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Q&A With Former Duke Keeper Allison Lipsher
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 10/06/2009
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Allison Lipsher
Photo Courtesy: Women's Professional Soccer (WPS)
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DURHAM, N.C.- recently sat down with 2007 Blue Devil graduate Allison Lipsher, who just completed her first season with the Boston Breakers of the Women's Professional Soccer.  After not being drafted, Lipsher hooked on with the Breakers and won a spot on the roster.  She came on strong midway through the season and earned 10 starts, a 0.58 goals-against average and five shutouts.  Her goals-against average was the second-lowest in the league. 

Lipsher, who is from Honolulu, Hawaii, was a four-year starter for Duke.  She notched 33 career shutouts and a 0.87 career goals-against average. How was your first season in Women's Professional Soccer?

Allison Lipsher: It went really well.  It was just exciting to get a shot to be on a team first of all, and then about midway through the season I got the opportunity to start playing a little bit.  It was very fun and exciting, a whole different level of soccer.  I feel lucky to be a part of it.

GD: Take us through the process of how you signed with Boston?

AL: Well I didn't get drafted, and right after the draft process was over, Boston called me and asked if I wanted to come in to preseason with them, just to see if I'd fit in with their program at all.  There were four keepers when I went in.  It was like a breaking down process where they cut one before we went down to Florida during preseason, and then when we were down in Florida they offered me the full contract instead of developmental spot.  I got to keep working my way into that position, it was cool.  It was motivating to have to fight for the position every day.

GD: How much different is college soccer from professional?

AL: It's so different, at least for me.  I didn't play with a lot of international players while I was in college, or against them.  In addition to the jump in levels of the speed of play, it was really cool to be playing with and against so many international players.  They bring all their different styles of soccer to the game, and you have to adjust that and learn to play with it.

GD: How was playing against former Blue Devil Rebecca Moros, who is with the Washington Freedom?

AL: At least she didn't score on me, that's all I cared about.  It was fun to see her play.  We played her earlier in the season when I wasn't playing so I got to sit back and watch her play a little bit, which was really cool.  Then later in the season we go to play them again and I got to play on the field against her which was also a really fun experience.  It's just good to see friends doing what they want to do.

GD: What lies ahead with your contract?
I think the way it works is they exercised my option on my contract, so I'll be going back up to Boston at least for preseason.  Then hopefully I can work my way back into the starting spot again, or just try to do my best to stay with them.  I'm not sure how it all works yet.

GB: What are you doing now to bide your time until the season starts?

AL: I'm back in North Carolina until February, just training.  A bunch of the girls from the league are down here training, some of the old Carolina girls.  It's nice; it's like college soccer without all the homework.

GD: What kind of things are you trying to improve on in the offseason?

AL: I'm going to maintain fitness definitely.  Fitness was a big thing with our team.  I mean even for any team just playing at that level you got to make sure you're fit.  Then probably a little bit later in the next month or two get back into some technical work.  Just training at the highest level you can, because it's easy to fall off when you're not around that level all the time.  I'm just doing my best to stay in the highest level that I can.

GD: What are your thoughts on how the Duke team has been doing?

AL: I think considering the amount of injuries they have they are doing very well.  I wasn't able to go to the UNC game unfortunately but I heard it was an absolute battle.  And now getting into ACC season everyone is going to step it up, so I'm looking forward to watching some really good soccer.

GD: What about how Tara Campbell has performed in goal as a freshman?

AL: I think she's doing really well and showing a really good level of maturity.  Just being able to step into goal as a freshman, whether you like it or not it's a leadership position and I think she's doing a really good job with that.

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