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Getting to Know Erin Koballa
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 08/17/2010
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Photo Courtesy: Duke Photography
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The best part of my game is… My competitiveness and unwillingness to give up.

The best place I have ever traveled to play soccer is… England.

Over the summer, I worked on… my fitness, strength and technical ability to improve my game…

My favorite professional soccer team is… Chelsea.
I love the World Cup because… It's all about soccer, unlike the Olympics, and it brings everyone in the world together to watch the one thing they all have in common... the passion for soccer!

My favorite sport outside soccer is… I love watching basketball, but I can't say I'm very good at it!

The person who has had the biggest influence on my soccer career is… Four People: My mom for accepting and fulfilling the position of "soccer mom" beyond imaginable. My dad for supporting and helping me make all the right decisions along the way. My sister for pushing me to be the best and always up for some kind of competition. And my former coach, Al Pastore, for giving me confidence in myself and showing me that Duke is the perfect place for me.

My pre-game superstitions or rituals are… I always write "pride" on my left arm - that's more of a DWS defense ritual, but it stuck with me through this summer.
If I could travel anywhere in the world, it would be… Australia - I've always wanted to go.
My hobbies outside of soccer are… Going to the beach, watching movies, running and shopping.

My best talent other than playing soccer is… Memorizing pointless things.

My favorite food is… Almost anything with peanut butter.

My favorite cartoon is… Childhood cartoon: Scooby-Do; Adult Cartoon: Family Guy

A weird fact not many people might not know about me is… I was born asleep.

My secret addiction is… Watching the cooking channel.

The weirdest noise I can make is… I know it's weird but I can screech like a pterodactyl.

My current ring tone is…  I don't even know... my phone's always on vibrate!

My favorite web site to visit is… Besides Facebook, I'd have to say google. I probably use it at least once a day.

My nickname is…  E. It's stuck with me forever!

My can’t miss television show is… Grey's Anatomy and Gossip Girl

My favorite movie is… Step Brothers.  It never fails to make me laugh!

My go to meal I can cook is… Cheese pancakes with syrup. I love breakfast and it sounds weird but it's so good!

I started playing soccer at age… 8. I actually didn't want to play at all at first, but my friend, Megan, wanted me to play on her team.

My favorite class I have taken at Duke so far is… Dynamic Oceans. I can't get away from the beach!

What I like best about Coach Church is… How passionate he is about everything that surrounds this team and the game.

Duke is the best place to play collegiate soccer because… Here, you not only compete in one of the hardest conferences of the nation, but you do so while getting an excellent education with a team that’s more like a family.
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