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Getting to Know Nicole Lipp
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 08/17/2010
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Photo Courtesy: Duke Photography
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The best part of my game is… Distributing the ball.

I like my position best because…
Central midfield: Because I get the best of both worlds (attacking and defending) and feel involved in the game.

The best place I have ever traveled to play soccer is… Brazil!!  Playing in a culture where people are crazy about soccer was absolutely incredible.

My first goal I ever scored was…  I don't remember the first goal I ever scored, but I do remember a PK I took as a U-10.  I hit the post and the ball rolled out to the right side of the box.  I was not happy about missing, so I ran over and drilled the ball in the far side netting.  Apparently the PK shooter can score off their own kick at that age...

Over the summer, I worked on… getting back in shape after my injury to improve my game.

My favorite professional soccer team is… Arsenal.

I love the World Cup because… It is a world unifying event!  It is very popular and everyone gets into it!

My best shot ever was…  Bouncing at me about 30 yards out... I hit it in the lower right hand corner.

My favorite sport outside soccer is…  Tennis.

My favorite story about Coach Church was…  One summer, when Becs was working the overnight summer camp, Robbie had warned to be on time.  Becs counted the numbers in her group and realized a player must not have woken up, so she went back to the dorms to check to see if the player had slept through her alarm.  When Becs ran into Robbie, he simply said, "You're late."  That is one of my favorite "Robbie lines" because of the way Becs tells the story.

The person who has had the biggest influence on my soccer career is…  My dad.

The professional soccer player’s game I could best compare my game to is…  Michelle Akers.

My pre-game superstitions or rituals are… Nothing in particular, but I do always put my right sock, and shinguard on before the left, and same for my shoes.

My favorite athlete outside of soccer is…  Rafael Nadal or Michael Jordan.

If I could travel anywhere in the world, it would be…  Africa; Patagonia, Chile/Argentina or Santorini and Greece.

My hobbies outside of soccer are… Hanging out with friends, listening to music and playing tennis.

My best talent other than playing soccer is…  Playing tennis.

My favorite food is…  Split between sushi and pasta.

My favorite cartoon is…  Doug Funny.

If I could star on a reality television show, it would be…  Kim and Kloe Take Miami because they would make a lot of ordinary things very entertaining.

A weird fact not many people might not know about me is…  My middle name is Nicole.

My secret addiction is…  Oreos.

If I could appear on the cover of any magazine, it would be…  Sports Illustrated or People.

If I could spend three hours doing anything, it would be…  Snow or water skiing.

My current ring tone is… Ants Marching by Dave Matthews Band.

My favorite web site to visit is…  Facebook.

My nickname is…  Nikki Kat Reer.

My can’t miss television show is…  Grey's Anatomy!

My go to meal I can cook is…  Pasta.

I started playing soccer at age… I was 4 years old and my parents got me started.

My favorite class I have taken at Duke so far is…  Spanish.

What I like best about Coach Church is…  His passion for the game and his sense of humor!

Duke is the best place to play collegiate soccer because…  Our team is very close, the coaching staff compliments each other well, and we have awesome facilities!