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Quotes: Duke 74, Tennessee 70
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 01/22/2007
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Duke Coach Gail Goestenkors

“I’m happy to come away with a win. This is such a difficult place to play. Tennessee not only is a great team but a great program, they have incredible tradition here. I was really proud of how my team came out. We were ready to play, we were very focused. We understand that Tennessee is so good, they’re going to make a run and come back. I’m pleased to come away with a win, but not pleased with the rebounding effort at all. I thought (UT) did a great job with offensive rebounding. They did a fantastic job, and we did not. They picked it up and came after us. I was proud of our poise down the stretch; we hit some big free throws late. Lindsey Harding hit big free throws for us.”

On Tennessee Making A Run
“Their intensity went way up on defense. They were denying passes and reversals. Looking at our backdoor cuts, we weren’t able to get those. I thought they just really increased their energy level on the defensive end. They also got into an offensive rhythm. They’ve got so many great players. (Alexis) Hornbuckle hit some big shots, Candace (Parker) hit some shots for them. You’re not going to hold them down for 40 minutes, they’ve got so many great players.”

On Lindsey Harding
“Lindsey did a great job taking what they were giving her. She set some screens on ball to pass it in, sometimes they were trapping, sometimes they were hedging out. Lindsey is the consummate point guard; she’s going to make the read. She went around them and hit that driving lay-up (after Tennessee had tied the game), she took what they gave her.”

On Three-Point Shooting
“We’ve had some games where we didn’t hit our threes, but we know we’re capable. This is a team that takes what other teams give them. They were triple-teaming (Alison Bales) but our guards had open looks.”

On Alexis Hornbuckle
“I thought she was going to have a really big game tonight. When she came to Durham last year, she had a really rough game. I knew she was going to play well, so that’s no surprise.”

Abby Waner

“It’s good to have a good shooting night. My teammates found me; it was just one of those nights. Then in the second half, everyone else stepped up and scored.”

On Playing In A Hostile Environment
“I love coming to away games to come and play in front of a crowd like this, Cameron is great, but I like playing on the road, too. To play in front of 21,000 people, I think that really gives us an extra boost.”

On UT Men’s Coach Bruce Pearl And His Team Painting Themselves In Support Of The Lady Vols
“I’m going to go suggest it to (Duke men’s coach Mike Krzyzewski). It’s great that the support is there. We get that from our men’s program, too. I’m sure the team appreciated it. It shows a lot about the respect women’s basketball is getting.”

Wanisha Smith

On Not Panicking After UT Overcame A 21-Point Deficit
“We practice these kinds of situations in practice all the time, so it’s nothing new to us. We had to adjust to different styles on defense. They got a lot of offensive rebounds, but we pulled it off.”

Lindsey Harding 

On The Lady Vols Run
"They’re a great team. We know they’re going to make a run, but we’ve got to counter that.”

On The Crowd
“Throughout the whole warm-up, they were screaming at us. We knew we had to quiet them down.”

Tennessee Coach Pat Summitt

Opening Remarks
“Obviously, we were very disappointed with the outcome of the game.  This past week, we’ve had some of the best practices that we’ve had this season.  By design, we worked on transition defense.  Duke does a great job of pushing tempo.  We started flat and on our heels.  (Abby) Waner was big in the first half.  I was disappointed with our defense.  She had 21 in the first half and six three-pointers.  You’ve got to guard three-point shooters.  We were undisciplined in our transition defense.  This is a good lesson to learn from.  There’s a reason that they’re the No. 1 team in the nation.  Their guard play was too much.  Our free throw shooting was costly, and we had three starters (Sidney Spencer, Nicky Anosike, and Shannon Bobbitt) who went 5-for-25.  You have to have good defense when you don’t shoot well.  I was pleased with the fact that we never quit.  They came up with big plays, and we fell short.”

On Whether The Atmosphere Surrounding The Game Was A Factor
“At halftime, we talked about being too overanxious early on.  It could have been a factor.  It was a great opportunity to see how we stack up against the No. 1 team in the nation after having losses against them in the last two years.  We didn’t lack for desire.  At the start of the game, when things didn’t go well early, we dug a hole.”

On Looking Ahead To Thursday’s Game Against Vanderbilt
“The game I’m concerned about is Vanderbilt in Nashville.  We discussed this in the locker room.  This is the SEC, not the ACC.  This is a must for us.  We don’t have long to dwell.  We have to get ready to play, and I have reason to believe that we will be.”

On Coming Back
“I definitely thought we would pull out of it.  We missed too many easy shots.  Our veterans have to step up.  Our defense let down, and we were giving up open threes.  Our defense affected our offense.  We weren’t in rhythm.  Panic set in.  This will be a great game for Shannon Bobbitt to learn from.  (Lindsey) Harding had a size advantage and was aggressive.  It was a match-up challenge.”

“We did some good things.  We made a run and closed the gap before halftime.  In the second half, our defensive intensity was better.  We did a better job of working the boards.  The biggest thing was we dug a hole and let our defense affect our offense.”

On Whether She Had Ever Had A Start Like Tonight
“Not in my coaching career.  I hope that’s the only one.”

On Sidney Spencer
“Sidney did some good things.  She didn’t start the game as aggressive as I had hoped.  In the second half, she stayed aggressive.  They covered her and had a hand in her face most of the time.”

Alexis Hornbuckle 

“Obviously, nobody is happy.  We have to go into practice (tomorrow) with our heads up.  We have some things to work on.  We’re not where we want to be.  We have to work to get where we want to be.”

“When you start out down 19-0, it’s hard to come back.  I was overanxious.  I apologized to my teammates.  We came back and fought.  Last year, we quit.”

“I was mentally week.  I have so much to prove.  I need to play defense and play Tennessee basketball.  I put too much on myself.  I’m a very emotional leader.  I feel bad when I don’t play well.”

“Duke is a great team.  Everyone is on the same page.  They are as efficient as possible.  A coach couldn’t ask for more.  Abby Waner put on a show.  They did everything they were supposed to do.”

“I don’t think fatigue was a factor.  I don’t feel tired.  Our shots just were not falling.”

Candace Parker 

“Coming in (to this game), we said that both teams would have practiced the next day.  We’ve got to refocus now for the SEC.”

(on going 1-for-7 from the line) “That’s my fault.  If I had hit my free throws, we would have won.  I take full responsibility.  It won’t happen again.”

“We have to learn from our mistakes.  Last year, we dwelled on it (the loss to Duke) and lost to Kentucky.  We’re on a mission.  We have to regroup.”

Sidney Spencer

“(Coming back) shows a lot of heart and fight.  We outrebounded them by 11.  That’s something that we’ve been working on.  We can see improvement.  When you lose by four, you look at the stats and see if we hadn’t missed the early shots, it could have been different.  We’ve got Vanderbilt on Thursday.  We can’t let this affect us.”

(on Tennessee’s men’s team’s support) “We had an idea that they were going to paint their chests orange.  Ever since Bruce Pearl got here, we have been friends with the guys.  They have supported us, and we have supported them.  It’s great for our team.”