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Notes: Duke 94, Hampton 31
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 03/19/2017
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Joanne P. McCallie, Duke Head Coach:

Opening Statement:
“I’m just really proud of our team. We’ve been off for 14 days. Despite a couple of things that went on out there turnover wise, I thought we did some really good things. We moved the ball well, we got a lot of assists. Lexie [Brown] was terrific with nine, leading us. I loved Rebecca [Greenwell’s] rebounding, her aggressivness there. And of course [Leonna Odom] was very efficient with her game and learning to play several positions as well. That was really good for us. We tried some different things, we worked on things, we dealt with adversity with the loss of Kyra [Lambert]. We’re just really motivated by that random act.”

On Kyra Lambert’s status and how this will affect the team:
“Kyra [Lambert] is out for a long time. I don’t think you can step up. I think you have to evolve. I really, really feel bad for Kyra. It was very random. She got hit in a trap. Our team is just terrific. We were able to use the second half. We were able to do all sorts of things in the second half to prepare us for the future. I’m really proud of the team. Erin [Mathias] was doing different things, [Leonna Odom] was playing point guard at times. There were just different things happening on the floor and I’ve never experience an injury like this in the NCAA tournament. I’ve been to a lot of them and Kyra is a special kid. Just a big heart and she was really coming on. Her game was just taking off. But the team is so resilient. They are a resilient bunch and they have been all year. We’ll just sort of evolve. You’re not going to replace Kyra. No one is going to do what Kyra does. But I think we can evolve with other people in other situations. And that’s our journey so we’re on it.”

On Crystal Primm sitting out the fourth quarter with an ice pack on her knee:
“No, that’s a proactive situation. We need to be proactive and not overplay her. So we proactively didn’t play her in the fourth [quarter] on purpose. And she’s got an issue there, but it will have to be addressed at the end of the season.”

On her thoughts regarding playing Oregon in the next round:
“Oregon is a fantastic team, terrific young players, as you saw. Great inside game, inside presence. Great outside game. So they are very balanced that way. They play hard, they’ve got some great shooters. You can’t leave [Mallory McGwire] open in the high post. That’s not a good idea, I don’t think. Again, as it should be, they’re just another very good opponent. We’ve had many as you know. And they’re just another one that is very good. And just like other opponents we’ve had on our schedule, very challenging. It’ll take a total defensive effort to guard them inside and out and to take away the rebounding in those posts. They’ve got quite a few that they roll through there. [Sabrina Ionescu] is probably one of the best freshmen in the country. It’s what you’d expect: just a really tough and challenging game.”

Rebecca Greenwell, Duke Guard:

On her strong shooting performance:
“It felt really good. My teammates did a great job finding the openings when they were pressing. Lexie [Brown] did great with nine assists, but I thought we just all did a really good job taking advantage of the openings in the defense.”

On filling the void of Kyra Lambert:
“I’m just going to have to take care of the ball better and try to limit turnovers. I had way too many of those tonight. But I think everyone, all the guards, are going to do a great job stepping up and then Ducky [Leaonna Odom] is probably going to have to play a little bit more on the wing and also Erin [Mathias] will have to be out there, as well.”

Lexie Brown, Duke Guard:

On having control of a game in the NCAA Tournament:
“I think we just stayed patient. They threw a lot of wild defenses at us, trying to get us to turn the ball over, so we kind of just had to stay patient a little bit, like Becca [Greenwell] said, find the openings and then we’re leaving the basket wide open so it’s easy to make those wide open layups.”

On filling the void of Kyra Lambert:
“I’ll probably just have to take a little bit more of the point guard responsibilities. I mean, we’re most successful when I’m running the point and Becca is on the wing. We want to stick to what we’ve been doing all season long. This just gives us a little extra motivation, you know, playing for a teammate that’s down. Then we have Crystal [Primm] and Faith [Suggs] in the back court. I think that they’re going to be able to step up for us big time.”

On her low scoring performance:
“It wasn’t really difficulty, this was just one of the type of games where I had to be more of a facilitator. They play that frenzy type of defense and I took it upon myself to be that person to make sure that we didn’t play in that frenzy offense that they thrive on. I mean, Hampton is a great team that’s won a lot of games because of their defense. So this game, I just kind of stepped back, took that facilitator role, and Becca filled up so I didn’t really need to assert myself as much on offense.”

On helping Oderah Chidom in the second half:
“Definitely, we’re at our best when we get everybody going. Oderah [Chidom] did have a rough first half. I mean, I talked to her at halftime, she was fine. Oderah is the type of person who kind of lets things go pretty easily, so I wasn’t really worried about her in the second half, but when she gets going, when her first shot went in, I know that we’ve got her for the rest of the half.”

Leaonna Odom, Duke Guard:

On playing in the NCAA Tournament:
“It was very fun to play with my teammates. We moved the ball very well and we’re just looking to attack and keep going.”

On exploiting the mismatches on defense:
“I knew I was taller than offensive players, so I knew I just needed to get the ball, they need to get the ball in and just convert the easy layups.”

David Six, Hampton Head Coach:

Opening Statement:
“Tough night. We played a great team and didn’t play well. We definitely don’t want to make excuses, but without four starters against a great Duke team, it’s just tough all the way around. We would’ve liked to have made a better showing, but that wasn’t in the cards tonight.”

On the team’s resilience:
“Through this process, I feel like I’ve witnessed a remarkable, remarkable group of young ladies. I’ve asked them multiple times throughout the year to reinvent themselves as someone’s gone out and they’ve done it. There were times when we lost our confidence. I remember when Malia [Tate-Defreitas] was out. We were really upset about that, but we got through it. There were so many storms that we got through this year. I saw true greatness not in talent but in work ethic. I saw the kids bond together to get their swagger back, so it certainly was an inspiration to me.”

On the future of the program:
“I think even with the injuries we won the tournament, and everybody comes back except one. Moving forward the future certainly looks bright. As far as the future’s concerned, we don’t want to just win the conference, so we schedule big with the hope that scheduling big will pay dividends at the end of the year. We’ve played some big games before like South Carolina and some BCS schools so we know what that feels like. We played Temple earlier this year. You can’t do it without four starters. You just can’t. I told the kids that if you take Lebron James, Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving and J.R. Smith off of Cleveland, Cleveland is a lottery pick team.”

On the last few games and the MEAC Championship:
“Between Cookman and Florida A&M, Chanel [Green], who is as tough as they come, sprained her ankle. She cried, we carried her off and she begged to go back in. The trainer taped her foot, and then she turned around and broke her ankle in the same night. With the depth factor, I didn’t want to press, so I took a step back and had faith in God and said, ‘We’ll press the rest of the year and if we foul out, we bring someone else in.’ That relaxed the kids a bit, and we continued to play this helter-skelter type of defense. We created some turnovers because we had a hard time scoring, and that picked up our scoring a little bit. We rode that way to the Championship this year.”

Jephany Brown, Hampton #4, Guard:

On the first quarter:
“We let the [Duke] shooters get too many shots off. We didn’t get out there quick enough. That’s how I feel they started coming back. We let Rebecca Greenwell get a few shots off.”

On how this performace affects going forward into next year:
“It just motivates me to work harder. I played a good game, but I didn’t play my best. I haven’t played my best all year. It motivates me to work on my game and get my teammates involved so we can repeat this same process with a different outcome.”

On Duke’s talent compared to other teams:
“They all are good teams. I feel like Duke had better shooters. South Carolina had post players; they had two very good post players. Duke tonight, it was their shooters. Their point guard is very good also.”