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Courtesy: Duke Athletics
2017 Team
Blue Devils in Paradise: Day 5
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 01/11/2017
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During each day of the men's tennis team's trip to Hawai'i, a member of the Blue Devil squad will offer his thoughts on the experiences. Day five features sophomore Vincent Lin recapping Tuesday. 

Usually when people go to Hawai’i, they think of waking up at 10 a.m. and hitting the beach. That was not the case for Duke Men’s Tennis. Today I heard my alarm labeled Chest and Arms Day again at 5 a.m. and could not resist the urge to take a full scoop of caffeine and hit the third floor Stay Fit Gym at the Hyatt.

Once I had finished my 10 sets of 10 bicep curls, I came back to find my roommate, Catalin Mateas, still sleeping. The clock had already struck 6:15 and he still had not woken up. We had to be down at breakfast by 6:30, so I vigorously shook him awake and we headed down to breakfast.

At breakfast we found ourselves immersed in one of the most awesome breakfasts ever. There was my favorite entrée of all time, fried rice, and also a variety of all kinds of delicious selections. I was slightly upset because they did not bring out the dumplings from the day before, but I was able to create some fried rice miso soup, which was very delicious. The guava was also on point.

Once we finished breakfast, we left the hotel at 7:15 to start warming up for our match against Ole Miss. The warm up started at 8 and we started doubles at 9. As usual, our warm up was filled with high energy and an especially massive “Go Duke!” by senior TJ Pura. I had the privilege of playing doubles with my roommate, Catalin. We were able to pull out an upset against the 13th-ranked doubles team in the country at 6-1. We then fell short of another victory in our following doubles match. After watching the rest of the guys finish singles, we headed to a subs and hamburger establishment for lunch. I ordered the corn beef sandwich, which was as delicious as our breakfast meal.

After lunchtime, I was very tempted to head to the gym again because I was not able to play a singles match today. So I headed to the gym for a short shoulder workout before our team went to the beach to paddle board. I have never been paddle boarding, but this was definitely one of the highlights of the trip so far.

Ryan [Dickerson], Spencer [Furman] and I decided to slide on one paddle board and swim as far out in the ocean as possible. At first, we fell multiple times into the water. Then we were finally were able to find our balance and swim further out. By the time we reached the shore, it was time for dinner.

We changed quickly and headed to Buho Cantina. It was a Mexican style restaurant. I had some shrimp enchiladas and nachos before Ryan had completely inhaled the rest of our nacho appetizer.

After dinner, we headed to a team bonding experience. We found hundreds of black and white photos on the ground and selected photos to talk about things we felt vulnerable about. This was an awesome bonding experience as we were able to discover new things about everyone on the team, including the coaches.

After this activity, we were all ready to go to bed and prepare for our match tomorrow against LSU.