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Emily Hyland Senior Profile
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 04/18/2014
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DURHAM, N.C. -- Recently, sat down with senior Emily Hyland to learn more about the London, England, native. Name your three favorite things about being a Duke Student athlete.
Emily Hyland: The first has got to be being on a team. A group of people that are 100% behind you in everything you do. Second is you can eat a lot of food which is nice, not everything, but you can eat quite a lot which is great. The third, I feel like you get to go out to the lake all the time which is such a great get-away from Duke. Just being out there, it’s beautiful. I feel like that’s been a privilege that even other student athletes don’t have. What is your favorite ‘on the water’ memory?
EH: That was definitely this fall when I was in the player race with Hannah Hewitt. It’s a 5K race and we were just chugging along, racing racing racing. We got to the last part of the race and we were flying, just about to come up on the boat that had started ahead of us, and she was like shouting at my back “Let’s go Emily, Let’s go! What are we doing?! Let’s go!” which in rowing is hard because you’re pretty out of breath. So I knew when she was shouting at me it was serious and I’d better do something, and we were just going. Then we pulled through and won so it was awesome. What is your favorite ‘off the water’ memory?
EH: Definitely, I’ve been involved with Athlete Ally a lot this year and in our first meeting we like 35 people show up and we’ve had like continued support throughout the year so that’s been a really great thing to see; to see different people coming every time, and the level of support and respect from that. Name three things that motivate you to perform.
EH: Definitely the first one would be my teammates. I want to be better because of them. I want to be better because they work so hard. It’d be unfair if I was just sitting in the boat not pulling my own weight. So they’re definitely my number one motivation. My teammates would tell you I always say racing is just so much fun. When I’m in the boat just racing all I want to do is just have fun and go crazy so that’s like in a weird way that’s a big motivator to have fun like on a playground kind of thing. My third is probably my family actually. Just because to show them how I can do this and succeed in my academics and to make them proud of what I’m doing that I’ve come all the way to America to do this and it’s worth it. Is rowing apart of your family?
EH: I am the first to probably get into it. My dad did a bit, but not much. I walked on. I was a novice my first year. In England it’s really popular so I had heard about it and thought that looks really cool. I had played basketball and running and thought let me just try it out and I got sucked in. Name three things you would like to do in the next ten years. 
EH: I’d like to go to South America. That’s been on my bucket list for a long time because it’s an area of the world that I’ve never been to and it sounds really awesome. I would like to sky dive. That’s like kind of cliché but it actually was on my mind the other day, and I’d like to go to the Grand Canyon and hike around there. Name three favorite places to eat in Durham.
EH: I just went to Smash Burger the other day and actually that now is one of my favorite places to eat. That’s awesome. I really like Guglhupf. It’s a great place for a little nicer meal, and Nanatacos. Name three people that are alive that you would have dinner with if you could.
EH: The Queen number one, of course, just because I think it’d be hilarious. I’d go for Barack Obama just because he’s a great guy, supposedly, and Jason Collins.


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