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Playing and Practice Seasons

Countable Athletically Related Activities Include:
  • Any required activity with an athletics purpose.
  • At the direction of, or supervised by, a coach.
  • Includes strength and conditioning coaches.
This does not include administrative meetings (e.g., compliance forms) and activities incidental to participation (e.g., injury rehabilitation, ankle taping).

Playing Season
Segments of Playing Season
  • Sports other than football and basketball may divide the playing season into no more than two distinct segments: Championship segment and Nonchampionship segment.
  • Football and basketball are limited to time between start of preseason practice and end of regular playing season as determined by NCAA legislation.
Length of Playing Season
  • Team sports = 132 days
  • Individual sports = 144 days
  • Women's rowing = 156 days
  • Indoor and outdoor track and field = 156 days
Institutions are required to limit total playing schedules with outside competition. Refer to the “Practice, Contests, and End of Season dates” document for specific dates by sport.

Practice Season
  • Your coach may require you to practice a maximum of 20 hours per week, limited to 4 hours a day.
  • You are given one day a week off from practice.
  • No practice is permitted between midnight and 5:00 am nor after a competition has ended.
  • Your coach may require you to practice a maximum of 8 hours per week of strength & conditioning, 2 of the 8 hours may be individual skill instruction.
  • You are given two days off a week.
  • No required practice beginning one week prior to final exam period through the end of your exams.
  • No required countable athletically related activities during the summer.  
Useful Links for Playing and Practice Seasons

Practice, Contests and End of Season Dates

Max Contests and Date of Competition

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