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Lauren Gonzalez Senior Profile
Sunday 03/27/2009  -  Duke Sports Information
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Courtesy: Duke Photography
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Lauren Gonzalez
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DURHAM, N.C.Lauren Gonzalez recently sat down with GoDuke.com for her senior profile. Gonzalez had a career-best 283.87 performance on the three-meter board at the 2008 NCAA Zones. She discusses the influence of her coach, her advice to freshmen, her graduation plans, plus much more.

GoDuke.com: What do you have in your iPod before a game?
Lauren Gonzalez:
My boyfriend (he’s a very talented musician). 

GD: If you could change one rule in your sport, what would it be?
Not being allowed to use our water belt in competition.

GD: What is your favorite movie?
Life is Beautiful.

GD: What’s your favorite movie from over the summer? 
Made of Honor.

GD: What’s your favorite TV show?
I Love Lucy.

GD: What’s your favorite food?
My mother’s Cuban food.

GD: What are you planning on doing after graduation?
Attending Duke for a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

GD: What would your dream job be?
Working with children as a Physical Therapist.

GD: Think one year down the road, what will you be doing?
Studying hard in PT school.

GD: Think 10 years down the road, what will you be doing?
I hate these types of questions.

GD: What’s your favorite memory to date of your college career? 
Studying abroad for a summer in Spain.

GD: What’s your favorite part of practice and why? 
Smoking dives in the belt because it gives me the confidence for when I do them on my own.

GD: What’s the thing you most admire about your coach and why?
He highly values his diver’s education. He’s intense and serious about our sport but at the same time he demands that we push ourselves in the classroom as hard as we do on the pool deck.

GD: Where is your secret spot to study?
My cushioned rocking chair in my bedroom.

GD: What’s your favorite sport, other than your own, to watch on TV?

GD: What is your advice to children?
Take interest in sports but don’t focus on just one too early; exploring and participating in multiple sports will maximize your athletic potential.

GD: What is your advice to this year’s freshmen on your team?
Overwhelm yourself with all Duke has to offer; realize that you are in the ideal position to accomplish almost anything you can come up with; the university is willing to support your interests to make a footprint in this world.

GD: What’s the best concert you’ve ever attended? 
The Hope Fest in Cary this year where I was almost struck by lightening...now that’s a show.

GD: What concert do you most want to attend that you never have?
The Beatles, but I unfortunately I’m out of luck.

GD: Why did you choose to attend Duke? 
The great Blue Devil spirit that ties together its competitive athletic programs and strong academics.

GD: Where is your favorite place to dive outside of Duke? 
Ohio State or Georgia Tech.

GD: What do you do in your free time? 
Love on family and friends, backpack, bake.

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