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Koskinen Stadium
Soccer A-Z Game Day Guide
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 07/31/2015
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Accessibility Accommodations

Please find below a list of disability services currently provided at Koskinen Stadium. Prior to game day, guests with any special needs, questions, or concerns regarding our accessibility and accommodations are encouraged to reach out to our coordinators with the Duke Disability Management System at 919-6686213. Our disabilities coordinators can assist in making arrangements for your visit and answer any questions.

Parking Information:
General Public Parking for Persons with Disabilities - Spots will be reserved in the Whitford Lot outside the Brandaleone Family North Gate of Koskinen Stadium.

On game day, please note the parking signage posted on Science Drive and Whitford Drive for additional information.

When soccer games coincide with football or basketball game days, alternative parking arrangements may be required. Specific details will be provided in a parking & traffic alert on prior to game day.

• Accessible Drop-Off/Pick-Up Point
An accessible drop-off and pick-up point for persons with disabilities is available in the Whitford Lot outside the Brandaleone Family North Gate.

• Accessible Pedestrian Routes to Koskinen Stadium
The accessible pedestrian route from Frank Bassett Drive to Koskinen Stadium begins at the intersection of Frank Bassett Drive and Science Drive and follows the sidewalk along the south side of Morris Williams Stadium. o There is no accessible pedestrian route available from the Grounds Lot to Koskinen Stadium due to construction.

Accessible Entrances:
The following gates of Koskinen Stadium are accessible entry points: The Brandaleone Family North Gate on the Whitford Drive side of the stadium and the southwest gate on the Bassett Drive side of the stadium. Stadium gates open sixty (60) minutes prior to the game.

• Accessible Seating:
Accessible seating is available in the Kennedy Tower bleachers on the west side of the stadium. Accessible access ramps are located on the concourse under the bleachers.

• Assistive Listening Devices:
Assistive listening devices are available on game day for those in need. Guests needing assistive listening devices should see the nearest Event Staff member and ask them to contact the Game Operations Manager. Once the request is received, Duke Game

Operations will deliver the device to the guest. Post-game, guests should return the device to the nearest Event Staff member.

• Accessible Restrooms:
Accessible restrooms are located on the south end of the Kennedy Tower bleachers, in the southwest corner of the stadium.

• Concessions:
The concessions stand is located on the north end of the Kennedy Tower bleachers, just inside the Brandaleone Family North Gate. Event Staff members are available to help guests who need assistance getting to concessions stand.

• Emergency Medical Assistance:
EMS is located in the southwest corner of the stadium. In case of a medical emergency, please contact the nearest Event Staff member for assistance or call Duke Police at 919684-2444 or 9-1-1.

• Emergency/Severe Weather Evacuation:
If an emergency or severe weather evacuation arises, Event Staff members will be available to persons with disabilities who request assistance in exiting the stadium. Accessible exits from Koskinen Stadium are: the Brandaleone Family North Gate and the northeast gate on the Whitford Drive side of the stadium and the southwest gate on the Bassett Drive side of the stadium.

All emergency PA announcements are accompanied by visual messaging on the stadium video board.


It is strictly prohibited to bring alcohol into Koskinen Stadium. Individuals violating this policy are subject to ejection from the stadium.

Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive listening devices are available on game day for those in need. Guests needing assistive listening devices should see the nearest Event Staff member and ask them to contact the Game Operations Manager. Game Operations staff will meet the guest and deliver the device. Post-game, guests should return the device to the nearest Event Staff member.


There are no ATMs inside Koskinen Stadium. The BB&T ATM is located outside of the Johnson Family Team Store which can be accessed from Tribull Plaza.  The ATM is accessible during all home soccer games.  The ATM only dispenses cash ($20 increments) and does not take deposits.

Banners and Signs

Banners and Signs are permitted inside Koskinen Stadium, however Duke reserves the right to prohibit or require the cessation of any display of a banner or sign that obstructs the view of other fans, obscures stadium signage, can be considered an advertisement, or is determined to be obscene, vulgar, indecent, inappropriate, or derogatory. 

