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Fans, Friends & Alumni Compliance Information

Are you a Representative of Duke Athletics Interest?

You are a Representative of Duke Athletics Interest (also known as a “Booster”) if ANY of the following apply:

  • You have participated in promoting the collegiate athletics program
  • You have made financial contributions to the athletics department or booster organization
  • You have assisted or have been requested to assist in the recruitment of prospects
  • You have assisted in providing benefits to enrolled student athletes or their families
  • You are a former student or fan of Duke University
  • Once you have been identified as a Representative of Duke Athletics Interest, you retain that identity indefinitely. 


Prospective Student Athlete or “Prospect”

A prospect is a student who has started the ninth grade.  A student who has not started classes for the ninth grade becomes a prospect if the institution provides the individual with financial assistance or other benefits not provided to prospective students generally.  In addition, the individual remains a prospect until he/she has enrolled in full-time classes.


Any face to face encounter with a prospect or a prospect’s parents or relatives in which any dialogue occurs in excess of an exchange of greeting.


Any solicitation of a prospect or a prospect’s relatives for the purpose of securing the prospect’s enrollment and ultimate participation in Duke’s athletic program.


General Rule:  Only coaches and authorized athletic staff members may participate in recruiting activities.

DON’T call or write letters to a prospect. You may have a telephone conversation with a prospect ONLY IF the prospect initiates the phone call and the conversation is unrelated to recruiting.   Refer all athletic program questions to the athletic staff.
DON’T initiate contact with a prospect or a prospect’s parents or relatives.  You may be cordial to a prospect if incidental contact occurs, but immediately remove yourself from any further contact.

DON’T visit a prospect’s educational institution to pick up film, video or transcripts pertaining to eligibility or athletic ability.  You may observe a prospects athletic contest, provided there is no contact with the prospect or the prospect’s parents or relatives.

DON’T contact a prospects coach, principal, or counselor in an attempt to evaluate the prospect.  You may notify the Duke coaching staff of outstanding prospects in the area.


General Rule:  Any Representative of Duke Athletics Interest shall not be involved in the giving or offering of extra benefits to an enrolled student-athlete, prospect or the prospects relatives or friends. 

DON’T provide gifts of clothing or equipment, cash or like items, loans or cosigning of loans, transportation, any tangible items or merchandise, free or reduced cost services, rentals or purchases, or free or reduced cost housing to an enrolled student-athlete,  prospect or the prospect’s relatives or friends.   You may provide an occasional home meal a maximum of one time per school term per athlete.  Transportation may ONLY be provided by a resident of the host’s home.
DON’T arrange employment for an enrolled student athlete, prospect or a prospect’s relatives. You may notify the Athletic Department of possible job opportunities for enrolled student athletes or prospects. 

DON’T sponsor or arrange an award banquet for a high-school, preparatory school, or two-year college.  You may attend a public high school, preparatory school or two year college award banquet.  No contact should be made with any prospects at the events.