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Courtesy: Duke Athletics
Miranda Wang
Walking the Fairways with Miranda Wang
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 10/06/2018
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DURHAM, N.C.— In her sophomore season with the Blue Devils, Miranda Wang took time out to answer some questions for recently. A product of Beijing, China, Wang has competed in both tournaments to open the 2018-19 season. Give us a rundown on what you did over the summer?
Miranda Wang: I played in three China LPGA tournaments in June and placed top 10 two times. I spent July and August at Duke and took two summer classes. I only stayed with my family for less than a month. Though had a fun summer, I wish could spend more time with family.

GD: What was your experience like playing on the China LPGA over the summer?
MW: I was excited to be able to meet with my old friends and compete with them. I enjoyed having an experience being on the tour. It was good to see that my friends and coaches are doing well. I also enjoyed all the good foods back in China!

GD: Did you work on a specific part of your game?
MW: Short game and putting have been my subjects of improvement. Still working on them right now.

GD: What have you enjoyed the most about being a part of the Duke women’s golf program?
MW: Teammates are wonderful, supportive. There are wonderful leaders and excellent players among them. They are inspirational both on and off the golf course.

Quick Hitters:

Most used emoji? 👍

Role model? Don't really have one. I appreciate and admire every player's unique personality and experience.

One thing that always put you in a good mood? Good food.

Favorite dance move? Hmm... not a dancer.

Which teammate would make the best president and why? Virginia, she's so good at talking.

Nickname? Miranda the Mooncake

Favorite color? Pink and Blue (but I don't like them appear together, it's terrible)

Favorite snapchat filter? The god with a tongue one?

Favorite Disney movie? Frozen

Song playing on your phone right now? Waltz in C-sharp minor, Op. 64, No.2 by Chopin

Last show you binge-watched? Running Man

Go to song to practice to? Don't really have one.

Best thing you did over the summer? Went to Japan for vacation.

One word your teammates would use to describe you? Cute (?)

Best advice you have ever received? Keep calm and carry on.

Favorite TV show growing up? Naruto (if Japanese anime counts)

Favorite vacation spot? Japan

One place you would like to travel to? Europe

Best class you’ve taken at Duke and why? History 352. Professor Peck is more than a wonderful lecturer. The readings he assigns are fun and full. Also because of that class talks about immigrant families' experience in the U.S. I felt like I can make personal connections with the class's concepts and materials.

Beach or mountains? Monterey Bay (not really a beach, but I just love the sea and nature there)

Do you have any relatives involved in athletics? No

Instagram story or snapchat? Instagram for sure

Favorite type of ice cream? Salty caramel