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Courtesy: Duke Photography/University of North Carolina Athletics
Kristen Waagbo and Amanda Barnes
Tucci: Q&A with Duke Assistant Coaches
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 03/18/2013
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Duke junior Emma Tucci will be blogging throughout the 2012-13 season, giving Duke fans an inside look at life on the Blue Devil women's lacrosse team. Look for Emma's blog all year on

Hello Duke Women's Lacrosse Fans!

I am sorry that it has been a while since my last post. We have been getting after it this season, but during spring break here on campus I found some time to reflect on what our team has been up to! This blog, however, is a little bit different that some of the ones in the past. I decided it would be a good idea for our fans to get to know our coaching staff a little bit better.

This year we got an amazing new assistant coach, Kristen Waagbo, who went to Duke and graduated in 2007. Now, after spending some time in Australia and coaching at the U.S. Naval Academy, Coach Waagbo is back in Durham, coaching up our offense and getting to revisit her alma mater! We have absolutely loved getting to know Coach Waagbo, and I think that she is a perfect addition to our family! Alongside Coach Waagbo is Amanda Barnes, who is in her second year of coaching at Duke. Amanda joined us last year and has since been helping coach the defense and our goalies! Her alma mater is just down the road... but needless to say, we all graciously opened up our Duke Blue doors to welcome Amanda on board!

For this blog, I asked both coaches some basic questions, some personal and some lacrosse-related. The coaches share a few things in common such as their favorite NFL team (ugh, the Ravens), both being natives of Maryland and their favorite restaurant down here in Durham. I hope you enjoy getting to know our assistant coaches just as much as I did! They are truly a great tandem that dedicates a tremendous amount of time to not only coaching, but also helping us as individuals become better players on and off the field. Enjoy!!

PS: We just returned from an EPIC spring break trip to Jacksonville, Florida, so stay tuned for an upcoming blog from your favorite team in the NCAA!! I can't wait to share all of the fun memories from the trip. There's really nothing better than getting to spend a few days with your team on the beach and on the field!

1. Favorite place to eat in Chapel Hill or Durham?

Coach Barnes: I appreciate the Chapel Hill inclusion-very thoughtful of you Tuch! Favorite restaurant is probably Mateo right now. But, my favorite foodie thing to do is get up for the Durham Farmer's Market, do some shopping and check out the food trucks- Only Burger's Fried Green Tomato/Egg with Pimento is deadly!

Coach Waagbo: MATEOS Tapas in Downtown Durham (no contest!)

2. Which celebrity you would want to be for a day?

Coach Barnes: Easy, Beyoncé. (shout out to goalie world member, Angel Thompson, who keeps her playing on the amp at practice)

Coach Waagbo: Kelly Ripa or LeBron James...although they would be two totally different experiences.

3. What is your favorite accessory?

Coach Barnes: Coach Caputo on the men's lacrosse staff would probably say a scarf! But I would have to say the gold locket I wear most days - it was my Grandmother's.

Coach Waagbo: Stud earrings and Lulu headbands!

4. Can you think of one superstition you had in your college lacrosse days?

Coach Barnes: Since I was a goalie I feel like this is an unfair question--we're a weird bunch. The superstition that I had in college (and still have) was to pray during the national anthem for my teammates to "play safe and protect themselves"--now it's for my players.

Coach Waagbo: I always had to have my mid-calf socks on game day.

5. What is your favorite TV show?

Coach Barnes: 'Big Bang Theory'! (But I also secretly watch 'The Bachelor')

Coach Waagbo: 'The Real Housewives Of'....any city

6. What would you say is your biggest pet peeve?

Coach Barnes: I am not a fan of being late.

Coach Waagbo: Poor shooting percentages are almooooost as bad as poor manners

7. Greatest college memory?

Coach Barnes: Tie between my junior year Halloween, when my roommates and I went as N64 Mario Kart - AND my first college start being on my Dad's birthday.

Coach Waagbo: One memory that sticks out in my head is the year our team went whitewater rafting in Tennessee following a huge storm. Long story short, my raft full of the rowdy and often too laid-back "orange" personalities was one of the only ones that survived the Class 5 rapids that day. Those teammates in the more reserved and focused rafts (carefully handpicked by members of the staff to ensure safe passage down the river) ended up bobbing helplessly in the water and/or stranded on rocks crying that day. It was a huge victory for Mother Nature, but even a better victory for those laxers in the "orange" raft.

8. Beach or mountain vacation?

Coach Barnes: Easy...  B-E-A-C-H!

Coach Waagbo: Definitely a beach vacation!

9. Do you have a dream job (aside from coaching the best team in the NCAA)?

Coach Barnes: See Question 2. Haha, kidding. In all seriousness, this is a dream job. I am thankful every day that I truly enjoy going to work.

Coach Waagbo: I would have to say it would be pretty cool being an ESPN Sportscaster or a physical therapist.

10. Favorite perk of working at duke?

Coach Barnes: Having an office in the Murray building! I work with the best group of people AND I get to teach the game of lacrosse to a group of intelligent, motivated and funny young women.

Coach Waagbo: Working with amazing people that feel like family in the Murray Building all day, every day! And being able to attend Duke basketball games, which is a bucket list item for a lot of people!

11. Favorite office snack?

Coach Barnes: "Bird Seed" = Greek yogurt, berries, and granola. Murray Building staple.

Coach Waagbo: Wasabi almonds and everything in Amanda's candy jar!

12. Best piece of advice you could give to your team?

Coach Barnes: Make the most of your opportunities ...You want to be able to look back at your college experience and know that you put your heart and soul in to something and you have no regrets!

Coach Waagbo: You'll always be surprised what you can learn, achieve, and give to others when you step outside of your comfort zone.