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Getting to Know Libby Jandl
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 08/17/2010
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Photo Courtesy: Duke Photography
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The best part of my game is… Not letting anyone get by me on defense.
I like my position best because… Defense - I love seeing frustrated forwards after I steal the ball from them because I know that I have just gotten under their skin.
My first goal I ever scored was... When I was five years old. The ball was in the middle of a big mud pile in the middle of the box. No girls would go in the mud pile, so I jumped in and kicked the ball in the goal from the middle of the mud pile. 
Over the summer, I worked on… my passing and my touches to improve my game.
I love the World Cup because… Every game is do or die.
My best shot ever was… This year at state cup I had a corner kick volley off the back side of my right foot into the upper 90
My favorite sport outside soccer is… Basketball
The person who has had the biggest influence on my soccer career is… My older brother who plays for DePaul University has inspired me and taught me to play tough soccer my entire life.
My pre-game superstitions or rituals are… My parents went to Italy and they brought me back a rosary that was blessed by the Pope.  So Erin Koballa and I usually prayed with them before our game. The defenders always wore the same color of pre wrap, our team always did a cheer together in the locker room, and the defenders did a little cheer on the field together.
My favorite athlete outside of soccer is… Phil Mickelson.
If I could travel anywhere in the world, it would be… Australia, Greece, and Africa
My best talent other than playing soccer is… Basketball.
My favorite food is… Peanut butter ice cream from the local yogurt shop in Durham
If I could star on a reality television show, it would be… Survivor.
A weird fact not many people might not know about me is… I had a twin who was miscarried after three months
My secret addiction is… Words with friends, a scrabble game that you play against someone on your cell phone.
If I could appear on the cover of any magazine, it would be… People, because it's always been my favorite magazine.
If I could spend three hours doing anything, it would be… With my family on the beach.
My nickname is… libs, libbster, LJ, Maddie calls me liberachi.
My can’t miss television show is… One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy
My go to meal I can cook is… A fried egg sandwich.
I started playing soccer at age… 5. For a club team called Udinesy
My favorite class I have taken at Duke so far is… Math 31
What I like best about Coach Church is… How passionate he is about our team and how much he cares about every single player on the team
Duke is the best place to play collegiate soccer because… I can call everyone in the program my family.