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Dec. 4 Coaching Clinic Archives Available
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 12/05/2012
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DURHAM, N.C.--The archives of the third men's lacrosse coaching clinic is available now on The Blue Devils coaching staff provided pointers for building individual and team offenses and defenses in addition to a short discussion about tough situations and decision coaches are faced with. Video examples were provided in the second half of the clinic to help visualize all of the principles discussed.

1. Introduction and themes to programs. Finding the leaders of your program.

2. Advice to coaches: Duke coaches share their stories

- Do as I say not as I do

3. What would you do? Scenarios that a youth or high school coach might be faced with and suggestions on how to handle those situations.

4. Ways to score a goal

- Off the faceoff

- Out of defensive end

- Extra man

- Riding

- Beat the whistle (after a technical foul by opponent)

- In the box offense

- Rebounds

5. Evaluating your talent for offense - who fits where?

- What offense works well with your talent

- Evaluate your talent by roles

6. Teaching team offense

- What players can be taught initially

- Moving on to shooting, dodging and feeding

7. How to develop offense in practice and set plays vs. motion offense

- Begin with skeleton

- Evolve to live

- Teach players to play not just run plays

8. Developing a team offense - what formations work well

- Diagraming team offenses and formations

- 2-3-1

- 2 circle

- 1-3-2 doubles

9. How to use your timeouts

- Use of timeouts in first half

- Use of timeouts in second half

10. Video examples of team offense

11. How to teach and develop your team's defense

- Identifying your talent, who works as a d-middie, long pole, close defense

- Initially what everyone can be taught

- Then comes sliding and recovery

12. Developing Team Defense Part 1

13. Developing Team Defense Part 2

14. Video examples of team defense

- Watching film to see what and what not to do on defense

15. Practice and game organization

- Pregame practice

- Pregame nutrition

- Developing routines and considering certain factors

16. Coaching hurdles - recommendations for coaches who face certain limitations