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Quotes: Duke 119, Livingstone 54
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 11/04/2015
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Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski
Opening Statement:
“Obviously we are more talented. They are missing guys too. They will add a couple guys before they start playing and then in January add a few more. They will be in good shape. The last two years they have done a good job. Our guys played hard and well. Amile [Jefferson] got hurt. We are not a deep team. We have two guys who, if we had a game tomorrow, they would not be able to play. Thank goodness we do not have a game tomorrow. We have a game next week, Friday. The scope that they did of Amile’s ankle did not show anything except a sprained ankle. He will get x-rayed in the morning and we will go from there. Matt [Jones] is getting better. I would think that he will be ready for the first game, but we need to get him ready before then. I thought we shared the ball and played with good enthusiasm. We got the chance to look at a lot of our defenses. I’m not saying how long we will play all those defenses: our 1-3-1, our 2-3, our 1-2-2, 1-2-2 three-quarter court. We looked at a lot of different things and positioned our guys in different spots, just to see how it would look. Usually you don’t put a big guy on the bottom of a 1-3-1. We just took a look and we had Brandon [Ingram], Chase [Jeter], and Marshall [Plumlee] in that big line down the middle to see how that would look. Again, they are a good ball handling team. They are not big. Some of that stuff is interesting. We will see how that works out.”

On Brandon Ingram’s wingspan:
“It is unusual. He has a 7’3” wingspan, but besides that he has really good feet. He is not just tall, he is wide. He can make use of that wingspan. He is a guard, a 6’9” guard. That is what his future will be. We are just taking a look at our 1-2-2 and 1-3-1 and putting him at the point and what that does.”

On Brandon Ingram’s inbounding defense:
“Whether we are in zone or man out of bounds, he would be the man on the ball. We are trying to take away vision. He has been good throughout, but he has had a really good week. With Matt not being able to practice, I think he has asserted himself even more. He is talking more. He is growing up. He is a really good player. He will only keep getting better. Hopefully, he will stay healthy.”

On Grayson Allen’s maturation:
“From the last game to this game, there was a big maturation. He played really poorly in the first game. Even if he matured a little bit, it would look like a lot. He can get by people with his strength. When he gets by, today, a few of the times he got by and kicked and then you have a stationary three. I think he had seven assists. That is a good thing. Our perimeter needs to look for one another because we have good shooters. We can really shoot the ball. When we make that one extra pass, almost every time tonight when we made it we hit a three because the guy’s feet were set. Sometimes you do not see it but once you get accustomed to it you will feel it and guys should yell for it. Again, they have not played together very long but a few times tonight that was really pretty basketball when you do that. “

On Luke Kennard’s Three-Point Shots:
“He should have had more. I thought he passed up about three. If they are there, he can shoot. We have always let shooters shoot. Sometimes, we have let guys who are not good shooters shoot. He is a good shooter, a really good one. He can shoot it whenever he wants and his teammates will feel good about it. I thought he was a little bit nervous at the start of the first game and as that game progressed he was better. That is why I like playing the exhibition games and not scrimmaging. There is something about playing in front of a crowd, no matter what, and putting your uniform on. You have got to get accustomed to that. We are a real young team. This is the youngest we have been in a long time. Even our older guys are young in experience, as far as starts. It may be, and this is just a guess, as far as young with number of starts, the youngest we have had since Dawkins and those guys were freshmen. Grayson [Allen] never had a start, Marshall has had some, Amile and Matt have had half a season. That is it. That is young. That is what I mean, old is young too. We just have to get healthy and keep plugging along here.”

Duke Sophomore Grayson Allen
On how Duke can take advantage of times Luke Kennard’s shots are falling:
“It definitely opens up things more.  As he started hitting more shots, they started helping off him less.  Brandon [Ingram] had a lot of great, tough drives, and finishes at the rim.  I was able to drive to the middle more.  Also when [defensive players] are flying out to recover that gives our big guys an open chance for a rebound down there.”

On bouncing back from a disappointing performance in Duke’s last game against Florida Southern:
“I definitely wanted to start it off right tonight.  Coach [Mike Krzyzewski] and I had talked about it, just being myself tonight, being who I am and going out there and having fun and playing the game and being more vocal.  Doing all those things tonight, it was a lot better night.  [Last game out] I wasn’t being vocal, wasn’t playing with the energy that I should, and I just wasn’t being the player that I am.  For me, I have to be that player every night and show up – talk, bring energy, when I get knocked down, pop right back up, and be all over the place like I have been.”