Camera Policy

Hand-held still cameras are permitted for personal use only. No cameras are permitted into the stadium with a lens longer than four (4) inches.  Video cameras are permitted to be used during pre-game and halftime only. Video cameras are prohibited from filming the game.


A great variety of food items and Coca-Cola products are available from the concession stand located at the northwest entrance of Koskinen Stadium. Blue Devil Concessions operates the concession stands in Koskinen Stadium. Stands are open 60 minutes prior to the start of the game.


Duke Athletics expects all fans to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times before, during, and after the competition.  We expect all fans to treat other fans, players, coaches and officials with courtesy.  Please join us in creating a fun, safe, family atmosphere at Koskinen Stadium by not:

• Interfering with other guests’ ability to enjoy the game;
• Using/displaying foul or abusive language or gestures;
• Appearing to be intoxicated or in a diminished capacity;
• Failing to produce a ticket upon request or sitting in a seat that does not match your ticket;
• Entering the competition or restricted access areas;
• Smoking except in designated areas;
• Throwing objects onto the competition area or within the venue; or
• Otherwise being disorderly.  

Violators are subject to ejection and possible arrest.  Fans should contact a stadium official if they feel someone is not acting appropriately. 


Listed below are the GPS addresses for ADA parking and general public parking. Along with the GPS address is a link to the Duke University parking map.

Whitford Parking Lot – ADA parking
110 Whitford Drive Durham, NC 27708!ct/187,188,10350,186?m/39604

Bassett Drive/Grounds—General fan parking
110 Frank Bassett Drive Durham, NC 27708!ct/187,188,10350,186?m/39617

Emergency Preparedness

• During any emergency inside Koskinen Stadium, follow the directions of the PA announcer, Event Staff and emergency responders.
• Always designate a pre-determined location both inside and outside the stadium to meet friends and family in case you are separated or in the event of an emergency.
• Upon arriving at your seat location, first find the nearest exit and then locate an alternate exit in case of emergency.

Exit gates for the stadium are located at:
• Brandaleone Family North Gate – located on Whitford Drive
• Under the main stadium bleachers in front of Kennedy Tower
• Southwest Gate—located above Bassett Drive across from Cohan Fields
• Northwest Gate—located on Whitford Drive next to the Murray Building & Scott Family Athletics Performance Center

• See Something, Say Something – If you see or become aware of any activity that is unusual, suspicious or causes you concern, report the activity to the nearest police officer or Event Staff.
• Emergency vehicles may be present in and around Koskinen Stadium. Please do not obstruct the path of travel of a fire truck or emergency vehicle or interfere with their operations. Vehicles or objects (tents, tables, tailgate games, etc.) blocking emergency vehicles, designated fire lanes, stadium exits or exit paths, or vehicle/pedestrian traffic in general will be removed and dealt with in a manner deemed appropriate by stadium officials. Vehicles are subject to being towed at the owner's expense.
• Monitor the weather prior to the game. Take the necessary precautions to protect your family and friends in the event of severe heat or severe weather before, during, or after the game. In the event of inclement weather during the game, please be prepared to evacuate the stadium and return to your car.

First Aid/Emergency Medical Assistance

For first aid and emergency medical services, please visit the designated area located at the southwest entrance of Koskinen Stadium next to the Skandalaris Field House and restrooms (See Stadium Map link below).  In case of emergency, please contact the nearest police officer for assistance or call Duke Police at (919) 684-2444 or 9-1-1.


Food and Beverage

Outside food and beverage are prohibited. (Exception: Medical reasons)

Gates (Entrance into stadium)

All gates to Koskinen Stadium will open 60 minutes prior to the start of the game.

There are (2) stadium entrances for all Men’s and Women’s Soccer games:

• Brandaleone Family North Gate – located on Whitford Drive
• Southwest Gate – located above Bassett Drive

All personal items (small bags, purses, strollers, etc.) are subject to inspection and search prior to entering the stadium

Guest Services

If you are in need of assistance or information, please see the nearest Event Staff or contact Duke Game Operations on Twitter, @Duke_GAMEDAY.


