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Courtesy: Cheryl Treworgy
Miray Seward Senior Profile
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 03/25/2014
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DURHAM, N.C. -- Recently, sat down with senior Miray Seward to learn more about the Dunwoody, Ga., native. Name your three favorite things about being a student-athlete at Duke.
Miray Seward: My three favorite things are just always having teammates that you can go to to talk to about anything, and they are there with you training with you every single day. One sort of specific thing about track is that you can not only just go to people in your event group, but you can go to other teammates you know from the locker room or different team events that we have where you get to know them, and it’s really great being able to travel with everyone and get to know them better. Also, just through the Athletics department, finding out about opportunities that are available to athletes, as well as getting more involved on the other side of campus that isn’t just with athletes, but just getting involved. I’m writing an honors thesis now and getting to know people I wouldn’t have had I not done that. What is your favorite competition-related memory?
MS: Last year at the indoor ACC meet for me personally just everything went right for me that day, not everything, but everything came together, my training paid off, and I ended up placing second at the indoor meet. Coming in, I wasn’t expected to place that high, so just to prove everyone wrong – I was close to getting PRs in events leading up to this that didn’t quite happen, so having everything come together for that meet was definitely an exciting moment. What is your favorite memory away from competition?
MS: One of the best moments I’ve had here outside of track has been, a group of the girls on the track team – we all went out and did karaoke. It was one of the most fun nights that I’ve had on campus. None of us can actually sing, so it was a lot of bad singing, and no one really cared. It was just a fun experience to have. Definitely enjoyed that. Name three foods that you can’t live without.
MS: Sweets are always there when you’re having a bad day – of course in moderation, pasta of any kind, and definitely bacon Name three of your favorite restaurants in the Durham area.
MS: I really like Monterrey Mexican in Chapel Hill, I love Noodles [& Company], and my third favorite I go to most often is MeddiTerra. If you could have dinner with any three people, who would those be?
MS: Beyonce – just because she is awesome, Olivia Pope/Kerry Washington, but as Olivia Pope in Scandal, President Brodhead Name three places in the world you’d like to travel.
MS: I’ve always wanted to go to Spain, Paris and I’ve always really wanted to go to Hawaii.