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Shay Selby
DWB Alum Update: 2012 Graduate Shay Selby
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 06/12/2018
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DURHAM, N.C.— Over the summer, the Blue Devils will be catching up with Duke women's basketball alumnae to see what they have been up to since leaving Durham. Our next alumna is 2012 graduate Shay Selby.

Selby competed in 122 games over four seasons with the Blue Devils, while making 28 starts. A product of Cleveland, Ohio, Selby drained 66 three-pointers over four seasons, while dishing 167 assists. She was a part of two ACC Tournament championships in 2010 and 2011.

Since graduating from Duke, what have you been up to?
I’ve been playing professionally overseas. I played in: Strakonice, Czech Republic, Rotterdam, Netherlands, Rotenburg, Germany, Bodrum, Turkey and Madrid, Spain.

With your experiences playing professional basketball, what has it been like?
It’s been amazing! I have loved living in different parts of the world and getting to experience different cultures. Not many people can say they have friends in different countries.

Is there a certain country/team you really enjoyed playing with/for?

I loved my time in Turkey and the Netherlands.

Over the years traveling, are there any certain foods in different countries that you have grown to really enjoy and going to miss?
I will definitely miss the paella and sangria in Spain. There is nothing like it! Also, the baklava in Turkey is to die for.

What made you decide to retire from basketball recently?
I’ve played 20+ years. I’ve gotten to experience many things most people would die to do. I think I had a feeling it was time to hang them up. My body has taken a beating. I have given everything to this game. Although, it is a bitter-sweet feeling, I am excited for the next chapter in life.

Have you been able to keep in touch with many former teammates/coaches?
I probably keep in contact with Coach Brown the most! He is a great guy and somehow never forgets my birthday! (haha). It makes my day every year. I’m also pretty close with Chelsea Gray. We always make time to visit one another. I keep in contact a lot of my teammates. We check in every so often and send well wishes. Nothing can compare with the sisterhood we formed during my time at Duke.

Do you still follow DWB and watch games when they are on television?
It’s hard to watch most games with the time difference while being overseas. But best believe if they are on at a reasonable hour, I always support.

Have you been able to make it back to Durham recently?
I haven’t been back to Duke in almost four years. It is pretty sad, but I’m hoping to make a trip down there in the near future. I miss Duke!

Since leaving Duke, who are a few DWB players you have enjoyed watching play?
Of course, I have to show love to the Class of 2014. Chelsea, Tricia, Haley, Richa, and Chloe are all good players that showed what Duke basketball is all about. Also, the addition of Lexie Brown to the Duke family was great. She works hard on both ends of the floor. She’s that high energy player that every team needs. Her skill set is also very impressive.

Do you get a chance to play basketball any these days?
Well I’ve only been retired for almost two months. I can admit it is nice to not have to train every single day. My body needed this break. However, I miss playing the game. I hope to get in some pick-up games soon and win the MVP of my old women’s league! haha

When looking back on your days at Duke, what are some of your favorite memories?
The whole atmosphere at the ACC Tournament is pretty cool. I miss that and of course winning the ACC title is a memory I will never forget. My whole senior year was one for the books. The bond that that team made is something I’ve never experienced before.

Have you developed any new hobbies, etc., that you are involved with these days?
I’ve been training local kids and working with a travel team. I love passing on my knowledge of the game. I just can’t get away from basketball. I think it will always be in my life.

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to our current student-athletes?
Embrace your time at Duke. Don’t take for granted that you are a part of an elite group of individuals. Graduating from Duke University as a student-athlete means something! Never forget that. Always, remember what that “D” on your chest stands for and represent it well!