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Quotes: Duke 35, Army 19
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 09/12/2009
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Duke Head Coach David Cutcliffe
On the win:
"I always like coming from behind at halftime and winning a game, I don't care what the circumstance is. I told our team at halftime time, 'This is why we play two halves, there is an opportunity ahead of you.' We didn't quickly take advantage of the opportunity, except for the kicking game and defensively, we got a really fast start. We just couldn't cash it in offensively.  We cam e up with enough plays to win, but the reason we won was pretty consistent defense, winning kicking game, and timely play by our offense."

On Quarterback Sean Renfree:
"I was pleased with (his performance). It's basically a statement of confidence in your back up. I had intended to play him last week and I didn't. I made my mind up we would play him (this week) regardless of circumstance.  It's not any kind of statement in anything other than confidence in Sean.  At that point in time, when you all of sudden get a little hot, I had no problem putting Thad (Lewis) back in the game, but I just don't think you  do that when you've gotten a little hot hand. We win and lose as a team, and we'll move forward as a team."

On who will play quarterback:
"(Duke) is not that kind of team (to have a quarterback controversy), we just have so much improving to do, and so much to look at: what we're doing; what's not quite right. This is very different game for our defense, and they handled it well. We work year-round preparing for that style of offense, and it showed up, and (the defense) was really good.

"Let's give Army some credit - they have a nasty scheme defensively ... it's not an accident, Army is pretty darn good on defense. We just have some little things that we have to address and look at. The most important thing we have to take from this game is getting better as a team. We've got issues we have to solve."

On Army's triple-option:
"What that offense does - (Army) has to be patient and we have to be patient. They keep cracking at you until you make mistakes, we just didn't make a lot of mistakes. We made some early - but we work year-round against that - we have periods in spring practice in preparation for it, so I think that's paid off for us, and I think our defensive staff does a great job. We have a team in our league running (the triple-option) in Georgia Tech, and our defensive staff has spent a lot of time studying it."

On the play of Cornerback Leon Wright:
"I said to Leon, 'Did you really want to be the ACC Player of the Week that badly?' It couldn't happen to a finer young man, and he's a good football player. I've said it all along. He's such a fine cover-corner. He's a guy that can make plays, and plays, and plays -he does it every day in practice. We have a hard time shaking Leon. Army is not set up to be that kind of team. That's what you hope you can do, is to get a lead and play ahead. They are well-coached and a really, really good team. Obviously at the end they pose a lot of problems when they can throw it up to a guy who is 6-10 (Army WR Alejandro Villanueva), and is a good athlete. That may be the most unbelievable transition in all of college football."

On Preparing for Army:
"We watched every game Cal-Poly played a year ago. I am very aware of member's of (Army coach Rich Ellerson's) staff. They will be a good football team. When they get their system completely installed, I think they do a tremendous job. I think Army football has a lot to look forward to you. In modern history, when they've been best, at least from my memory, is when they've done a great job running the triple-option and playing great defense. I've coached against Army before. I've been on the losing end of a game at Neyland Stadium, which is a pretty good game in Army lore I'm sure. I came into this game with my eyes wide-open; no one was going to sneak up on me. I have great respect for this institution."

Quarterback Sean Renfree

On going into the game:  
"The coaches told me to start getting some snaps, start getting warmed up. Army turned it over, and I didn't get a chance to get any snaps or warm up. They were just like, 'Go, go, go!' I went in there, and Coach made a great call, a great bootleg. It was a lot of fun, but it kind of shocked me. I was nervous but confident. It was huge. It was a must, must, must win - just like all our games - but it was a great opportunity for us to go out and show people how we can really play. I think we did that in the second half."

"You'd expect any other quarterback to just kind of hang his head, but Thad (Lewis) was the opposite. He was coming over to me all the time, saying, 'Hey, you're doing great. Keep doing what you're doing. I'm here for you.' He says he's a cheerleader, but he's a leader. He's a leader for this team and to me. I look up to him. When he says something like that, I listen."

On more playing time:
"It's one game, and not even a full game. This game is over. You can't really take much away from a quarter-and-a-half. It shocked me when they said, 'You're in there.' I just ran in there and threw that (touchdown). I was the happiest kid ever, running down there and celebrating with my team. It was a great moment."

Quarterback Thaddeus Lewis

On getting the first win of the year:
"It's huge coming off a disappointing loss last week to see this team respond. A lot of people probably put us back down in the dumps because we lost that first game. All we have is each other, and we leaned on each other today and came out and got the victory. It makes it an even greater win because we came from behind. It was similar to the situation we had last week, but we didn't fold. We picked each other up, and that's a good sign for your football team."

"It's a team effort. Sean went out there and executed well, and the team executed well. That's what you do as a team; everybody does their part, and everybody brings something different to the table. That's what we did. We needed everybody to win today. I didn't play as well as I wanted to play, but at the same time you've got teammates, and other guys picked up the slack. The guys played real well today."

"I was definitely excited. I work with Sean (Renfree) every day, and Leon (Wright) is my roommate. I wouldn't want him to get that on me in practice, but for him to get that in a game, that's what you want to see. I'm proud of both of those guys. It was a great team effort."

Cornerback Leon Wright

On his interceptions:
"It kind of fell in my lap as I went to break it up. I just tucked it away and did what I could to score. The second one was a little bit easier. The coaches did a great job to call the right play and put the corners in position to sit on the route because we knew what was coming actually. They put me in position to make that play, and I executed from there. You dream about something like that all your life, and when it happens, it's kind of surreal. I thank God and my coaches for preparing me. We fought back, and we just kept pushing ourselves and out-executing them. We did what we could to come out with the victory. It's huge."

Linebacker Vincent Rey

On teammate Leon Wright:
"I'm happy for him. He was able to break and make the play. It all started with the defensive line getting pressure and making the quarterback feel uncomfortable. The defensive line sets the tone. This game is the biggest sacrifice game for them because they have to do all the dirty work and keep the guys off the second level so we can make the tackles. And when Army was put in passing situations, they got up the field and were making plays. Those guys are the MVPs in my book."

On Army's start to the game:
"They threw a play at us that we had never seen before, and they ended up scoring on that drive. But the main thing for us was to recuperate and understand what they were trying to do to us and make some plays. That's what we did."