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WSOC Quotes: Duke 1, Florida 0
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 11/22/2013
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Duke Postgame Quotes

Redshirt Junior Meghan Thomas

On Duke’s goal:
“It was great. Natasha [Anasi] is a player who works really hard on defense, and to see her score was the lift that we needed. She was amazing on defense, shut down one of their top scorers in the nation. She did everything today. I’m really happy and I’m really proud of her.”

On Florida’s offensive pressure at the end of the game:
“Obviously you don’t really think about it; you just play the game. Get the ball out, get the ball as far away from the goal as possible. Talk, communicate and just make sure they don’t score.”

On her crucial save in the second half:
“She shot it; I just did what I was supposed to do. And it luckily it perished very far away and my team was there to clear it out.”

Senior Natasha Anasi

On her goal:
“It was a corner that was sent in. I think Kim [DeCesare] got the header, and I just knew that second balls were a big thing we’ve been working on. I tried to put myself in a good spot to put that away, and luckily Kimmy screened off the keeper and went in.”

On marking Savannah Jordan:
“She’s a great player. There’s a reason that she’s the No. 2 goal scorer. We were just focusing on having her play balls back. We didn’t want her to get anything in behind. If we can keep her in front of us, we knew that we could do a very good job playing against her and that’s what we did.”

Head Coach Robbie Church

On Duke’s goal:
“What a great set play. Kimmy [DeCesare] made a great decision. Mollie [Pathman] drove it well, ball went to the backside. Lot of times people will try and put that on goal; she made a great decision [to] bring it back across. And it was such a great finish by Natasha [Anasi]. She’s been close so many times on set plays during the course of the year. She’s saved that one goal that we knew was coming at a really good point, too. Just really proud of the kids and how hard they played.”

On defending Florida’s Savannah Jordan:
“I thought [Natasha Anasi and Lizzy Raben] did a good job. Savannah’s a great player. She’s had a wonderful year. It took both of them, but I thought we did a good job of fronting and backing players. Didn’t let her turn, didn’t let her get space, any separation. Just did a wonderful job of keeping her, as much as you can, at bay.

On the team’s defensive strategy towards the end of the game:
“We went prevent defense a little bit. So we took a forward off and we dropped another so we went 4-2-3-1. They weren’t getting good looks. The one the girl hit from the outside, Megan [Thomas] made a fantastic save. But it really wasn’t that good of a look. We knew if we pulled a player off, they would come down the middle of the field on us. We made a decision and we stuck with it. Fortunately, it came out to be a good decision.”

On the team:
“It’s a tough group. Once we left Boston College in the early part of October … just really took a beating, and we knew we had to get points in every game that was coming up to even get to the NCAA Tournament. We did that. We fell a little bit with Carolina and Florida State, but now we go back to a situation that’s elimination and the kids … it starts with our senior class who doesn’t want to end their career. To be in the Sweet Sixteen again, is just a phenomenal feat with this team.”

Florida Head Coach Becky Burleigh Postgame Quotes

Opening Statement:
“I was really proud of them. Sometimes our sport … is a little bit cruel in the sense you can dominate a game and not win. I was really proud of our team tonight.”

On Duke’s goal:
“Well it was a corner. They had a good service to the back post. Their player played a ball back in and it was the second ball that got us.”

On Duke’s defense in the second half:
“They were trying to protect that 1-0 lead and they were just bunkering, putting lots of numbers behind the ball. I felt like we just needed a couple good quality serves. We did have some good looks and the keeper came up with a big save. We just weren’t able to stick one in the back of the net. We did everything but.”

On the season:
“I’m really proud of where this team came from and where we are now. It’s really tough for the seniors because this is the end for them. But for that group that returns, we laid some major groundwork. I’m really excited for what the future holds for this team.”