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Quotes: Duke 88, Buffalo 54
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 11/25/2014
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Duke Head Coach Joanne P. McCallie

Opening Statement
“I really appreciated the second half a lot more than the first and that was just because of our energy. There was a lot of good energy. Twenty-eight offensive rebounds, approaching thirty – that’s exciting to keep trying to do that and that’s important because once you do that, you can repeat it. Got to the line 31 times, obviously we did not capitalize and that’s a good lesson for us, to see what we’re capable of offensively had we capitalized on that. Twenty turnovers - way too many. Assists need to go up – 17 is a small number. Overall, I thought Elizabeth (Williams) made the most of her time out there being very efficient, looking to attack, which was great. I also thought Sierra (Calhoun) just really led by example and had great intensity on defense and just being aggressive offensively. I thought we got better. I have to mention the bench. Erin Mathias I thought was terrific off the bench, gave us a lift and looked very confident. Azurá Stevens, again, super. Really, overall, besides all the fouling that occurred in the first half, we had some good things out there.”

On having three players with double doubles
“Yes, that’s good. We need to keep that pace. I think that we’ve got very good players and I think that our players can be intense enough to do that and you have to be really intense. Rebounding is not for the faint-hearted. Rebounding is something special; it really comes from the heart. Hopefully we can continue that.”

On the first half
“I thought we got out-fought, we got out-scrapped. I thought Buffalo came in trying to play as hard as they could. I thought they tipped balls they shouldn’t have tipped. How many times did we sort of get a rebound and then they got it? That sort of stuff can’t happen. The intensity has to start from the beginning. I don’t think ours did. I think ours built throughout the game. I think different people offered it, but you have to be a 40 minute team. Without question. You can’t come and go.  There are too many competitive teams out there; you have to be ready to play.”

“There was certainly frustration for us at times, you know, not having the swag, the intensity. I don’t even know if swag is the right word, but ripping the ball, ripping it from people. This game is not a dainty game. I think in the first half we struggled with some of that.”

On having five players with double digits, four of which were freshmen
“I think that’s outstanding. Our young players are really working hard. I think they’re starting to see things a little bit more clearly. They’ll see things a lot more clearly in the next couple of weeks, but I think they’re doing a great job. Lyneé (Belton) came off and did some nice things. We’re just trying to grow ourselves as a team. The intensity it takes every night is really the key.”

On the defense
“We still only had 12 steals, so that was interesting. We only had a couple at the half, so we picked up a lot more in the second half. We only had three blocks against a team that was quite a bit shorter. There are quite a few things we need to work on. As far as Azurá (Stevens) in the front, when she really gets down and focuses she can do a lot of nice things, deflections, forcing them to the sideline and tipping balls. She does a nice job.”

On free throws (29 in second half, 2 in first half)
“That was an absurd statistic. When you’re not getting to the free throw line, you are not being aggressive. Period. That’s an absolute statement. In this game, you better get to the free throw line because it’s an open shot. It’s also a good time to rest, but you have to get there. We were really bailing them out. They had 10 free throws in the first half and you don’t want that under any circumstances. It was a good lesson. It was an interesting game for us. Basketball is an interesting sport. I really think we learned a lot today and I think there were some really good performances.”

Duke Freshman Sierra Calhoun

On her free throw shooting record:
“I mean, no one is guarding you. You have to hit them. Free throws definitely win games. You definitely have to become a great free throw shooter to become a great player, so that’s what I work on a lot.”

On the team’s chemistry:
“I feel like our chemistry is definitely there. It is growing every day in practice and even in games. You can see that we have some little lapses, like in the first and second half, but we are definitely getting there.”

Duke Senior Elizabeth Williams

On the team’s size advantage:
“I think it is in my mind every game because one of our team focuses is to get the ball inside, even from the first play. We did have the advantage inside, obviously, because of our size. It is something that, from an individual standpoint, I know I can the job done in the paint.”

“There are some big bodies in practice. Coach P always talks about how Lynee [Belton] is really good at using fakes and her body. Having that battle every day is not only good for me, but it is good for them as well.”

On the incoming players:
“They have done a great job. I think I have said it before, but I have the utmost faith in our team. They showed it today with four of the freshmen in double figures and Sierra [Calhoun] was great on the line and getting rebounds. Obviously, I have the job that I have to do, but a big part of that is pushing my teammates to what they are capable of doing.”