Inclement Weather Procedure

• Duke Game Management utilizes DTN/Telvent WeatherSentry software and notification services.  Duke Game Management will monitor the weather 24 hours a day and use the following policy: Evacuation will occur if the storm path will come within an eight (8) miles radius of Koskinen Stadium.  In the event that the stadium needs to be evacuated, the PA Announcer will notify all spectators.  At this point we need to have everyone clear the stadium as quickly as possible.

• The safest location for people to go is in a hard-topped car with the windows up.  In the absence of a vehicle, Game Management Staff will direct people to a safe location.  The stadium will remain closed until the storm is clear of an eight (8) mile radius of Koskinen Stadium.  Resumption of play will only occur once an all clear has been given and conditions are deemed safe after consultation between the Officials and Duke Game Management.

Lost and Found

If any article is lost or found in the stadium, please inquire about or report the item to the nearest Duke Police officer.  Items turned into Duke Police during the game will be dropped off to the game day manager.  All lost and found items not picked up prior to the end of the game will be available for pick-up the following business day. Please call (919) 668-5658 or email  to inquire about lost items. Unclaimed lost and found items will be retained for thirty (30) days following the event. After that time, any unclaimed items will be discarded.


The Johnson Family Nike Team Store is located in the Scott Family Athletics Performance Center on Tribull Plaza between Cameron Indoor Stadium and Brooks Field at Wallace Wade Stadium. For store hours, visit the team store website

Operational, Parking and Tailgating and Information

Operational Information:
For more information on Duke Soccer game days, please visit the game day information website  Special game day parking alerts and information will be available on the main game day information page under Alerts.  You can sign-up for operational, parking, and traffic updates via Twitter –  

Parking Disclaimer:
Duke University assumes no responsibility for loss through fire, theft, collision, or otherwise to the car or contents. Vehicles are parked at Owner's Risk. Please lock your vehicle.

Parking Emergency Information:
In case of emergency please dial 9-1-1 for Durham County or (919) 684-2444 for Duke Police Emergency Dispatch.  Duke Police will be the primary responder on-campus for emergency calls.  Durham Police will be the primary responder off-campus for emergency calls.  If an emergency occurs and authorities are contacted, please designate someone in your party to help direct emergency personnel to the emergency location.

Parking Information:
Free General Public Parking is available for most games on Bassett Drive and Grounds lots.

To access the Grounds Lot, please enter through Bassett and continue on down to the Grounds Lot.

If a soccer game coincides with another event or game day, parking may be in different lots and there may be a charge to park.  Specific details will be provided in parking & traffic alerts posted on prior to game day.

Duke Soccer Facility and Parking Map

Persons w/ Disabilities Parking:
Persons with disabilities parking is available in Whitford Drive parking lot (GPS Address: 110 Whitford Drive).

Tailgating is permitted in the Whitford Drive, Bassett Drive or Grounds lots. Tents, tables, tarps or canopies ARE NOT permitted if they impede foot or vehicular traffic or if they extend into additional parking space.


All pets (including dogs) are prohibited inside Koskinen Stadium. (Exception: Service animals are allowed to assist those with disabilities)

Press, Media and Photographer Area

Only credentialed personnel will be allowed into the Kennedy Tower and onto the game field. All media should contact the Duke Sports Information office at least two days prior to the day of the game to reserve a credential.


Game programs are available for free on a first-come, first-served basis at the program stands located on each end of the main stadium bleacher.

