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Duke Quotes: Stanford 81, Duke 69
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 03/27/2012
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Final – No. 1 Stanford 81, No. 2 Duke 69, 3/26/12

Duke University (27-6)

Players: Shay Shelby and Chelsea Gray
Coach: Joanne P. McCallie

Coach McCallie’s Opening Statement

I appreciate our teams fight, how we played and how we tried to do some things out there. I have to give credit to this things Stanford did. There’s some lessons for us and I’m sure some lessons I’ll take with us. They’re an excellent team and I wish them luck. I’m so proud of our seniors… and of course Chelsea’s game was phenomenal and we’re excited for the future. We’re sad at the moment. It’s unfortunate for us, we have to defend the inside and outside. We hit some nice shots

Student-Athlete Interviews

Shay this is the third straight year you guys have been at the final four, can you talk about the emotions being felt?

Shay: Upset, it was a good run. I think this will probably hurt the most, if you’re a sophomore, junior you can come back next year, but you know I’m a senior there is no next year for me. But I have faith that my teammates can make it next year and its just tough. Hopefully I can say that I left something with them that will help them out next year.

What did you do to come out here and win the game?

Shay: Like Chelsea said defense, I tried to encourage everybody to get after it and box out and rebound and adapt to a better offensive style. Unfortunately we couldn’t put everything together. First half we dug ourselves a hole that we couldn’t really recover from.

Coach Interview

What was your plan to stop Nnemkadi with Elizabeth?

Elizabeth is a warrior and has been this whole tournament. She’s a senior with experience.  Nnemkadi is a very good player; she is a difference in the first half completely. If you take away her points, we have a tie game.

Were you okay with them a 3’s?

I don’t think we had good contest. I think we were a little slow on our feet. Particularly ones by 44, we knew she was hot the whole tournament, that was frustrating and unfortunate for us.

Semi-final with Baylor and Stanford?

I do not want to speculate, only because I haven’t seen Baylor enough. Obviously Stanford had two post players to combat that size. But, Baylor has a lot of other positions. I wouldn’t want to take a guess on that

3 straight years at elite 8?

I’m proud of our team. We don’t see think quite like you do. This is a team that has overcome adversity in an incredible way and this is a team that has fought through so many things out of their control, its just phenomenal. We’re not in for records and times. We’re in to trying to get the most out of every team. This team really pushed the envelope for who they really are. I’m just sorry we couldn’t have been in more of a position to get that game. I felt their frustration and wanting to make it a game. We’re in to the whole thing about developing things as a team. More than anything this team has really grown

Young team?

Its really important they know they are a team with great capability and can do anything.  This will be a teaching moment, a learning game for all the returning players. When you don’t end on the terms you want and you end on somebody else’s term; that’s a statement that stays for a while.

Players: Nnemkadi Ogwumike, Amber Orrange
Coach: Tara VanDerveer

Coach VanDerveer’s Opening Statement

First of all I’d like to congratulate Duke on having a great season, they were a terrific opponent.  I think our team really focused on what we asked them too. Chelsea Gray was very tough to guard and Williams was a terrific player. I thought our team played really great defense. What I really liked about this game was the fact that we had a lot of contributions from different people…it was a total team effort.

Student-Athlete Interviews


Trip to the Final Four any sweeter knowing this is your last trip?

Yes, I mean, I think it’s either because it’s four for four; it’s going to be the fourth one I’ve been to and this all started the year before I came to Stanford and I’ve always wanted to be a part of this culture. The feeling never gets, it never gets old. It’s so much fun, just to come out and play as hard as you can as a team; I’m glad we got some youngsters to understand how fun it is to go to the Final Four. Not a lot of teams get to say that they’ve gone and we to be on four teams that have gone is more than anything I could ask for, but it’s not over yet. We want to play, and win two more games. However, right now we’re kind of, we’re soaking this in; it’s something to enjoy….

On being assertive for your team as a senior

I think it’s essential because as a senior and a leader on the team….I know that I am supposed to lead by example in everything I do; I don’t try to make people panicked or anything and asserting myself at this point, it’s a part of my game. I can’t wait too long to do good things on the court, whether it’s scoring, defensive stops, anything. I have a lot of responsibilities on the court, as do all of my teammates, and I have so much faith in them and we believe in ourselves and I believe in myself, that I will be able to do what I’m accounted for.

 I think for every, for every answer they had for us, we had two. And I think that’s kind of what happened towards the last seven minutes of the game….

On matchup with Baylor and the challenge in front of Stanford

I’ve never done it before so I’m excited! I feel like everybody, but me has played against her [Britney Griner]. She’s obviously a really great player and our coaches do an awesome job of preparing us and I don’t doubt that we’ll be more than prepared when we play on Sunday. I’m just really excited….  To be able to play a great team, it’s not even just her [Griner], she has a lot of great teammates, obviously Odyssey Sims, I played with her in the summer, she’s a really great guard. I’m really looking forward to this matchup. It’s great to have a challenge like this, so I’m excited. I played against her [Griner] in high school once, that’s when I learned to shoot a three.


You looked more confident this game, did you feel more relaxed?

I definitely think I felt more comfortable. They were in a 3-2 a lot of the time, so it was a different approach than, I think, South Carolina. I think we just attacked in a different way and had to be patient.

Coach Interview

Talk about Chiney, it looked like she was favoring her leg a little bit.

I think it was more the brace than the leg. She really was a leader for us, did a great on boards, scored for us, and more than anything, she played with a lot of heart when she was out there.

In the last years you have made it to the Final Four, what would it take to get that extra edge to get to go all the way to the championship.

First of all, I am really, really proud of our team at the beginning of the season if you asked me if this was a Final Four team, I don’t know if I would have answered yes. You lose Jennette, Kayla, and your playing  really young guards, we had one of guards in our starting lineup hurt Mikaela Ruef who played a lot of minutes last year and I think it has been a gutsy performance by people all year long and to go to the next step, you have to keep playing well. I thought we played really well defensively for the most part tonight, we’re constantly knocking down shots keeping it exciting…When five different people shoot 3’s and Nekka can step back and hit a 3 too. That this team has made it to the Final Four is amazing.

Talk about Amber Orrange and her ability to play on this big of a stage.

And she was guarding one of the best players on the floor. She was guarding Chelsea Gray who is a very tough physical guard and everyone stepped up to make plays but Amber made shots, worked hard defensively, she has played with a lot of confidence and that was really important for us and I’m honored. She kept her confidence and stayed poised.