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Courtesy: Sara D. Davis
Rowing Takes Fourth at ACC Championship
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 05/14/2017
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CLEMSON, S.C. – The Duke rowing team turned in a fourth-place finish at the ACC Championship on Sunday at Lake Hartwell. The highly competitive title day had the Blue Devils appear in four Grand Finals and one Petite Final.

Duke raced to one third-place performance in the Grand Finals and three fourths while the 3V8 brought home the Petite Final crown.

Individually, junior Katherine Maitland earned First Team All-ACC accolades for the Blue Devils. The all-league pick is the first for Maitland, who a year ago was a Second Team Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association All-Region selection. Sophomore Shannon Tierney was a Second Team All-ACC selection, earning all-league honors for the first time. Tierney and Maitland were both members of Duke's V8 on Sunday.

"I have a lot of really mixed emotions," head coach Megan Cooke Carcagno said. "Anytime you're in a position to really try to capture a top finish, you're always going to be a bit disappointed if you don't. Given our season and the number of obstacles we've had to move around, I think most of our boats did a nice job of coming together."  

Virginia won the team title with 96 points and the ACC's automatic berth in this year's NCAA Rowing Championships. Syracuse was second with 83 points, followed by Notre Dame (73), Duke (65), Louisville (62), Clemson (49), Boston College (28), North Carolina (20) and Miami (19).

"The ACC is tough," Cooke Carcagno said. "You have Virginia, which really, really knows how to pull a championship win off every year. You have Syracuse who is consistently ranked in the top 15 and they're looking really strong. We've traded wins and losses with Notre Dame all year. To be in that company feels really good. These are coaches who have been at their programs for 10-20 years. It makes me feel good about what Duke is doing and the path it's on."

The Blue Devil V8 claimed fourth in a loaded V8 Grand Final, crossing the line in 6:27.267. Virginia won the event in 6:19.734 while Notre Dame edged out Syracuse in the final 500 meters to clock out in 6:23.172 for second place to the Orange's 6:23.584.

Duke's V8 landed in the Grand Final after claiming second in the morning session's opening heat with a time of 6:44.743, trailing Syracuse's 6:43.756 mark.

In the 2V8 Grand Final, Duke locked in a fourth-place performance. The Blue Devils clocked out in 6:34.283 to close behind Syracuse (6:22.664), Virginia (6:23.327) and Notre Dame (6:31.967). Duke held third place ahead of Notre Dame at the 500-meter mark (1:37.7-1:39.5) and 1,500-meter checkpoint (4:54.5-4:55.9), but the Fighting Irish closed out the final 500 meters four seconds ahead of the Blue Devils.

The 2V8 earned its Grand Final appearance with a 6:39.957 time in the morning session. Due to a Clemson boat issue in the initial heat of the 2V8, the Blue Devils raced only against Notre Dame in the morning segment with both boats qualifying for the Grand Final.

The Blue Devils added a third-place Grand Final finish with the V4, which was edged by half a second by Louisville. Virginia won the race in 7:04.398 while the Cardinals crossed in 7:08.027 to Duke's 7:08.585. Louisville narrowly held off Duke throughout the contest, leading by a second at 1,000 meters and 1.3 seconds at 1,500 meters.

The Blue Devils' V4 placed second in heat two during the morning session, clocking out in 7:34.147 to Louisville's 7:28.241 with the top three advancing to the Grand Final.

"I want to congratulate our V4 for getting a medal," Cooke Carcagno added. "That was not easy. They were in a tight race all the way down the line. I'm happy they were able to push into a boat that had beaten them earlier in the day."

Duke's 2V4 checked in fourth in the Grand Final with a time of 7:21.276, behind Virginia (7:07.564), Syracuse (7:11.707) and Louisville (7:16.440). The Blue Devils were solidly in fourth place throughout the race. The 2V4 earned its trip to the Grand Final by winning heat one during the morning session with a time of 7:31.983.

The Blue Devils' 3V8 opened the afternoon segment with a victory in the Petite Final, finishing in 6:58.599 to defeat Boston College (7:04.398) and Miami (7:19.226). The Blue Devils led by just more than one second at the 1,000-meter mark over the Eagles before stretching the advantage to nearly four seconds at 1,500 meters and holding on for the nearly six-second triumph.

The morning race for Duke's 3V8 resulted in a fourth-place finish (7:16.100) in heat one to miss the Grand Final as the top three received bids.

The Blue Devils now await the NCAA Selection Show, which takes place Tuesday at 5 p.m., to learn whether they will receive an at-large bid for a second-straight year.

