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Duke-Oklahoma State Quotes
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 03/25/2013
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Second Round • No. 7 Oklahoma State vs. No. 2 Duke
Cameron Indoor Stadium • Durham, N.C.
Monday, March 25

Duke Head Coach Joanne P. McCallie
On Breaking Down Oklahoma State:
“They’re just an excellent team. Five strong – one, two, three, four, five they’re very strong. They play well together. They obviously have a fantastic player in 15 [Toni Young], who can just rattle off points quickly. Very, very aggressive, very athletic player who will run the floor well. They’ll run in transition. Point guard does a great job for them – number three [Tiffany Bias]. She plays off the bounce. She can shoot the three also. I think four [Liz Donohoe] is really key for them because not only can she shoot, but she rebounds on both the defensive and offensive side. She’s their best screener and she really executes their offense by being such a great screener, usually screening for, for example, the post, and then getting someone screening for her. So there’s a lot of defending those type of sets. I think the ‘X’ factor for them is 31 [Kendra Suttles], the lefty who can shoot the trail three so easily and can also play off the bounce. She can also go right and left, which is unusual. I thought she’d be more left, but after watching the film it’s clear she’s right and left, very competent off the bounce and an excellent shooter in the trail. And then 22 [Brittney Martin] plays a nice role for them. She doesn’t shoot the three as much. She plays more off the bounce, she likes the ball fake, the one or two-dribble ‘J’, more of the paint play overall. But she’s very athletic and so she’ll get to the glass. They’re just a strong team. They don’t probably go nine deep, though. I think that five is pretty critical mass for them and we’ve just got to make them work very, very hard on defending us and limit them in transition.  

On What the Team Will Work on in Today’s Practice:
“Quite a bit lighter. I’ll go through things really quickly, so we’ll just hit a few things and move on, move on, move on. And we’ll do a walk through as opposed to a live scout. It just seems, at this point in time, rest and good legs trumps anything. And that’s really important to remember. I think that you get even better at that the longer you coach. You need to obviously prepare them. But we had a great film review this morning where we not only could cover Hampton issues – and we had quite a few against Hampton – and sort of parlay those into Oklahoma State issues and how we can do better on those issues playing against Oklahoma State.”

On Comparing the Styles of Teams in the ACC and the Big 12:
“Physical but up-tempo. Go, go, go. Similar. You could say, ‘Well they have Baylor and a 6-8 kid [Brittney Griner].’ Okay, but for the most part, it’s transition-oriented, with the exception of Iowa State. Iowa State plays a little bit differently and does a great job at it. But I think the rest of the league is going up and down and very physical, so I think it’s very similar.”

On Whether the Women’s Tournament Should Move to Neutral Sites Like the Men’s Tournament:
“I think it’s hard because we’re not operating from a position of strength in terms of making dollars. We’re costing dollars –we’re costing the NCAA money. I think it’s really important that women’s basketball be a little bit more grassroots. And I think it’s really important that women’s basketball reward the body of work that takes place in the season. We don’t get the media coverage – obviously not even close to the men – to really bring out all these upset-minded thoughts and all these things that go on on the men’s side. We don’t even get any of that. What we need to get is a grassroots community approach, so if you’ve done well all year, I think you should host and I think you should be rewarded for that. That’s just the way it is. You’ve got to do well and you can host. I don’t think people should be hosting that have not done well. To me, I can’t stand that. I’m in favor of rewarding the body of work during the year. And when I see a team that’s been basically a bit above .500 in their conference hosting, I think that’s terrible, especially if they’re bringing in a higher seed. Like what they constantly have done is take higher seeds and put them in lower-seed places. We want women’s basketball to be very special, very grassroots. And we also want the best teams to advance. If people say to you, ‘Well, we want upsets.’ No we don’t. You want the Connecticut-Notre Dame game. You want games that show a high level of play and I’m sure people in the business of women’s basketball don’t want Baylor upset, for example. That’s a huge story with all that Brittney [Griner’s] done. We’re different in that way on the marketing level. And I think it’s pie in the sky to think you can just all be at neutral courts and everything will be fine. I’m aware of some of the financials, and they’re not good. So I don’t think we should be losing more money.”

Duke Forward Haley Peters
On atmosphere against Hampton in First Round:
“I thought it was an exciting atmosphere to play in. They had a lot of fans and they had a lot of energy. I think it was good for our team. It was a different experience for us and the energy in the building was pretty high. For the most part we handled it well. I think it was just a good learning experience. We are just focused on us tomorrow. I don’t think we will be too worried about what is going on around us. After watching the game yesterday and looking ahead to tomorrow, we have a lot of things we need to be keyed in on the rest of the way.”

On having just two losses at this point in season:
“I think it just speaks a lot to our focus. Day in and day out how well we focus in our practices. Our focus is on improving as individuals and as a team, focusing on things we have done well and haven’t done well. I think that is a testament too. We have played a tough schedule. The ACC is a tough conference, it is quite an accomplishment.”

Duke Forward Elizabeth Williams
On challenges facing Toni Young of Oklahoma State:
“Well, she is really athletic. I think for all of us we need to be focused on communicating and being strong help side. Just kind of focusing on those things and trying to get her up in the air.”

On how roles have changed since Chelsea Gray’s injury:
“I think everybody has picked up some things. I think everyone’s roles have changed just a little bit. I think overall it is exciting just to play with each other. It is a great opportunity for us to learn and grow in playing with each other.”

On surprise team’s attack paint against shot blocking ability:
“Most teams, at some point, are going to try to get in the paint. I just try to do my best to keep the ball out of the basket.”

Duke Guard Tricia Liston
On Oklahoma State:
“Coach Brown compared them to a Florida State type team or any ACC team, but in the tournament every team is good. We just have to come out prepared and play our way. They are a very skilled team. They play well together and I think they have some good players at each position that we are going to need to shut down on offense and then get back and rebound and get stops on defense.”