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The Philosophy of the Athletic Medicine Division is a commitment to patient care, education, community service, and research. We respect each individual, and believe each individual has a right to professional, comprehensive, and humane care that protects his/her dignity, privacy, shows respect for his/her lifestyle, and allows the patient to make informed participative choices in his/her health care.

Each individual should receive a thorough assessment of his/her problems by each staff member involved in his/her care. Each athlete should have a plan of care, which is coordinated by the physicians and meets the patient’s needs. Each patient should be informed about his/her plan of care and should be involved in achieving his/her recovery of function returning to full health and activities. Each athlete should be encouraged to be responsible for his/her own health and care. Each encounter with one of the Athletic Medicine Training staff provides an opportunity for educating the athlete about health and care

The Athletic Medicine Division is an integral part of the health care team and the staff provides a unique service, which is essential to the quality health care of varsity athletes at Duke. The staff will serve as an advocate for the student athlete when the athlete’s health is an issue.

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