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Desmond Scott Interview with Desmond Scott
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 12/17/2012
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Related Links How did it feel to be a part of the win over rival North Carolina earlier this season that secured bowl eligibility for the program?
Desmond Scott:
To finally win versus North Carolina, especially at Wallace Wade, was a big deal. I'm a hometown guy, and to get that win at home, it just meant a lot. Jamison [Crowder] had the winning touchdown. He's very close to me, so I was proud of him for that. What was your reaction on finding out the team would be playing Cincinnati in the Belk Bowl Dec. 27 in Charlotte?
To find out that we were going to Charlotte, my first thought was we'll get a big fan base, which is great. I'm excited to be in the bowl game, all of the things that we get to do, the experience. My friends who play at another school say to get one bowl experience is great. And that's we what got our senior year. Being from Durham, do you have friends or family that will be making the trip to Charlotte?
Yes, there are a lot of people who have asked me, 'How much are tickets?' 'When is the game?' I do believe a lot of people are going to take the trip. What does it mean to you as a senior leader on this team to have helped Duke earn a berth in the Belk Bowl?
That was the goal that the 2009 class set. When we came in, we said, 'Let's turn this program around.' You can't turn a program around in three years - it took all four years, and it was a grind to get there. But the goal that we set out we have accomplished, and now it's up to the young guys to keep pushing forward. What legacy will this year's senior class leave behind for younger teammates?
We've shown them how to work, on and off the field. You aren't going to get to a bowl game by just being mediocre. It's a hard process, and you have to be willing to put in the time to get to a bowl game. I firmly believe that the young guys, they get a taste of this bowl game, they're going to want to go back. What will you take away from the entire experience in Charlotte?
Just being with my teammates for the last time. It's the last time this 2012 team will play together, practice together. Just taking it all in. How have Coach Cutcliffe and the Duke coaching staff influenced your development and helped this program make great strides during your time here?
By letting us be us and letting us dig within ourselves to become leaders - not only vocal leaders but leaders on the field. Creating good habits, good work habits. Coach Cut[cliffe] says that the habits you form now will be who you are 10 years from now, so little things matter on the football field and in life. What has it meant to you personally to be a part of Duke's success over the past four years?
I just feel like I've been a part of the team's success. I've contributed a lot, worked hard. And to see the team slowly get better is great ... From the downfalls, you see what you have in yourself and how you're always going to fight and keep pushing forward. The work ethic of balancing the Duke rigor of academics and football, that's pretty challenging. I know that's going to prepare me for the real world, whatever life throws at me.