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Brinson Paolini Senior Profile
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 03/28/2013
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DURHAM, N.C. - The Duke men's golf team returns to action at the Aggie Invitational in Bryan, Texas April 6-7.  Recently, sat down with senior Brinson Paolini to learn more the Virginia Beach, Va., native. What has been your proudest moment at Duke?
Brinson Paolini: Sophomore year when we made it to the final four. I can still remember running down the cart path on No. 18 to meet my teammates my first time at the NCAA Tournament when we beat UCLA, because I was the last one to finish. Being with everyone after that was amazing. What is your favorite part about being a Duke student-athlete?
BP: I think the camaraderie among, not only my teammates, but all of the student-athletes. Everyone is a big family here. What is the most misunderstood thing about your sport?
BP: That it is boring and just a bunch of older guys are playing. A lot of athletes are playing now. Tiger [Woods] has a lot to do with that. Kids that have the athleticism to play football and some of the other sports are starting to play golf. What has been your favorite class at Duke?
BP: I took a class called Psychology of Mindfulness with Dr. Clive Robins. It was cool because I could apply it to my golf, and I was able to write a paper about golf, which was pretty cool. What has been your least favorite class at Duke?
BP: Latin. It is a ton of work and I do not get anything out of it because it is a dead language. Can you tell me about a time when you first started playing your sport.
BP: I started when I was five. My dad played and my sister played in college as well, so we are a big golfing family. In our family, what we do is go to the golf course and play. I fell in love with it and have been playing ever since. What chore do you absolutely hate doing?
BP: I hate taking out the trash. That has been my chore for 21 years. Who has been the biggest influence on your life?
BP: Probably my sister. We are really close and we think similarly. We both grew up playing golf. She is an amazing person, and I am just very fortunate to learn from her. Do you have any hidden talents?
BP: I can play golf left-handed pretty well. This summer, I shot an 83 left-handed. I am a right-handed player, so playing left-handed is completely opposite. What is one possession you can’t live without?
BP: I don’t think I could live without the love of my family and friends, especially with the camaraderie of this team and this year with the four seniors. The four of us have become really close and I think that is something we will continue for the rest of our lives.