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Athletic Medicine Policies and Procedures
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 07/21/2005
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Insurance Coverage
All Duke Varsity Athletes are covered by a catastrophic injury policy taken out by the Department of Athletics.  This covers each athlete in the case of a catastrophic injury and/or death that occurs during practice or a game.  All athletes are also covered by travel insurance, which would cover the athlete in case of an accident that occurs while he/she is traveling with the team to or from a site of competition.

Non-Athletic Injuries & Illnesses (Includes pre-existing injuries & illnesses)
The Duke University Athletic Department insurance does not provide coverage for any illness, pre-existing condition or non-athletic injury that may develop.  It only provides coverage for athletic injuries that occur during University sponsored and supervised athletic events.  The athlete’s parents are made aware of this policy and are required to fill out an Insurance Information Form for this purpose.  The athletic trainers and team doctors will help in coordination of treatment and care for non-athletic injuries and illnesses but financial responsibility for this care falls upon the athlete and his/her parents.

Second Opinions
If an athlete desires a second opinion, he/she must obtain prior approval from the head athletic trainer.  The Duke University Athletic Department will only pay for second opinions that are sought within the Duke University Medical System and coordinated through the head athletic trainer.  If a second opinion is obtained outside the Duke University Medical System the financial responsibility falls upon the athlete and his/her parents.  If an athlete receives a second opinion outside of Duke it is his/her responsibility to request that a copy of the results of that opinion be sent to the athletic training office.  No follow-up care can be provided before the appropriate medical records are received.

In the event of surgery, the Duke Athletic Department will only be financially responsible if said surgery is done at the Duke University Medical Center under the direction of our Team Physicians.  The Athletic Department is financially responsible only after the athletes (or his/her parents) insurance has been processed when the surgery is performed at Duke.  The Athletic Department will not be financially responsible for any surgical bills that are incurred outside of the Duke University Medical System.

If a student or his/her parents desire surgery outside the Duke University Medical System the total financial responsibility falls upon them.  In addition, if surgery is performed outside of Duke, it is the athletes responsibility to request that a copy of all surgical and post op notes be sent to the athletic training office.  No post op follow-up care or rehabilitation can be provided before all of the medical records are received.

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