On how he feels his offseason strength and conditioning gains have affected his game so far this season:
“So far, I’ve only felt plusses.  I was able to add on the strength, kind of keep my speed and jumping.  So for me, when I’m driving, I can drive stronger.  I can hold off defenders better.  I can guard players that are a little bit bigger than me, and it’s helped me finishing around the rim as well.”

Duke Freshman Luke Kennard
On how the team adjusted to not having the leadership of Matt Jones and then Amile Jefferson:
“We knew coming into the game that Matt [Jones] wasn’t going to play, and he’s one of our biggest leaders on the team, vocally, on and off the court.  So we knew we had to step it up.  And when Amile [Jefferson] went down, we knew we had to pick it up a little bit [more].  We ended up having at least four freshmen on the floor most of the time, and I think we responded well, and overall I think we had a pretty good game.  [Matt Jones] is one of the best vocal leaders on the team [on] both ends of the floor.  When he’s in the game, he brings up the energy on our team, especially on defense, so we had to come together.  There were a couple of guys who kind of picked up that energy.  In the first half, in the first 10 minutes, we held them to nine points.  After the beginning, I knew that we responded well, executed well on both ends of the floor.  Without Matt, it hurts us but I think some guys stepped up tonight.”

On how it felt to get the start tonight:
“It was exciting.  It was pretty neat to hear my name called in the starting five.  I knew I had to come in and just be an energy-giver and play my role on the team.  I just went out there and gave it my all.  I had to show the guys that if I’m stepping up, then I have to be the guy that comes in and really plays hard, does the right things in the right spots, plays my role to the best of my ability and just do whatever the team needs me to do.  Whether that’s scoring the ball, getting defensive rebounds, or getting our guys open – just all-around, I’ve got to be all over the place and give it my all.”

Duke Freshman Brandon Ingram
On his 24-point performance combined with fellow-freshman Luke Kennard’s 25 points:
“It’s good to see.  Obviously you see Luke can shoot the ball really well.  We’re just getting after it.  Everything translates from practice.  Everything we do in practice is leading to the games, so if we’re playing well in practice, we’re going to play well in the games.”

When asked if he was feeling any pressure:
“No pressure at all.  We’re not listening to the outsiders.  We’re listening to everybody in here.  We don’t listen to things about ‘repeat.’  We’re our own team and we’re only going to have one chance to do it by ourselves.”

“My confidence level has been sky high.  I just give it all to my teammates.  They let me go out – and of course the coaches let me play my game.  That’s one of the reasons I came here – [Coach Mike Krzyzewski] is a player’s coach.  My confidence is sky high right now and it’s going to keep developing in these good games and these good defensive settings.”

Livingstone Head Coach James Stinson
Opening Statement:
“The first thing, just the atmosphere as always is electric, and it’s a preparation process for our guys. We return one starter, so it was very impressive. Duke does a great job at taking you out of what you want to do offensively. They minimize their turnovers while creating for themselves, and they shoot the ball very well. Those things we knew. We anticipated, but we just didn’t get the execution. We didn’t take care of the basketball like we should have.”

On Duke’s zone defense:
“You prepare for some zone, but a 1-3-1 kind of a matchup, putting the big fellow [Brandon Ingram] up top, being a guard, it’s tough for our guards to throw over. What we try to do is get dribble penetration in the gaps and then kick the corners for our shooters. We just didn’t shoot the ball as well. They contest shots, and they get a hand on a lot of basketballs. They did a great job with that.”

On the season opener:
“We open against the Mountain East Conference Challenge up in Winston-Salem. We will be playing either Concord out of West Virginia or Charleston out of West Virginia. We are looking forward to that. We are looking forward to once the semester ends we will be able to get our starters back for the second semester and we will be prepared. We learned a lot with the youth that we have.”

On offensive rebounding:
“We’re scrappy. The way we shot it, it should bounce all over the place. We should be able to get to it a little more often than none. That’s not our cornerstone. Our cornerstone is actually execution. I know we are going to be small this year, but we had an opportunity to get our hands on a few basketballs and take advantage of it.”

On playing 14 players:
“Once the second semester comes, for our other four starters, we will downsize it a little bit. But we normally play about 11 to 12, try to wear people down, pressure full court. It is difficult when you have a team that can throw over the top of your press, and get easy lay ups out of it. We will stay at the 11 to 12 range, trying to find our self. We hadn’t scrimmaged yet or anything so we are trying to find out what their best role is for this team.”