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Will Piwnica-Worms
Courtesy: Josh Rasmussen
Will Piwnica-Worms
Will Piwnica-Worms Senior Profile
Saturday 05/11/2012  -  Duke Sports Information
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DURHAM, N.C. - The Duke baseball team will host rival North Carolina this weekend at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park. GoDuke.com recently sat down with senior outfielder Will Piwnica-Worms to learn more about the St. Louis, Mo., native.     

GoDuke.com: What do you have DVR'd?
Will Piwnica-Worms: "I'm gonna go with Hillbilly Handfishin' and Baseball Tonight."

GoDuke.com: What embarrassing music do you have on your iPod?
WPW: "I actually have some Yuna."

GoDuke.com: What is your favorite movie?
"I'm gonna go with Dumb and Dumber or Heavy Weights."

GoDuke.com: Do you have any superstitions/pre-game rituals? If so, what are they?
"Yea, me and the boys always go to Sushi Love every Wednesday or Thursday before the start of a weekend series."

GoDuke.com: What's the biggest obstacle you've had to overcome?
"I had a pretty tough junior year, so kind of coming back from that. I had to know that I was a good player and that I had to work hard in order to have a good senior year."

GoDuke.com: What is your favorite home cooked meal?
"I'm gonna go with gluten-free chicken on the George Forman grill and gluten-free mashed potatoes. And gluten-free breaded chicken fingers home made by Billy Piwnica-Worms."

GoDuke.com: What is your favorite class at Duke?
"I had class in the Lemur Center, it was called, Primate Field Biology, and we got to observe Lemurs all semester."

GoDuke.com: What has been your toughest class at Duke?
"I took Microeconomics, ECON 55, and that class was really tough."

GoDuke.com: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
"Probably really successful, retired on a lake somewhere fishing, got my money, got out quick."

GoDuke.com: Who has had the most impact on your life and why?
"Definitely my parents.  They've always supported me and they're successful in what they do, and they've always wanted me to do what I've wanted to do. My mom has unbelievable fashion and swag."

GoDuke.com: Describe Coach McNally in one word.

GoDuke.com: Can you cook? If so what are you good at?
"I can cook anything gluten-free.  I'm really good at cooking on the George Forman grill.  My best thing is probably gluten-free crab cakes."

GoDuke.com: Who would you trade places with for a day?
"Carlos Gonzales of the Colorado Rockies."

GoDuke.com: What is your worst habit?
WPW: "I'm really messy.  My room is messy."

GoDuke.com: Fill in the blank -- I wish I knew how to _________
"Write in hieroglyphics."

GoDuke.com: Who would play you in a movie?
"Ryan Reynolds."

GoDuke.com: What is your favorite restaurant in Durham?
WPW: "Kanki."


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