Prohibited Items

For the safety and game day experience of all fans, the following items are prohibited from entering the stadium:

• Alcoholic beverages
• Artificial noisemakers
• Backpacks and large bags (Exceptions: Medical & childcare reasons)
• Balloons
• Balls and frisbees
• Coolers and containers (ice chests, thermoses, cups, bottles, or other like containers)
• Drones and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) –
• Items obstructing sightlines of other fans (umbrellas may not be raised if they obstruct views)
• Pets (exception: service animals)
• Outside chairs (lounge chairs, folding chairs, etc.)
• Outside food and beverage (Exception: Medical & childcare reasons)
• Shoes with wheels (wheelies)
• Laser pointers
• Cameras w/lens over 4 inches
• Hazardous materials
• Weapons of any kind (including pocket knives)

Duke University reserves the right to deny anyone or anything from entering the stadium. Any such items should be returned to your vehicle and/or discarded. All fans are subject to search before entering the stadium.

Re-Entry into Stadium

Fans wishing to leave and then re-enter the stadium may do so under the following conditions – they must keep their valid game ticket. Fans re-entering must show valid game ticket for entry.  All items are subject to search upon re-entry to the stadium.


Restrooms inside Koskinen Stadium will open 60 minutes prior to the start of the game (same time as the gates). Restrooms are located on the southwest side of the stadium next to the Skandalaris Field House (See Stadium Map link below). Both the men's and women's restrooms are persons with disabilities accessible.


All seating in Koskinen Stadium is general admission, bleacher seating and all seating is available on a firstcome, first-serve basis. Accessible seating for guests in wheelchairs or mobility concerns on stairs is available in the front row of the main stadium bleachers in front of Kennedy Tower. Accessible ramps are available on the concourse under Kennedy Tower at each end of the bleachers. Please speak to Event Staff for assistance.


Smoking (including electronic or vapor) is not allowed in Koskinen Stadium. Smoking is permitted outside of the stadium.

Social Media

Sign up for Twitter to follow Duke Game Day (@Duke_GAMEDAY). Follow @Duke_GAMEDAY and stay up to date on all Duke sports’ news and events.

Stadium and Operational Map

Link to Koskinen Soccer Stadium and Operational Map

Ticket Info

• Game Day Ticket Sales

All Duke regular and post-season home events at Koskinen Stadium are ticketed events. Tickets can be purchased at the Duke Ticket Office at the Scott Family Athletics Performance Center, adjacent to Koskinen Stadium. Ticket Office weekdays between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM or online at

Game day ticket sales are available at the Koskinen Stadium ticket booths located on Whitford Drive and above Basset Drive beginning (60) minutes prior to game time.

All patrons entering the stadium must have a valid ticket or credential.

For more information regarding tickets sales please call the Duke Ticket Office at (877) 375-3853 or (919) 681-2583.

• Digital Ticketing

Skip the Ticket Sales Lines with Digital Ticketing! Purchase tickets at any time online prior to or on game day from your computer or mobile device by visiting

On the ticket sales page, Select “Print at Home” as the Shipping Method.

After completing your purchase, log-in with your email address to print your tickets at home or access them on your mobile device.

Show your print-at-home tickets or ticket PDFs/mobile tickets with QR Code at the Koskinen Stadium gates to be scanned for entry.

Standard data rates apply for all mobile purchases.

Ticket Prices

Duke Students: Free with valid Duke Card

General Admission: $5.00

Kids (under 6): Free of charge

Ball People: Free of charge, parents pay $4.00

Group Price: $4.00 (10 or more people)

Season Tickets: $85.00

Will Call Information

All Will Call can be picked up at the Bassett Drive Ticket Booth near the southwest entrance 60 minutes prior to the start of the game. Duke and Visiting Team Player/Guest tickets can be picked up on game day at the ticket booth located on Bassett Drive near the southwest entrance 60 minutes prior to the start of the game.

All guests picking up tickets at will call locations must present a valid, state-issued, photo driver’s license or identification card. By NCAA rule, all guests picking up Player/Guest tickets must provide valid identification, sign for their ticket, and immediately enter the stadium.

All fans picking up tickets at will call locations must present a valid state issued photo driver’s license or identification card.


Umbrellas are permitted inside Koskinen Stadium. For the courtesy and safety all fans we ask that when raising umbrellas you do not obstruct the view of other fans or staff.