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Quotes: Duke 54, N.C. Central 17
Courtesy: Duke Sports Information
Release: 09/15/2012
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Duke Head Coach David Cutcliffe
On the victory:
“It is [important getting the victory]. 2-1 beats the heck out of 1-2. Being undefeated at home at this point is something we need to build on and take pride in. Now when you get down to the football end of things there is plenty to work on. I think the key word that I left the squad with is persistence. It’s going to take a lot of persistence on our part to work out some of these issues we’ve got. We have challenges personnel wise. We’re learning more and more who can do what and who is available to us. We continue even during games losing players, particularly in the secondary, but it’s going to take a lot of persistence. Again, we start no different than what I said last weekend, blocking and tackling. I think we can execute our offense at a different level than what we are. I don’t think, I know we can and we have got to get to that.”

On key individual defensive plays:
“There were a couple of huge individual plays. Ross [Cockrell’s] return on the interception for a touchdown and Lee Butler’s return on a punt. They were huge in the ball game as it was and this team continues to get some players make some big time individual plays. We just need more consistency as a team, but Ross is very capable. We’ve got to play third downs better on defense and third downs better on offense. That’s a good place for us to start tomorrow night and look at what we’re doing and what we’re getting done.”

On getting vertical pressure on opposing defenses:
“We hit Jamison [Crowder] on the one touchdown  in the first half and Conner [Vernon] is always going to turn big plays into big plays and [Isaac Blakeney] is another one we have that can do that. He can run, he can stretch the field, he can catch it underneath. He’s got to continue to get involved in who we are and what we’re doing.”

On Memphis game next week:
“I don’t know a lot about Memphis. I know they’re struggling like we are to some degree as far as execution in the little bit I’ve looked. Right now we have to focus on Duke and play as good as we can play. I told the guys what we expect and we have to expect it ourselves is to be the best that we can be ourselves. And then whatever happens on the scoreboard you generally feel good about it. You know that from being a player. When you know you’ve done your best when you’ve laid it on the line and I’m not talking about effort. This team doesn’t have an effort problem. We have an execution issue and we have to correct that.”

On N.C. Central:
“I don’t ever take wins lightly. They have some good athletes, some good looking defensive linemen and a couple of good looking offensive linemen and some guys who can run. I was impressed with [Jordan Reid]. I thought he went out there and played fast twitch and had some really nice plays.”

Duke CB Ross Cockrell
On the contributions of the defense in the win:
“The defense wanted to come back and our defensive line got a lot of pressure today – and that was great.”

On his first interception:
“They hit us on speed sweep a couple of times and they came back and play action speed sweeped, and we were expecting that. And so we had the right coverage – Coach Knowles made the right coverage call and I was there to make the play.”

On his second interception and touchdown return:
“We prepared for Jordan [Reid] all week. We thought he would be the quarterback coming in. He is a versatile guy – very mobile, very strong arm. I saw him roll out. I read his eyes and I made the play.”

On carrying the momentum from the win into next week:
“Especially with our defensive line and our front six, front seven playing as well as they’ve played all season, I don’t see any reason why we can’t be the toughest defense in the ACC.”

Duke WR Desmond Scott
On rebounding from the loss to Stanford:
“We all came out and executed well. We planned during the week to execute and that’s what we did.”

On transitioning from the backfield to receiver:
“It’s been very fun. I’m not taking as many hits. I have to pick up linebackers if they blitz. But it’s been pretty rough for me – reading coverages while I’m running. [Conner Vernon, Jamison Crowder], Coach Lubick, [Offensive Coordinator Kurt Roper] and Sean [Renfree] have done an excellent job coaching me up as the season and the summer has went along.”

On using his running abilities to pick up more yardage:
“[Renfree] loves short catches. Bubbles – they turn into 14-yard runs. But you’ve got to cram it for three, cram it for four and the big ones will come.”

On the importance of winning games early in the season:
“Last week is behind us. Obviously, we played a good game today. Central came out and fought very hard. We’re starting tomorrow at 12 p.m. [to prepare] for Memphis.”

N.C. Central Head Coach Henry Frazier
On the loss:
“We thought on offense if we speed the tempo up a little bit we think we would be in pretty good shape. We tried to speed up the tempo a little bit to nullify some of that pressure they like to bring that could help us out. I thought we were able to do well in some aspects of that. The penalties hurt us and then tackling in space. I said that on Tuesday, we had to be able to tackle because we knew they were going to get rid of the ball quick. They got some jitterbugs out there that can put some moves on some guys. When you miss a tackle, you see what happens; they end up scoring. Those were some of the things we felt like we could do. Sometimes we actually executed and sometimes we didn’t. My players didn’t quit, so I’m proud for that effort.”

On Jordan Reid and Arthur Goforth:
“Arthur made the play. We talked about, we need somebody to make a play. Plays don’t just happen; you have to make the play. Arthur had that kick return and it jolted us. Watch when someone makes a play. Watch how much confidence you get. Jordan was able to sustain it for the first half and we were able to play close with them a little bit. Jordan that was the best I’ve seen him look. He came in and he was composed. He ran the ball a little bit. He threw some strikes. I was happy for him. You could see the confidence exuded in him. I’m happy for him.”

On Jordan Reid playing next week:
“If I don’t put Jordan out there, they would run me out of town. I was born at night, not last night. We’ll throw Jordan out there. We’ll hand the ball to him and give him a week to run it. Run it with the starters and let him have his opportunity.”