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Courtesy: Cheryl Treworgy
Brian Atkinson Senior Profile
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 09/09/2013
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DURHAM, N.C. - Recently, sat down with senior Brian Atkinson to learn more about the Melbourne Beach, Fla., native. Name your three favorite things about being a student-athlete at Duke.
Brian Atkinson: Having the K Center to study in during exam week is one of them. Running in the Duke Forest and knowing where to go is huge because I think most people who run around here just do the Al Buehler loop 100 times. The Forest is really nice and that’s one of my favorite parts of Duke, so experiencing that is good. The other one is dinners with the guys after practice. We go in Great Hall or the freshmen go to Marketplace and just have long dinners and hang out. What is your favorite competition-related memory?
BA: Last year at Pre-Nationals, we way over-performed and did better than anybody thought we would and picked up a ton of points. That ended up getting us to nationals later. I think almost all of us hit really well on the same day and it was just really fun. On the ride home, we were all super psyched. What is your favorite memory away from competition?
BA: Great Hall dinners when there’s not too much homework to do and we’re just hanging out. Name three of your favorite restaurants in Durham.
BA: Allen & Son Bar-B-Que, Nanataco and Lilly’s Pizza. Describe Coach Norm Ogilvie in three words.
BA: Charismatic, excitable and experienced. Name three places you would travel to if you could.
BA: Indonesia, Australia and probably Germany.


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