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Financial Aid

The value of financial aid awards that Duke may provide in any academic year is limited. Refer to Bylaw 15.5.2 and 15.5.3 for the specific team limits. Coaches are responsible for monitoring NCAA team and individual grant-in-aid limits.  

Initial Athletics Grant-In-Aid Request List
This form lists prospective student athletes who will be receiving initial athletic aid.  For the Early Signing Period, the form must be submitted at least five days prior to the start of the signing period.  The Compliance office will complete the National Letter of Intent. The prospect and the prospect’s parent must sign the National Letter of Intent within the Early Signing Period, or within 14 days of issuance during the Regular and Late Signing Periods.  

All student-athletes who received athletic aid the previous academic year and who have eligibility remaining in the sport for which aid was received must be provided notification of renewal or non-renewal of aid on or before July 1st prior to the academic year. The following forms are necessary to complete:
  • Renewal of Athletic Grant-In-Aid: The purpose of this form is to list student-athletes whose scholarships are being renewed for the upcoming academic year.  Include the student-athlete’s name, equivalency OR dollar amount, period of award, whether the award amount is an increase or decrease from the previous year’s amount and whether the student-athlete will be in graduate school or have part-time status during the fall or spring.  
  • Non-Renewal of Athletic Grant-In-Aid: The purpose of this form is to list student-athletes whose scholarships are being terminated for the upcoming academic year.  Please include the student-athlete’s name and ALL applicable reason for non-renewal using the non-renewal codes listed on the form.
  • Returning Non-Scholarship Student-Athletes: The purpose of this form is to list returning non-scholarship student-athletes who should be placed on the squad list for certification of eligibility for practice and competition.
Any financial aid that a student athlete receives from a source other than Duke must be reported to Duke University and the Athletics Department. Have your student athletes utilize the Outside Scholarship Form.
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