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Quotes: Duke 61, Florida State 50
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 02/22/2013
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Duke Head Coach Joanne P. McCallie
Opening Statement:
“It was a nice battle for our team. We can certainly play a lot better. Shooting 34-percent isn’t one of our better games. I loved our grit, our fight. I thought that Chloe [Wells] was just so tough off the bench. She played good defense, getting steals, looking for opportunities. That was fun to watch. Elizabeth [Williams], sometimes getting frustrated offensively, but not getting down and letting it affect her and being so productive rebounding wise. I love seven offensive rebounds and I think she may have had more blocks in my humble opinion. The rebounding was better, 51-39. We didn’t keep No. 33 [Natasha Howard] out of there as much as we would have liked. She is a great player. We certainly worked hard to rebound as a team and get to the free throw line. At halftime, I believe we were only there three times. We really got aggressive in the second half, which is great. We can play a lot better. It was a great game and an excellent crowd. ”

On effect in first half playing without Chelsea Gray:
“I don’t know, we actually had a lot of missed layups. Chelsea has been making a lot of layups lately. We are a new team, it is a new season. It is not relevant, what is relevant is our team. I feel like we just rushed layups that we should have made. We rushed a lot of shots. None of us can explain that. The important thing is that we go on as a team, we focus on this team being great. I thought greatness came in the second half.”

On Alexis Jones picking up two quick fouls:
“I didn’t think that was a big issue, because Chloe came off the bench and was superb. I thought that was the freshman thing to do to get the early fouls. I think we had a lot of great opportunities, a lot of great open shots.”

On play in second half:
“She relaxed a little more. She was excited to play I am sure and she picked up the two quick fouls. That happens.”

On defensive stretch in second half:
“I thought the energy was up. I thought everybody was creating more off each other defensively. It didn’t matter as much what we did defensively as much as the energy being up. That is really important. I thought our energy was really good for 40 minutes, we executed switches on defense and we were getting after it. No. 10 [Leonor Rodriguez] had six points at half and only nine for the game. She is a great player.”

On team chemistry:
“I think we have great team chemistry. The team at halftime was frustrated at the score and the shooting. Not really focused on developing. In the second half there was a lot of development and a lot of chemistry all focused in the same direction. A few too many turnovers, but FSU is a great team.

On Haley Peters:
“Incredible. She is a woman of steal. She was frustrated with her offensive game. She goes out and gets 14 rebounds. That is a personal best. Haley is a pretty special cat, I don’t know too many people who get 14 rebounds when offensively her game isn’t where she wanted it to be. That is one mean lady.”

Duke Junior Chloe Wells
On mindset coming in after Alexis Jones picked up her second foul:
“I just played hard without really thinking about all the stuff that has been going on. I know that Chelsea went down and that is a big blow for us. We were pressing early in the game so I just tried to get the team to slow down and play our game. It doesn’t matter what position I play, I’ll do anything for my team.”

Duke Sophomore Elizabeth Williams
On the energy of the crowd:
“I could definitely feel the energy. We were getting so many stops defensively that it got the crowd involved. Having that extra push from the crowd is nice.”

On whether she enjoys physical games:
“I do, more so when I finish through the contact. I just try to play hard and be a presence defensively.”

Florida State Head Coach Sue Semrau
Opening Statement:
“What a great environment. I think this is one of the special places to play in college basketball. I thought when Duke closed the gap and started making that run and pulled ahead, the crowd made the difference. We haven’t played up here in a couple of years and certainly would like the opportunity to play up here every year so that this is something that we’re used to. I think it’s the best arena in the ACC as far as the volume on the road. I thought it really took us out of our game a little bit, certainly we didn’t get the production that we wanted. On the low block, I thought Elizabeth [Williams] did a great job, she is just so physical, she did a great job with Chelsea Davis. I felt like Joanne [McCallie] and I had a chess match about who could put the other kid in, but it was a good basketball game and certainly credit Duke for being a player down and being able to rally and to win. We did the same thing at Miami when we were without Chelsea Davis so certainly credit to them. It was a great basketball game.”

On Flow of the Game:
“They allowed a lot of physicality, and that is exactly what we need to play against because that is what it’s going to be like in the NCAA tournament.”

“This team has great, great fight. Their run was too long obviously, and they made a great adjustment against our zone, and I didn’t think we adjusted as well as we could have to that, so credit them.”

On Alexis Jones:
“I coached Alexis [Jones] this past summer, and she is a special kid. She’s a competitor and she gets people involved. She’s a scoring threat, so I think she’s used to running a team. She ran a team for four years in Texas, and she is used to that, so I think she relished that opportunity.”

On Shooting Woes in First Half:
“I thought it was so physical. I thought we were feeling each other and it was extremely physical, it was I don’t know. It just happens sometimes, it doesn’t make for a very pretty game when both teams are missing but it certainly was an exciting game.”

On Duke’s Run to Open the Second Half:
“We were stupid. We got caught up in the moment and I felt like that was the crowd. We just lost our composure on a few possessions and credit Duke. I’m not saying it wasn’t them. It’s not like they weren’t there and we were stupid, but again that’s not who we are. But again, I am glad this game happened and I’m glad it was the way it was. It gets us ready for what’s ahead.”

FSU Senior Leonor Rodriguez
On Turnaround from a Year Ago:
“We had a very together team. We can talk with each other, and we fight for a reason. I am going to fight for you because I know you have my back, and I think that is a very special thing that we have. It’s the key for our success this year.”

FSU Senior Alexa Deluzio
“I think Duke is known for their defensive pressure and it is tough to go against, but I thought we handled it fine. We didn’t make plays down the stretch, in the last two minutes when we needed to.”

On Turnaround from a Year Ago:
“No one wants a season like we had last year, so going into this year we just had a fight mentality and you saw that today. I may be wrong for saying this but I would rather lose with the team that I’m on today than win with the team last year. It’s something we are still developing but I feel like from day one we all had a selfless mentality, and as you can see you go down our stats and everybody scores. Some nights someone will score and so it is very spread out. We don’t care who gets the shine or the glory, we just want to win.”