Duke Lineup
V8 – Meagan Lew, Sarah Fletcher, Shannon Tierney, Isabel Ruby-Hill, Sophie Simister, Kiernan Spencer, Abby Artmann, Katherine Maitland and Elizabeth Horne
2V8 – Karly Pearson, Phoebe Donovan, Lelia Boley, Rhea Bergman, Jessica Findlay, Taji Phillips, Olivia Mendonca, Tara Christensen and Celia Macrae
3V8 – Katherine Bandeen, Anna Jenkins, Alexa Campbell, Grace Garverick, Sara Varsames, Barbara Groh, Kiamya Philson, Cassie Ingram and Rani Duff
V4 – Tara Fagan, Danielle Lodge ,Karley Whelan, Marissa Donadio and Caroline Willis
2V4 – Jiahui Liao, Tani O'Neill, Julia Weber, Madison Brown and Bella Miller

Morning Results
V8 Heat 1
1. Syracuse, 6:43.756
2. Duke, 6:44.743
3. Louisville, 6:57.419
4. Boston College, 7:06.563
5. North Carolina, 7:11.495

V8 Heat 2
1. Virginia, 6:40.003
2. Notre Dame, 6:49.561
3. Clemson, 6:52.363
4. Miami, 6:53.549

2V8 Heat 1
1. Syracuse, 6:47.407
2. Virginia, 6:49.963
3. Louisville, 7:06.743
4. Miami, 7:08.140
5. North Carolina, 7:16.015

2V8 Heat 2
1. Duke, 6:39.957
2. Notre Dame, 6:43.259

2V8 Heat 3
1. Clemson, 6:41.291
2. Boston College, 6:56.216

V4 Heat 1
1. Virginia, 7:31.771
2. Syracuse, 7:44.601
3. Notre Dame, 7:48.659
4. Boston College, 7:56.926
5. Miami, 8:13.543

V4 Heat 2
1. Louisville, 7:28.241
2. Duke, 7:34.147
3. Clemson, 7:50.483
4. North Carolina, 7:57.754

2V4 Heat 1
1. Duke, 7:31.983
2. Clemson, 7:36.723
3. Notre Dame, 7:44.642
4. North Carolina, 8:01.910
5. Miami, 8:52.756

2V4 Heat 2
1. Virginia, 7:27.444
2. Syracuse, 7:31.446
3. Louisville, 7:34.443
4. Boston College, 7:56.997

3V8 Heat 1
1. Virginia, 6:46.071
2. Notre Dame, 6:56.671
3. Clemson, 6:59.774
4. Duke, 7:16.100
5. Miami, 7:30.081

3V8 Heat 2
1. Louisville, 6:54.132
2. Syracuse, 6:55.300
3. North Carolina, 7:02.683
4. Boston College, 7:14.726

Afternoon Finals
3V8 Petite Final
1. Duke, 6:58.599
2. Boston College, 7:04.398
3. Miami, 7:19.226

3V8 Grand Final
1. Virginia, 6:35.468
2. Syracuse, 6:41.931
3. Louisville, 6:42.851
4. Notre Dame, 6:44.084
5. Clemson, 6:53.019
6. North Carolina, 6:54.604

2V4 Petite Final
1. Boston College, 7:37.299
2. North Carolina, 8:07.348
3. Miami, 8:44.591.

2V4 Grand Final
1. Virginia, 7:07.564
2. Syracuse, 7:11.707
3. Louisville, 7:16.440
4. Duke, 7:21.276
5. Clemson, 7:26.987
6. Notre Dame, 7:29.514

V4 Petite Final
1. Boston College, 7:31.122
2. North Carolina, 7:37.469
3. Miami, 7:46.948

V4 Grand Final
1. Virginia, 7:04.398
2. Louisville, 7:08.027
3. Duke, 7:08.585
4. Syracuse, 7:13.784
5. Notre Dame, 7:19.824
6. Clemson, 7:31.881

2V8 Petite Final
1. North Carolina, 6:48.000
2. Miami, 6:52.260.

2V8 Grand Final
1.Syracuse, 6:22.664
2. Virginia, 6:23.327
3. Notre Dame, 6:31.967
4. Duke, 6:34.283
5. Clemson, 6:38.000
6. Louisville, 6:44.033
7. Boston College, 6:44.770

V8 Petite Final
1. Miami, 6:37.071
2. Boston College, 6:42.001
3. North Carolina, 6:44.120.

V8 Grand Final
1. Virginia, 6:19.734
2. Notre Dame, 6:23.172
3. Syracuse, 6:23.584
4. Duke, 6:27.267
5. Louisville, 6:31.627
6. Clemson, 6:35.267.

Team Standings
1. Virginia 96
2. Syracuse 83
3. Notre Dame 73
4. Duke 65
5. Louisville 62
6. Clemson 49
7. Boston College 28
8. North Carolina 20
9. Miami 19

2017 ACC Crew of the Year - Syracuse 2V8
2017 ACC Rowing Freshman of the Year - Emily Stinebaugh, Notre Dame
2017 ACC Rowing Coach of the Year - Justin Moore, Syracuse

2017 All-ACC Rowing Team
First Team
Coxswain— Colette Lucas-Conwell, Virginia
Georgia Ratcliff, Virginia
Erin Briggs, Virginia
Ellen Pate, Virginia
Lexie Gill, Syracuse
Hallie Taylor, Syracuse
Erin Boxberger, Notre Dame
Katherine Maitland, Duke
Sarah Podwojski, Louisville

Second Team
Coxswain— Rebecca Spraggins, Syracuse
Allie Nicholson, Virginia
Treasa O'Tighearnigh, Notre Dame
Shannon Tierney, Duke
Kirsti Harrison, Louisville
Amelia Shein, Clemson
Taegen Lynch, Miami
Kelly Williams, North Carolina
Caitlin Yaccarino, Boston College