poise and understanding where each other's going to be. And I thought you really saw that, obviously, using a height advantage tonight. But that's important just to get the looks, to be looking for each other in that way. So that's something we hope to build off of."

On the performance of Jenna Frush:
"Talk about being efficient. I appreciate that. I knew that shot was going in, and I loved that for the crowd. I love that the crowd knows our team, and of course her being from the area. And I think she gives a lot to this team. She doesn't get to practice all the time, depending on what we're working on, and she keeps a great spirit. So I thought that was great. I thought that was a great moment."

On what the team can learn from this victory:
"Tonight, the coming closer to attacking for 40 minutes - that's important to get the intensity and the focus. Again, the different contributions. We've seen that high-low game open up with Elizabeth and Ally in particular. Our multiple defenses that we play got a lot more multiple. Again, I can't stress enough where Ally was playing. She was playing guard spots and doing a great job with it and really disrupting what people could see. So our big lineup, our tall lineup I should say, our long lineup was extremely effective. And Chloe and Chelsea are very adept at swinging in and out of the guard lineup versus a larger lineup. So I thought we got a lot better in our versatility overall as a team."

On the team's larger lineup:
"We've been working on that. We've been trying to develop that in practice. You get a lot of rebounds. There's a lot of big teams we're going to play. But we've got some great quickness on the perimeter too. If Ally can get down there and play number four and try to force her somewhere, she can play against any guard because that kid's small and quick."

Junior Allison Vernerey

On her progression as a post player:
"It was a good night. I think, in general, the energy was really high, which I was able to feed off, and it really helped me keep going. I think it was a really good group effort."

On where she thinks she is as a post play right now:
"I was feeling good tonight. Feeding off the excitement of the team was helping me be more confident."

How practicing against Elizabeth Williams has helped her:
"Practicing with E is really good. I think she is also progressing, and it's definitely helping me to [practice] against her."

Sophomore Tricia Liston

On having a lot of options coming off the bench:
"I think it's big to have a bench presence. We're a deep team - I know that. We can take someone out and put someone [else] in and you have that same energy or even higher, and I think that's a big positive to our team because you can go five-in and five-out, and you always have that energy on the court. Coming off the bench, I was ready to go when I was called on, and I was just ready to attack and be ready once I got on the floor."

If her approach is any different as a starter or coming off the bench:
"No, I don't think so. I think it's always been there mentally, be there aggressive and just doing the little things."

On the team's passing:
"I thought we did awesome. Obviously the stats say that too, but I think we were finding each other where we needed to be. We weren't putting each other in rough spots with the ball, and we were getting it inside and out, which really opens up things. Our fast-break was awesome off of turnovers today. I thought we did a good job getting it up the court and getting some quick layups. I thought we did a good job passing."

On deciding when to shoot or attack the basket:
"I think it just depends on the game and the time of the game and what the defense gives you. It's almost a spur of the moment decision. I'm always trying to attack the basket and get to the free throw line because that's a higher percentage shot. I think it all depends on being versatile and not always doing the same thing." 

UNC Wilmington Head Coach, Cynthia Cooper-Dyke

Opening Statement:
"We got outplayed today. We got outplayed by a very good team today. We didn't play well, we didn't rebound well, and we didn't shoot well, and so we got beat by a lot. I think we were out-performed in every aspect of the game. 40 turnovers against Duke is not acceptable. We just never showed up."

On whether the team was surprised by Duke's early-second half push:
"I think all game long, we struggled with tempo, we struggled with intensity, and we struggled with getting five people on the court with the same level of intensity. Duke plays at a speed that we probably weren't prepared for. In the second half, we started shooting the ball a little better. We had a little more confidence, but I think at the end of the day, it's about effort. It's about every second that you're on the court you play hard, and we didn't play hard. We played timid. We didn't run the floor well. We didn't defend at all, and that combination is just really, really bad. Because we didn't execute offensively and we turned the ball over, Duke was able to get out and get some easy buckets on the fast break. Because we didn't defend in the half-court, Duke was able to really pick us clean and get any shot they wanted, whether it was a 3-point shot or a pass into the post. So, I don't necessarily think it was a push in the second half that hurt us, I think it was an overall lack of effort and maybe some tentativeness on our part all game long."

On how her team dealt with their size disadvantage:
"Well, I think we struggled all game long. We have a very small point guard and she was posted up. They cut the guards to the basket and they're very, very physical. So, I think we struggled with defending their bigger guards. Whether we went to zone or man-to-man, we struggled at that position. We struggled with the size, and for some reason we struggled with keeping them in front of us tonight."

On whether she was surprised that her team was so tentative despite its previous experience against elite opponents:
"I was surprised. I thought we were going to get a lot more effort. Maybe they're already on vacation, but I was hoping they would be ready to compete against a very good Duke team, but we didn't. We have played some tough teams, and I thought it would help us with the rhythm of this game, but it didn't."

On what positive aspects the team can draw from this game entering CAA play:
"Hopefully we've learned a lesson, and the lesson is that if you want to play high Division I basketball, and you want to make it to the NCAA's and be at that level, you have to play hard every second that you're out there and compete for every possession, whether that be offensively or defensively."

On which Duke player(s) impressed her the most:
"It's hard to pick one. I know Allison (Vernerey) was great and she was 8-8 in the first half. I really liked her athleticism, just her versatility. She was everywhere, from the front of the press scoring in the paint. But the person that impressed me the most was Chelsea (Gray). She's just so dynamic, patient, strong, and as a fellow 2-guard, I'm very impressed with her on both ends of the floor. Penetrating and getting to the basket or hitting the deep three-pointer. But overall, I was just impressed with the whole Duke system and team. Every person that came in went hard and played hard. They might have missed their shot, but that didn't stop them from going after it to grab the ball and score a lay-up or something. Overall, their effort impressed me the most. Their size, I think, was a little intimidating, but it was a great game."

On whether or not she will continue to schedule multiple ACC opponents in the coming years:
"Oh yeah. We're going to reinforce the troops and come back next year and try this thing again."