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Quotes: Duke 82, Samford 47
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 03/18/2012
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#2 Duke 82 #15 Samford 47
First Round Game, March 18, 2012


Opening statement...
"I'm really proud of our team in the terms of how consistently we played for 40 minutes. Samford is an excellent basketball team, very well coached, and they have many shooters to guard. I loved our team's intensity and liked how immediate we were at contesting some shooters and I liked how we stayed with what we were doing even the score became a margin. I liked our focus very much. We have to build off of that for game two, and we are excited for that."

Talk about your team's balanced attack today...
"I think that's very important at this time of year. We have been a very balanced team pretty much all year, but particular the guard rebounding today was outstanding. I like that everyone was a definite threat on the floor. That was a good thing and that is sort of the way we have been playing all year pretty much."

On the play of Tricia Liston...
"She is a very heady player, very talented player. She takes what the defense gives a lot and doesn't rush to much. She is another point guard on the floor for us in addition to Chelsea (Gray) and Shay (Selby). As a basketball player she has had many great moments. I am still trying to get her to rebound more because she is a nice size guard. She is one of the best guards in the ACC. She is young, she is a sophomore and she has a lot of growing ahead, which is exciting."

On the matchup with Vanderbilt...
"My assistants know a lot more than I know about Vanderbilt. I know they are extremely well coached, an excellent program, and Melanie (Balcomb) is one of the best coaches in the country. They have had some tremendous games and obviously play very well at home. They have terrific little guards and they have some excellent posts too. I know a little bit, but I will know more very soon."


Tricia Liston, sophomore guard

On making a statement early...
"We just wanted to attack it one game at a time. We haven't had a game in a while so we were really excited and ready to play today. We just wanted to come out with energy and show everyone that we were here to play from game one."

On momentum following tonight's game...
"I think so. As a team the way we did certain things on the floor and always going to get through things and run some plays and do things differently that we haven't necessarily got to do in practice. So I think this definitely helps and it will definitely give us some momentum, but we also need to move on and take next game for next game and just play it from there."

Elizabeth Williams, freshman center

On defending your match-up...
"It's something we talked about in practice and we really tried to work on. As the tournament goes on there's going to be a lot of tough match-ups, so I really just tried to do what I needed to do and get some stops there."

On how leg felt tonight...
"It felt good. It started to get a little sore towards the end. It's going to be like that for the rest of the way, but I felt good playing on it and jumping."

On coming out early in the second half...
"Yeah, the rest definitely helped. It was nice that we got that lead."



Opening statement...
"Well, I'm definitely impressed with Duke. I think they are good and talented. They have very good players and they have a really good coaching staff. We knew this would be a big challenge and they were an impressive team. They were impressive on tape and they were impressive close up. I'm very pleased with our basketball team to be on this stage. It usually ends only positive for one team and that's part of it. For your program to be here, in terms of being here for the second straight year and the national tournament and playing quality opponents... I told our team that Duke has been to the NCAA Tournament 18 years. We've had a program for 14 so maybe we'll catch them. I'm glad to be at a quality institution where we can recruit quality student-athletes and have an opportunity to get some nice exposure from a national scene. We didn't have our best performance, but we had good effort."

On Duke's defense...
"To be honest there, I thought we had some pretty good looks early. I thought we missed a couple of layups and some threes. In the first four or five minutes we had some decent looks, but when we missed those we started to press a little bit and do things we don't normally do. Duke had a lot to do with that. They can cover ground with their length and they can cover ground with their size, so even layups are different. They had a plan against what we do."

On if the team was nervous to start the game...
"That can be part of it. We were better than we were last year when we made it to the tournament for the very first time.


Taylor Reece, freshman forward

On Duke's tenacious defense...
"They are really big and that has a lot to do with it. They are really long and so on every pass there were hands in the passing lane every single time. They are going to get some steals just because of that but I think we did the best with what we could."