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Kaestner: Blue Devils Ready for NCAA Tournament
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 05/11/2011
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Taylor Virden
Photo Courtesy: Grant Wenger
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DURHAM, N.C.After falling to Penn in its regular season finale on April 29, Duke will get a chance for a rematch as the Blue Devils take on the Quakers Sunday, May 15 at 2 p.m. in the opening round of the 2011 NCAA Women’s Lacrosse Championship. Read senior Christie Kaestner’s latest blog to learn about the team’s preparations for the tournament.

And we’re dancinggggg,

You know, all through elementary school I took Friday afternoon dance class and learned to waltz, cha-cha-cha and foxtrot like a champ. In fact, I happen to know several of us on the team took a Cotillion class at some point back in the day -- Emma Hamm just announced she was “forced” to take it one year and hated it -- point of the matter is THIS dance is way more fun-NCAA Tournament! That’s right it’s tournament time (say that in the style of Pauly D in Jersey Shore…)! Amidst Randy’s pizza boxes and with the smell of sunscreen in the air we gathered in the team room to watch the webcast (like a webcast? Not a TV show? Weird) of the seeding and our path to the championship. Ever been in a situation where you just want to rewind time? Get done playing a game and immediately want to play it again? Well that was us two weeks ago against Penn. And lo and behold, we drew them first round! We were given a five seed and a first round match up hosting Penn. We are SO pumped to get another shot at them and are gearing up to be at our best for our championship push! 
So in case you couldn’t tell, I tend to think the best time of the year is the part of the year we’re in…but I think postseason really is the best time of the year! For one, it means no more class, papers, projects or anything. After two years of pre-k, six years of elementary school, three years of middle school, four years of high school and four years of college, I am OFFICIALLY done with my formal education. NOW WHAT DO I DO?! For Emma, Casey Beyel, Caroline Spearman, Sarah Bullard and Virginia Crotty, more schooling seems to be in the future. But for Miller Hughes and me, I think that’s all folks!

Everyone survived exam week with flying colors, and Alyssa Ogle and I even had time to sort the team into their respective Hogwarts Houses should we ever need to assist the Sorting Hat. Makenzie Hommel ripped through her exams and came over to our apartment to set up a beauty salon, complete with her box of products and accessories. So many people on our team have fabulous, unique talents. Maddie Salamone can sing like none other and Maddy Morrissey can break it down while Bridget Nolan makes delicious cookies from scratch and Taylor Virden is a talented artist. I love our team.
We had an extremely rejuvenating week after our last game with two days of practice and a few days to ourselves to recharge our batteries and get our lives in order. We had a few days by the pool and at the beach to do absolutely nothing. It was great to get refocused and give our bodies a little rest before we get back at it. I spent a few days reading the People Magazine special commemorative issue about the Royal Wedding and laying on our mini couch.

In other news, baby Claire Kimel turned the big 1 on Saturday! Hard to believe she’s already walking…she’s my best friend. I see her every week but she’ll never remember me.

The freshmen are in the process of moving out of their dorms and into another one consolidated together. It’s always hard and yet so exciting to leave that first room! They’ll be together for the postseason and it’s a fabulous bonding experience for all of them.

We’re excited to be back on the field preparing for the tournament and are thrilled to have all focus be on lacrosse! With graduation this weekend, it seems everything is moving very fast. It’ll be a chaotic and exciting weekend, and if you find yourself in the area, come out to see us play. It will hopefully be Sunday, but check the website for the official time and date. Thanks for checking in yet again!

Love, lax, making deviled eggs and scrimmaging at practice,
-Number seven-