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Quotes: Duke 2, Long Beach State 0
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 11/25/2011
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Duke Head Coach Robbie Church
On the team's play in the second half:
"I thought we started the game great. I thought we were focused. I thought we started well. The shots we had were really good shots. They were really good looks. I even liked that we finished the last 15 minutes of the half. I thought we lost a little intensity. I thought we lost a little bit of our work rate. I mean kids that came in were working hard, but we couldn't quite put things together. So I thought they started to believe. I got a little worried because I thought they started to get the ball a little more at the end of that half. And Carla said it best in the locker room - we've been a second half team. I mean we work on starting fast; we talk about it, but we haven't. I wish I had the formula for it, but we've been able to hang in there. If we're down, we've been down a goal. We've been close. We haven't had start that put us way behind and the second half, just something clicks with this group. I think they felt like we were the better team. We had to finish the things. I thought we had two fantastic goals."

On the two goals in the second half:
"It was coming in the second half. We had some separation from them. We were able to attack down the left flank really, really well - both Mollie [Pathman] and Kelly [Cobb]. Mollie Pathman, some services she had down the flanks were unbelievable from the back side. She can serve on a dime. She just gets her hips half-turned. That No. 11, a good little player - that's one of their better players that we scouted - Mollie just turned her around a couple times in circles. Long Beach State, what a great run they had. It's a good team. Mauricio [Ingrassia] is a good coach. He had them really organized. I was a little concerned that maybe they spring one. We dominate, and we dominate and we don't' finish and maybe they spring one. Again, especially Kimmy [Decesare], she's so good at reading Mollie's serve. Kimmy I thought was a big. When we inserted her in the second half, I thought we started winning balls off their goal kicks and their punts. We started winning second balls with it too and obviously she got to the back post and scored a huge, huge goal for us."

Kim DCesare #19
On her goal in the second half:
"This one is like no other, taking my team to the Final Four. I haven't been happier. That's the biggest goal I've ever scored. It was awesome."

On the flow of the game:
"We felt it coming. The first half, we were a little off. We're a second half team right now, so we have to be both halves. We were just dominating and took it to them and I think we had momentum. After one goal came, the second goal came right after and it just flowed."

On the home crowd:
"It's so nice to have a crowd. We were worried because everyone is home for Thanksgiving break, but we had a great crowd. It's so nice to be at home. It's such an advantage to have our home crowd here and cheering us on and they were awesome. They were so loud. They were awesome."

On advancing to the NCAA Semifinals:
"I couldn't be happier. This is one of the happiest moments of my life. We made it to the Final Four, our goal, Robbies' goal for 11 years. It's just wonderful. It's a great experience. We're going to play in front of a great crowd against a fellow ACC team. I'm proud of the ACC teams. It's wonderful."

Gilda Doria #21
On her goal to give Duke a 2-0 lead:
"Feels a little bit of a relief, but I'm not worried about the stats. I've just excited for our team. We set goals at the beginning of the year that we wanted to go to the Final Four, and we're going. I think we're still going to remain focused because we still have two more games and we're chasing that national championship."

Mollie Pathman #24
On her cross to Kim DeCesare:
"We work on it. I know Kim [DeCesare] is great in the air and she was calling for it, so I was able to find her and she did a great job of keeping it down and finishing it."

On advancing the to the NCAA Semifinals:
It's awesome. I remember on my recruiting visit, Robbie walking around the field showing me the Final Four posters and said, 'This is want we want you for. This is what we're going for.' Now that we're here and going for a national championship, it's everything I ever dreamed of."

Long Beach State Head Coach Mauricio Ingrassia:
On what his team accomplished this season:
"Right now we're hurting a little bit because we were in the game. We feel like we had an outside shot, and definitely getting to half with good energy and 0-0 and feeling strong about ourselves. It's disappointing to not get the result today, but Duke is a fantastic team, very talented. And they make you pay. We had a little bit of a slip and they make you pay. I wouldn't be surprised if they're playing for a national championship next Sunday. So I'm very proud of my team, very proud of my seniors, very proud of everybody - even the kids back home."

On the challenge Duke presented:
"They're very talented. It was very evident they had some very, very good soccer players on the field and coming off the bench. We have good players as well. But I just felt like it's a big advantage to be playing at home. This is a tough trip for us. But I'm proud of my team. I'm proud we fought all the way to the end, we didn't give in. We have a flurry of half-chances and corner kicks, so we take away our fight and they score two great goals. They made two great goals. So no regrets for us."

On what adjustments his team could have made:
"Possession doesn't equate. We knew that they would have a lot of possession. As long as we stay organized behind it and took our chances whenever we could, and I think we were very organized. Our two center backs were fantastic. And I thought that once we were able to settle down, we were able to string some things together. But credit Duke. They're a great squad, a lot of talent and congrats to them."

On his team's future heading into next season:
"I think we set the bar super high. Every team's going to have to chase at least this, which is a blessing and a curse. But we're excited that this run was part of our program, and now we see where we can go from here."