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Quotes: Duke 84, Presbyterian 45
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 11/17/2012
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Duke Head Coach Joanne P. McCallie
On Quick Turnaround:
“It is one of those things that when you are doing scheduling, that comes up…It does simulate the ACC tournament, it will grow us up and mature us a little bit, so OK. We are locked in a little bit because the guys play Sunday night. It is a busy weekend, so I like it for us. I like it to grow our team a little bit.”

On the Health of Elizabeth Williams:
“’We don’t know’ is the answer. Elizabeth was cleared for 10 minutes, she played 11. She is on a day-by-day, how are you doing, are you getting better. If you see her on the floor, we are making progress with her. If you do not see her on the floor, that is not a good sign. You can deduce that, and you do not have to ask me about it.”

On Performance of Elizabeth Williams:
“She is incredible. She is the very best, and I hope she doesn’t get frustrated because I know she doesn’t feel like she normally feels at this time of year obviously without all the practice. She is incredible. Her stats blow away anybody else’s stats in a minute-per-minute basis.”

On Tricia Liston:
“Tricia has been doing this so much though, I have a lot of confidence in her and like you said she finds stats all over the place. I just thought she was really good, particularly in the second half.”

On Playing Against the Zone:
“Against the zone we were a little immature. A lot of dribbling. Not crisp with our ball movement. When a team sits in a zone for 40 minutes that is something you have to mature to on how to execute but I thought Tricia [Liston] was one of the players who really did that.”

On Alexis Jones:
“Alexis has been really great in practice, really aggressive, has been passing the ball. Even with some troubles in connecting, she gets six assists, I mean that is probably the worst you are going to see Alexis play right there, relative to the seven turnovers as we didn’t always connect. So I have a lot of confidence in her as a first year, she has worked very hard. Turnovers, yes they happen, but I am not really worried about those. I think some of those passes were catchable. The team has got to figure out that you are going to get some bombs from two different directions, of course Chelsea [Gray] and now Alexis.”

On Defense:
“I liked it in the first half. Holding them to 18 points and making them really work. In the second half we were sloppy and let the shooter, number 10. Any time you have a hot shooter, I don’t care what the score is, the hot shooter is not supposed to do anything, and she did. Second half I though we sloughed off. I didn’t think we were sharp. Overall, 45 isn’t bad, but it should have been 30, it should have been lower and the offensive output should have been higher.”

On Different Defensive Looks:
“They are very well coached. Watching that Clemson game, when they beat Clemson, they are very well coached so we kind of knew that we had to mix it up a little bit, so we were really just trying to work on some of our defenses in the half court, in the full court, and in the quarter court.”

Presbyterian Head Coach Ronny Fisher
Opening Statement:
“Well I’ll tell you what, they’re the third ranked team in the country for a reason.  And they’re very, very talented, and what they are, is they shoot the basketball so well and they are so big.  We’ve played a lot of teams that have size and you can play that zone and keep it out of the middle.  But when you have size, you have the ability to shoot the ball like that; it is very difficult to defend.  [Coach Joanne P. McCallie] does a great job, she’s got a tremendous team, she’s a terrific coach and I was obviously, in the first half we turned that basketball over against their pressure and their length and it really hurt us. I thought we did a much better job in the second half and we got some good looks and we made some nice plays. We just couldn’t stop them.”

On if there is any intimidation for the team playing in Cameron:
“Well I think there are nerves that are there. I know our girls were a little nervous at first. Being from North Carolina, I really enjoyed it. I love coming and playing here. We played at North Carolina last year though, we played at Syracuse, we played at South Carolina.  I feel like we probably played the toughest schedule in the country after a week.  We just came back from Georgia, who was 10th in the country.  I think our girls were a little nervous, but I don’t think we were majorly intimidated.  I just think Duke is that good.”

On whether Presbyterian was trying to win segments of the game:
“Yeah, I felt really good. And when we took a time out, I think it was the under eight time out. They were up by 20 quick, and we talked about that. The goal was to go into half time and get under 20 and I think we went down there and hit a three right at the half.  I think we went down 22, but we did exactly what we said. I think they outscored us by two maybe in the last eight minutes of the first half.  And our defense was pretty good during that stretch and we made a few baskets.  The second half I felt like our offense got better, but we got tired.  Our defense was not very good.  And they took advantage, and they made a lot of threes.  They’re a very good shooting team.”

On Karlee Taylor:
“Yeah, Karlee can really shoot it.  We’ve got to find a way to get her open looks. She’s that kid that every time it leaves her hand, it’s going in.  I was real proud of her.  She’s from North Carolina.  She went to my high school.  I went to her high school actually.  But this was a big game for her and I’m really proud of her to do that.  She played the most minutes on our team, I’m sure.  She’s a tough kid, and she can flat out shoot the basketball.”

On predictions for the rest of the season:
“Well we’re healthy, we haven’t been hurt, we played the number 3 team, the number 10 team, another ACC team.  We’re blessed and our goal in these games, we’d love to win, but we’ve got one goal of winning our conference.  We’ll take some things from this game that we’ll get better on.  And I love playing tough, tough competition because you see your weaknesses and what you need to work on.  And we’ll see it and we’ll go work on it, and we’ll get better for our next game.”

On what Presbyterian could have done better against Duke:
“Well, the first half we didn’t take care of the basketball.  We ended up having 30 turnovers.  We’ve got to take care of the ball in order to have a chance to win.  It’s partly us, that we didn’t execute well enough, and it’s partly that they’re just very good.  They’re long, they’re athletic, and they’re tough.  And that’s something we’ve got to watch and we’ve got to learn. And another thing that she does a good job of is that she’s got a veteran team.  They ran about six different defenses against us today, and this is our third game of the year.  So for us to understand what they were doing, they were trapping a lot, zones, they run a pressure ma, and that’s a lot for us to take in and react to.  It made us so much better just to have to practice for that in two days.”