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Duke Compliance Mission
The Duke University Athletics Compliance Office takes pride in ensuring that Duke student-athletes, coaches, staff and supporters observe and abide by the rules that govern collegiate athletics. The Duke Athletics department is founded on integrity. Through a combination of communication, education and consistent monitoring, the Office of Athletics Compliance is committed to ensuring that all those involved with Duke Athletics uphold the rules of the NCAA, the ACC and the University.

We know that members of the Duke Community would never intentionally do anything to place the University in danger of violating NCAA legislation. However, please be mindful that inadvertent action on your part can jeopardize the eligibility of a prospective student-athlete, an enrolled student-athlete and/or the University. If you are unsure about your role in helping Duke Athletics or have questions regarding NCAA, ACC or Duke rules please do not hesitate to contact a member of Duke’s Compliance Staff. Together, we can continue to maintain the highest standards of integrity in our athletics program. 
Ask Before You Act!
The Duke Athletics Compliance Office serves as a resource for coaches, student-athletes, parents, staff, faculty and our loyal Duke fans. Our office is located at 111 Cameron Indoor Stadium, Durham N.C.
Compliance Staff

Todd Mesibov
Associate Director of Athletics/Compliance
(919) 668-5523

Mary Giardina
Director of Compliance
(919) 613-6223

Amy Herman
Assistant Director of Compliance
(919) 681-5870

Taryn Cavanaugh
Compliance Coordinator
(919) 613-6214








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