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Courtesy: Duke Athletics
Team at Duke's Restaurant in Waikiki
Blue Devils in Paradise: Day 2
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 01/08/2017
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During each day of the men's tennis team's trip to Hawai'i, a member of the Blue Devil squad will offer his thoughts on the experiences. Day two features junior Nicolas Alvarez recapping Saturday. 

Today was a long yet productive day. It’s currently 9 p.m. in Hawai’i, 11 p.m. in Los Angeles and 2 a.m. in Lima, Peru (where I am from and where I left only yesterday in the early morning). If we keep moving west at this rate we will end up in Europe in a couple of days and back in Duke in a week or so…but Hawai’i is so nice that we will probably stay here for a while!

We woke up at around 5 a.m. in LA and ate some breakfast at the airport. While there, we filmed our first video with the GoPro that volunteer assistant coach Diego Garavito brought with him. Some of us, including myself, basically looked like zombies from how tired we were.

The flight from LA to Honolulu went well for some but not for others; while some teammates slept nearly all the way through the way through the 5.5 hour flight, others almost passed out from the consistent turbulence we experienced for a sustained portion of the flight. In the end, we all made it through and are glad to be at our final destination!

I’m rooming with Andrew DeJoy and, similarly to most (if not all) of the team, we have an amazing room with a view of the beach. We are only a few blocks from where we stayed a couple of years ago. From the lobby it looks like a mall, given it has so many stores in the first and second floors.

Once we got to the hotel this afternoon, we got a quick lunch at Subway (Ryan Dickerson’s favorite place in the world. He got a Bacon Chicken Ranch…it’s unfortunate how I know these facts…if you’ve ever played a team sport you’ll understand) and then headed to practice at University of Hawai’i. After a team talk and some dynamic warm ups, we were immersed in our first fully complete team practice of 2017.

Overall, it was a good team practice and definitely helpful moving forward to get our bodies activated after travelling. Practice’s highlight came in the end, when Ryan hit two great serves including an ace down the T to close out the tough tie-breaker against TJ Pura.

We headed back to the hotel and then had a quick turnaround to go to dinner at Duke’s, a restaurant where the tennis team has been to in the past four trips to Honolulu. The specialty was fish and that is what most of the team got, including myself. The food was great as well as the open atmosphere of the restaurant and friendliness of the workers.

We walked back to the hotel given it was only a couple of blocks away and then TJ and I headed to finish the day with some treatment for our pains in [Assistant Athletic Trainer]  Melissa Gresham and [Associate Sports Information Director] Sarah Fetters room. Hopefully we don’t have many injured players so Melissa and Sarah can get some privacy and don’t have to see our faces all day long.

I now lie in my bed ready to shut down this computer and get back all the sleep I have missed in the past few days to be fully recharged tomorrow. With that I say good night.