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Courtesy: Duke Athletics
Layups with Jayda Adams
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 10/10/2018
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DURHAM, N.C.— With it being only 32 days until the start of the 2018-19 Duke women’s basketball season, what a better way celebrate than to check in with sophomore Jayda Adams.

Our No. 32, Adams hails from Irvine, Calif., and saw action in all 33 games as a rookie a year ago. What did you do over the summer?
Jayda Adams: I went home and got some good old California sunshine early in the summer. I went to the beach, hung out with my family and friends and worked out to prepare for the season. I came back for second session summer school and we worked hard preparing for the season.

GD: What was the biggest learning experience as a freshman last year?
JA: My biggest learning experience was that every game is a battle. Even if the team isn’t as good, we still need to play them like they are the best team we’ve ever played.

GD: What part of your game did you work on the most during the summer?
JA: I worked on a lot of ball handling this summer

GD: How have workouts and practices been so far this season?
JA: Workouts and practices have been great and of energy! They’re lots of fun.

Quick Hitters:

Most used emoji?  💀

Role model?  My sister 

One thing that always put you in a good mood?  FOOD 

Which teammate would make the best president and why?  Kyra Lambert because she got it like that. 

Nickname?  Red, Jaydababy, Sunshine, Jay, Jaybaby La’draydah

Favorite color?  Red 

Favorite snapchat filter?  The heart ones 

Favorite Disney movie?  Tangled 

Song playing on your phone right now?  Diva 

Last show you binge-watched?  Rick and Morty 

Go to song to practice to?  New Patek 

Best thing you did over the summer?  Ate good and went to the beach 

One word your teammates would use to describe you?  Goofy 

Best advice you have ever received?  Pain is temporary 

Favorite TV show growing up?  Spongebob

Favorite vacation spot?  Jamaica 

One place you would like to travel to?  The Dominican Republic or Bahamas 

Do you have any pre-round rituals?  Have to make sure my hair is on point (looking good) 

Best class you’ve taken at Duke and why?  Forensic Psychology 

Beach or mountains?  Beach

Do you have any relatives involved in athletics?  My sister played basketball

Instagram story or snapchat?  Instagram story

Favorite type of ice cream?  Chocolate malt crunch 

Food you miss the most from home?  Seafood, Mexican, and In n out 

Favorite athlete?  Michael Jordan

Goals upon graduation?  Graduate and get a cool job 

Hobbies?  Sleeping, eating, and watching movies 

Do you play a musical instrument and if so what? My voice is my musical instrument 

If you could play another sport in college what would it be?  Volleyball