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Dillon Haviland
Dillon Haviland Senior Profile
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 08/17/2014
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DURHAM, N.C. – Redshirt senior left-hander Dillon Haviland came back from injury and appeared in 20 games out of the Duke bullpen. He returns in 2015 for his final year of eligibility after double majoring in history and political science. caught up with the McDonald, Pa., native. What are your three favorite things about being a Duke student-athlete?
Haviland: I’d say first and foremost, just being a part of the team. Forming friendships and bonds with these guys is something I’m never going to forget. Secondly, is probably just meeting the other athletes … really great group of athletes. Whether it be hanging out together, helping each other with schoolwork or seeing each other around campus it’s always nice to know there’s someone else going through the same thing as you are. Just the experience overall being at Duke, being able to get that quality education and competing at a high level in the ACC. That’s what drew me in to Duke. So far I haven’t been disappointed by that decision. What is your favorite on-field memory?
DH: I would say personally for me, when I was freshman I came in relief at Clemson and it was the first time I had been extended on the field after coming off an injury. Had some success against them and got a starting spot for the next couple weekends. But just going in there and experiencing that, that was the first real ACC atmosphere game that we had played in. So that was pretty cool. For our team this year, we’ve had so many walk-off hits or late comebacks, those have been great as a team. Those will be hard to forget, too. What is your favorite off-field memory?
DH: We’ve just done a bunch of group activities as a team, whether it be going to a concert or a party or getting together before a football game. I don’t know if I could have one defining one right now, but just all the weekends we have off and we’re just all getting together and hanging out. Whether it be barbequing or hanging by the pool, just times with the team I’d say. What are three things that motivate you?
DH: Being a perfectionist, whether it’s in school, at my sport, whatever I’m doing I just put all my heart in to it. I guess I’m just one of those weird people that enjoys going up to the field and doing work or just putting in that time or working out. Obviously I like reaping those rewards through my injuries in the past. Firsthand, I can see the fruits of that labor. Coming back from injuries and being able to perform at a level I like. I’ll say my parents motivate me. My parents and my family and friends. I see how badly they want me to succeed and I’ve also seen how hard they worked throughout the years to position themselves to where they’re at in their lives with personal things they’ve gone through and the sacrifices they made for me. I just work hard and do my best. We all want to win. Feelings like we had after a big win, that’s what you play for. Name three places you would like to travel.
DH: I’d really like to go to Germany. I studied German for a lot of years throughout high school and I took that in college. I think that’d be a pretty interesting place to go. Some different cities in Germany would definitely be on the top of my list. Obviously, got to throw in the Caribbean islands … somewhere nice where you can just go relax. My third one could be a toss-up. It can be anywhere really. Recently I was watching HGTV, there were some houses in Italy that they were showing, so that looked like a pretty cool place. I mean Europe seems like a pretty interesting place. We have a couple guys that have gone there and said they’ve enjoyed that Describe yourself in three words.
DH: I would have to start with hard-working. I think that’s just what I try to exude in all that I do as I mentioned. Faith-based. Something that drives me right now and we’ve really gotten together as a team through Bible studies, and I think that’s a really good thing on our team culture and a big part of my life. Compassionate. Like I said, I’d do anything for these guys and just being part of this team and any part of my life. I like to make sure I’m doing whatever I can to help others as well.