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Kim Wenger Senior Profile
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 04/14/2012
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DURHAM, N.C. -  The Duke women's lacrosse team gets the weekend off before hosting the ACC tournament on April 20-23, 2012. Recently sat down senior midfielder Kim Wenger to learn more about the Malvern, Pa., native. What do you have DVR'd?
Kim Wenger: Whatever my roommates have, so there's probably a lot of Tosh.0, and Revenge comes on tonight. What embarrassing music do you have on your iPod?
KW: A lot. Definitely boy bands. What is your favorite movie:
KW: My friend and I always used to watch The Wedding Date, but I really like Elf. Fill in the blank: I wish I knew how to _____?
KW: Fly a plane. Do you have any superstitions or pregame rituals?
KW: I try not to. I wear eye black every game and I always review our scouting report. What is your favorite class at Duke?
KW: My senior MMS capstone. It's the most real life experience I've had out of any class. I learned a lot and I liked my professor. What's been your toughest class at Duke?
KW: Spanish ... all three semesters. Who's had the most impact on your life?
KW: I have to say my family. I have a brother and a sister and my parents. They're always around, always there for me. And I now have a sister-in-law; she's good, too. Can you cook?
KW: I do cook. I'm not necessarily the best. I cook chicken a lot. I can grill. What was your first car?
KW: A Jeep Wrangler with oversized tires ... a blue one ... stick shift. It was really fun. Who would play you in a movie?
KW: Jessica Biel. What is your favorite restaurant Durham?
KW: I'm at Mad Hatters probably every morning. I like Fosters a lot.


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