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Quotes: Duke 138, Shaw 32
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 10/30/2012
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Duke Head Coach Joanne P. McCallie
Opening Statement:
“Happy to see a nice, intense 40 minutes. I know it’s an exhibition, and I know that we had outmanned them, but we are still getting the rebounds and doing the things that you need to do as a team. Once you create those habits in an exhibition, you can duplicate them in a game. If you never get 18 rebounds like Haley did, then you have no idea what it’s like to pull down 18 rebounds. By having those experiences whether it is Tricia having 36 points, whether it is Tricia rebounds or Haley points, you just get used to productivity and I think that is very important. Again, it is an exhibition, pretty strong 40 minutes, some good things on film for us as well, and we’ll get ready for Sunday.”
On veteran leadership:
“I really liked the veteran leadership. Haley was showing by pulling all those boards down that she meant business, [Tricia] was doing her thing, so was Chelsea, Allison and others, but I think you just need to catch a team being casual because there’s just no space for it. The level we are trying to play is really hard, and it takes a lot of energy and effort to get it done.”

On trying people in new positions:
“One of the things we are trying to be is a versatile team, not locked in by position and able to play. You saw Haley playing on the perimeter, you saw her play inside, you saw Chelsea playing the one and the two. [Tricia] can play one, two, three or four for us, and I think that makes you hard to guard and makes you a better team.”

Duke Junior Haley Peters
On maintaining intensity:
“We need to work on that all year. That is just being mature enough to realize that we’re not playing to just win this game.  We’re playing to become a better team and we’re playing to become a team that plays for 40 minutes.  That’s just a maturity thing that we’re going to have to work and we did a good job of it tonight.”

On what the team wanted to work on in this game:
“We watched the film of our Blue/White scrimmage and we talked about that.  We wanted to correct things we didn’t like from that film.  Defense and rebounding were two of those things.  Being more physical and dictating the tempo, pushing the ball, not walking the ball up the floor, I think we did a better job of that tonight.  Just generally communicating, talking more with each other.” 

Duke Junior Tricia Liston
On getting open looks:
“I think ball movement. We were pushing it a lot in transition and there were times when it would swing all the way around the perimeter and I had a wide open shot. I think my teammates were looking for me and finding me in good spots. A couple of times, I had a trail three which is what Coach was talking about, me playing the four, so that had me coming up from behind and getting good looks from there.”

On versatility with rotating at the guard positions with Chelsea Gray:

“We did this a little bit last year, me and Chelsea switching off at the one and two because of numbers. I like that.  I like playing with Chelsea at the one and I like playing at the two. Because she’s so versatile because she can create from the wing, she can create from the top.  It really opens up a lot of things for, especially the post, with having her on the wing.  Everybody’s going to be eyeing her and looking out for her.  I think it opens up a lot of opportunities for not only me and not only Chelsea but everyone on the floor.”

Shaw Head Coach Jacques Curtis
Opening Statement:
“It was a tough game. It was a game we put on the schedule early. We didn’t feel we would have the type of injuries that we have and we wanted to have a better showing than we had tonight.  The young ladies that we were able to put out there had to play a lot of minutes, and they did a pretty decent job trying to defend and score being shorthanded that we were.”

On team’s tough exhibition schedule:
“We got a couple other kids that are sitting out that we thought were going to be able to play. All of our size got depleted with injuries and Crystal (Wilson) just had to suck it up and go today. When we made the schedule we thought we’d be fully loaded enough in order to compete. That’s all we want to do is compete. We won’t see anybody that good at our level, so the plan is to make our season look easier because every night that we go out we won’t be seeing Duke.”

On goals for the game with injuries:
“First I was looking at the weather…We play segment basketball. When you play for a conference championship or a regional championship you got to play 16-12-8-4 with those automatic timeouts – that’s 10 segments in the game. Our goal was to try and win one or two segments in this game. Our goal was to try hard and steal a segment here and there. We wanted to be able to get to the free throw line. Typically when you have these overmatched games you don’t get to the line. It was a plus for us that we were able to get to the line.”

Shaw Guard Crystal Wilson
On playing a tall and fast Duke team:
“It was a little challenging, but the way that our coaches are, we are not going to make excuses. We are going to play bigger and better teams down the road, so we just have to bounce back, prepare, and work hard in practice. We have to go over the things that we lacked and made mistakes at. There are going to be big teams out there, but we just have to find a way around it.”

On new teammates:
“One of the things that is really unacceptable is rolling over.  Coach doesn’t accept not playing hard, and I feel like we played hard. Sometimes we may have gotten discouraged but we didn’t let it get to us deep down. The team for the most part – we did some good things and some bad things. I don’t think anyone just gave up. A team like that you can work with and figure out what we need to do. I think the chemistry is there, we just need to work and get better.”